Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Zoya Summer 2009 Ooh-La-La Collection

The first part of Zoya's two-part summer collection is called "Ooh-La-La"- appropriate, because I'm pretty sure that's what I said when I saw them!

If you recall, I was given the Midori color dot in the blogger scavenger hunt- Midori is part of this collection of six bold metallics (shimmers, really) and it is *awesome*. I'll get to that in a minute. Just wanted to warn you of the hotness ahead of time so you can prepare, maybe sit down or stand near something soft so you don't hit your head on something when you faint.

Emme. Soft, girly pink pearl. Pretty, girly, delicate, feminine... Girly-girls and pink lovers will love this. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those! But I don't dislike this polish at all- just because it's not my style doesn't mean I can't admire a pretty color when I see one (on someone else! ;-) ). The pearl finish on this is especially nice.

Ginessa. Intensely shimmery white. This is a clean, bright, fresh white that you can wear without fear of looking like you've painted your nails with white-out. It's one of those Zoya shimmers that I love- not quite glitter, but large irregular-shaped and somewhat flakey shimmer particles. This polish has an unusual texture- it's thick but... airy? Squishy? It's almost like it's whipped... Peculiar! This is similar to Nicole You're A Star.

Goldie. Rich, shimmery yellow gold. This looks like molten metal. Not a polish for the faint of heart- it's loud, bold and flashy. Awesome. This is more of a yellow gold shade than other golds I have. Goldie is unlike other metallics that can drive you insane with visible brushstrokes. It's smooth and buttery.

Katy. Bright fuchsia pink with blue/purple shimmer. The shimmer in this polish is fascinating- it looks like a combination of silver and pink in the bottle, but on the nail it looks like a blue-purple flash. It's kind of a bright 80's Barbie pink color that's begging for a zebra-stripe Konad design!

Midori. Vibrant, shimmery green apple green. AHH!!! Isn't it SO COOL?! It is a lighter shade of spring green that leans yellow and it's packed with gold shimmer. But... It's GREEN!!! Thank you, Zoya! It looks like candy. It also bears a strong resemblance to a certain discontinued green that everyone loves... *cough*Moonpool*cough*

Tallulah. Medium electric blue with multi-toned shimmer. Easily one of the best blues in my collection. It's bright but not too bright- a lot of bright blues are either too sky blue or too turquoise, but this is a nice medium shade. It has very unique shimmer- the shimmer looks blue-green from straight on, but at an extreme angle it's purple. Very subtle, but it's there if you look for it. This is not a twin to Color Club Pure Energy, but they could definitely be cousins.

These pictures are all three coats of polish. Most really only needed two, but I did three anyway. Goldie, Emme and Ginessa were the sheerest shades of the bunch.

The formula on these is excellent as usual. Smooth, not too runny or too thick, no bubbles, no streaks. Pretty much perfect. Only Ginessa was a little weird- I've never encountered a polish with such a light, airy texture before! All dried quickly to a shiny finish even without topcoat.

Overall, I'm thrilled with this collection! Midori and Tallulah are amazing. Emme and Ginessa seem a little out of place with the other bold, bright colors in this collection. Ginessa is really cool, I wouldn't replace it if I had the choice. Emme could have been a nice bright purple, but I know you have to have a pink in there for all the pink lovers. And there are a lot of pink lovers. I know, because I think I can hear them collectively screaming at me from all over the world every time I bash pink- "PINK RULES YOU STUPID JERK STFU!!!!!!!" But Katy is pink.

Stay tuned for the second part of Zoya Summer: La-Di-Da, a collection of six bright cremes.


  1. *hears angels singing* Isn't Midori just stunning??? Thanx so much for these swatches they're amazing!! How similar Midori is to Moonpool is my v first comparison when I get Midori! Mega excited!! Thanx again, Scrangie your the np goddess!! :)

  2. Oh HELL yeah, Midori is absolutely screaming my name!
    I was really hoping on loving it after the promopics, I think I'm in love.
    Thinking of buying two bottles :D

    Thanks for the pics Scrangie!

  3. Thanks Scrangie, had been looking forward to your swatches. As hoped, Tallulah is gorgeous! Also v pleasantly surprised by Ginessa. Love greens so intrigued by Midori. Would like Zoya to do a soft lime green tho- like OPI's Gargantuan Green Grape but Big 3 free.

