Friday, April 10, 2009

Konad sale: 20% off and free shipping over $20

I know a couple other people are doing this right now, but in case you've missed out or haven't heard about it, you can get 20% off of Konad products at!

Just use the code 'scrangie' at checkout and you'll receive 20% off your order.

Another perk is free shipping over $20, and that includes INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!!

I'll add this info in my sidebar so it's visible in case this post gets buried.

Use code scrangie at for 20% off and free shipping over $20.

Here's a little inspiration, and I am making an effort to do more Konad posts. I have been working on doing a tutorial, but I just haven't gotten a chance to finish it!


  1. OMG! I just bought konad and love it! I have to check this out!

  2. That first pic of the black swirls on holo is easily one of the most awesome Konadicures I have ever seen.

  3. Wow your konadicures look amazing! I especially like the first 2.

  4. Oh wow, last night I was just about to buy konad stuff, good thing I held off! Your designs with a dark polish base look soooooo good :)

  5. Ooooh please do tutorials! I would love actually a tutorial of you just showing how you polish your nails because you do it so perfectly!

  6. I am so in love with that skull! I have another Konad skull but I hardly use my Konads. I love skulls so I'm going to learn how to make skulls with my bare hands. ;D

  7. Fart toys and nail goodies? Everything a fancy girl would need ;)

  8. Awww the nail with the big black bow is just too cute!♥

  9. I've never tried any Konad, but after seeing so many good things about it and seeing your amazing nail designs, I'll just have to try it now!

  10. I finally got on the Konad train. Thanks for the deal!

  11. Wow Scrangie! Love your designs. Especially the skull one. You do a fantastic job.

  12. I have the Etude House nail Art that's very cool too but I've only tried it once!!! Gosh you did it so well. All of them are beautiful

  13. thanks so much for sharing! I've been waiting for so long to order that stuff, now I ordered 10 image disks :-o
    you truly are an inspiration to my own blog :-)

  14. scrangie ur nail art is totally AWESOME. i think konad owes u a big deal for posting all these pics. :D
    by the way, do u think that opi's mini set's brush is too small to work with? or is it juz me?

  15. These are sooooo great! Thank you for the discount Scrangie. It was because of you that I fell in love with Konad in the first place. Check out the best Konadicure that I've ever done at

  16. free shipping doesn't include international shipping :( it's only for ground (domestic) shipping.

  17. Hi Scrangie,

    I noticed you're using "regular" polish with your Konad. Does that work as well as buying the Konad polish?

    Also, have you ever purchased anything from the OCnailArt site? Or know anyone that has?

  18. This news sounds attractive. I just wish you could specify exactly the seller who ships fr free internatioanlly. Could you do it, please? I m planning to order some starter kit...

  19. Callie, Konad rocks!!

    Deb, it's actually holo swirls on black, isn't that awesome?! It's my favorite 'Konadicure' to date! :D

    Alisonmidd, thank you!!

    Bobosaurus Wrangler, thank you :)

    Nina, I don't have a video camera so I can't do a really good tutorial, but I can try!

    Alexlyndra, haha thank you, I am too! I love skulls- you can make an easy skull by doing a half circle with three lines for teeth and dots for eyes :)

    Anu, LOL I know, strange combination!

    Ji, awwe thank you!

    Atomica, you'll love it! You can make every manicure have your personal touch, that's what I love about it!

    Debo, you're welcome, the lovely lady who owns OCNailArt was generous to offer this great deal :)

    Lucy, thank you so much!

    Charming Nails, thank you :)

    Jojoba, thank you so much! That Etude House stuff looks so amazing!

    Loungie, awwwe, thank you, that is so sweet! :) <3

    Peggy, haha thank you! I agree, the OPI mini brushes are tricky to use. They're so short!

    Making Changes, oh wow, that's AWESOME!!! I love it, now I want to copy your idea, haha :)

    Anyonymous, it sure does, it says right on the front page of the website that free shipping includes international!

    MrsKiwiYeti, yep, most regular polish will work just fine with Konad. Polishes that are thick or opaque work best, as do holos and chromes. You really don't need the Special Polish at all!
    I haven't ordered from OCNailArt yet, but a lot of my friends have and they all gave glowing reviews, and I trust their judgment :) Also, the owner is extremely nice and takes pride in her goal of customer satisfaction :)

    Tigra1411, this post is about OCNailArt.... I'm not quite sure I understand? It's OCNailArt that ships for free...

  20. How'd you get that discoball like silver? it's not a konad shade right? did you just use normal nail polish?

  21. Janice, yep, I just use regular polish! I don't use the Konad polish at all really...

  22. I've tried my normal polish and it doesn't seem to work... the scraper scraped it all off... =Z maybe because my design was small and have skinny indentations. i'll try it again when i get new plates like yours. btw. what's the name of the glittery silver china glaze shade you used to stamp? you should start to encorporate the nail colour in all your pictures..

  23. Ladies,
    If you can get to Costa Mesa for the Marketplace, I highly recommend visiting Kathleen's Nail Art booth!

    She and her daughter, Emma, have a great set-up. The image plates are all hung up in perfect order on one side. I found exactly what I was looking for and then some!

    Kathleen and the very helpful Emma are both willing and able to apply the designs to your nails while you are there, as well as give instruction for your own perfect application when you get home.

    She has both Coraline sets, many of the popular sets, for both beginner and professional and she has all the accompaniments, like stampers, plate-holders, etc.

    Kathleen also has rhinestones and every color Konad polish you could imagine, the princess bottles, and even the glitter topcoats!

    As a bonus, Kathleen also sells some familiar brands of polish (China Glaze, for one example)in the most popular colors.

    It looks like she will be there again this Saturday, but I recommend sending her a text or giving her a call to find out her exact location in the very large swap meet.

    This way you can spend the maximum amount of time at their booth and less time wandering around looking for it! =]

    I had a blast and will be returning next month, when I have birthday money!

    Thanks again, Kathleen and Emma! <3
    ~wixbetty (Monica)

  24. Janice, since I've already posted about them before I didn't think I needed to add the color names- but it's China Glaze OMG. Regular polish has to be opaque or thick to work, metallics work the best!

    Wixbetty, that is SO AWESOME!!!! Thank you for posting this!!!

  25. I was so excited for my Konad to come in the mail & it did BUT when i put the polish over the plate & scrape, the polish dont seep into the whole image & whne i stamp theres only dots on the stamper. The image plates are old and from another stamping kit, is this the problem? Please help!!

  26. Maminwife0608, Have your old plates worked before? Some of them have a plastic film on the top, make sure your plates have the plastic film removed. Also, make sure you don't scrape too firmly or it will remove too much polish.

  27. What plate is that skull from? I Love it!

  28. Love the green it from a plate or hand-drawn :)


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