  4. I didn't know whether to pass out or salivate! Absolutely gorgeous, I want them all! Can't wait for the La-Di-Da pics! Thanks Scrangie!:)

  5. Ooooooh... Midori is so freaking pretty! I think I'm going to get 4 of these (dropping Emme and Katy 'cause I'm with you on the pinks!)...

    How does the gold compare to the gold from the Winter collection (I'm blanking on the name)?

  6. Thanks for that Scrangie, they're so beeee-yutiful! <3

  7. How do Midori and Tallulah compare to Sally Hansen lacquer shine's Glow and Flash, respectively? Thanks!

  8. Pinks are pretty...but there are SO MANY pink nail polishes!! It's nice to see a company that will happily add non-pink / non-red colors to its lineup.

  9. Hi Scrangie! I love your blog. I found it via your pics on the nail gal site. Your swatches are amaizing!! Thanks so muhc for sharing with us!

    I really like Emme and Katy, but was wondering if there are any OPI colors that are similar? Do you know of any?

  10. Sadly enough, I love pink. It's not my favorite (PURPLE!!! *dies*), but I appreciate a good, unique pink. I don't, however, give verbal or internet beatdowns to pink haters.

    I'm currently on a white kick (I finally tracked down a bottle of CG White Kwik Silvr at a dusty) so Ginessa is a must-buy for me. I also really like Midori (even though light greens look odd on me) and Tallulah. I would pass on Goldie because golds, to me, suck. The only color close to gold that my skin color can pull off is my favorite, Kaleidoscope, which isn't really gold at all.

    Thanks for the new swatches! I really appreciate them; it helps me out as a consumer :)

  11. Well, I was afraid this would happen. I want every darn one of them!

  12. Gawd your nails ARE so perfect and these colors are SO pretty. Thanks for keeping your nails so gorgeous. I'm running out of things to say. Viva Scrangie!


  13. I haven't been able to find Nicole by OPI anywhere, so it's great that you posted Ginessa. By light and airy though, do you mean it's a thin polish?

  14. I have a polish that's quite similar to Midori. But it's probably a bit lighter. Hmm... I'll look for it :)

  15. Thank you so much for these swatches! I was really exited for both the Zoya collections and I love them!!

  16. Green and blue-yay! I really hope zoya will come up with a new dark green soon:) The gold looks hot too!

  17. You've done it to me again. I want them all. You look gorgeous in them all. I love Midori, Tallulah and Goldie. Oh hell! I love them all.

  18. Midori is by far my favorite of the bunch. I love anything with gold shimmer in it. Zara is my all-time favorite Zoya shade.

  19. Midori is really pretty it reminds me of Sally hHnsen's lacquer shine in glow.

  20. wow, I like the names. I think they should've named the emme polish esme instead. emme is the perfect pedicure polish.

  21. Alexlyndra, it's a great collection!

    Lina-Elvira, It is!! Thank you :)

    Nail Fanatic, agreed!

    Kasja, haha awesome :D

    Nitzan, great collection, good job Zoya!

    Anonymous, well, you ask and they listen, maybe drop them a line with you suggestion and we'll see one in the future :)

    Anonymous, haha thank you!

    Penemuel, great minds think alike! This gold is a lot more yellowy, a little lighter. Texture is very similar to Richelle but Richelle seems slightly more sparkly :)

    Laure, thank YOU :D

    Anonymous, Midori and Glow are *very* similar, Tallulah and Flash aren't so much. Tallulah is a lot darker.

    Sparklecrack Central, I whole heartedly agree!!!

    Denette, thank you! Emme reminds me of Suzi and the Lifeguard, can't think of a match for Katy but I'm sure there are several!

    The Asian Girl, haha thank you! I love your comments. Rock on!

    Dee, uh oh! They're doing something right then :)

    Scott, Thank you! You are so sweet to me, haha :)

    Sprinkles, it's not thin but it's kinda... fluffy? Like whipped cream :)

    Sandra, I think I have a couple too, but all but one are discontinued :)

    Bianca, they released some serious winners this season!

    Sanna, I hope so too :) <3

    Lucy, awwe thank you! They are all hot!

    Deb, Zara is hot, you have good taste!!

    Lizzy, you're right, they are very similar! I prefer Zoya's formula (and price!)

    Helenbella, Esme, that's a pretty name!


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