Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Revlon Runway Collection 'Stella' Artificial Nails

Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but I'm sure you're all aware that french manicures and I do not mix. I feel very... strongly about french manicures. Indeed.

However, there are some exceptions. I have seen or worn french manicures that I actually liked. For example, french manicures with glitter for tips instead of chalky white.

So, when I received these artificial nails from Revlon, I was quite pleased. Finally, a french manicure I actually like!

Sorry, guys!  These are actually Stella nails.  Mine were mislabeled- sorry if I have confused anyone!  :)

These are the Starlet nails from Revlon's Runway Collection series of artificial nails. There are two styles of nails named Starlet- this is the first version. I'll post the second version soon- I just wanted to clear up any confusion caused by having two different styles with the same name.

Anyway, this is a set of false nails, also known as press-on nails. It comes with 24 nails that come in 12 different sizes, a bottle of nail glue and an orange stick.

The interesting thing about this set of fakes is that it has half sizes. Woohoo!! I am often complaining about sets of press-on nails that I would like to wear but can't because all the sizes are too large for my nails. These ones fit much better than any nails I've tried so far. I do have one complaint though- there aren't enough of the small sizes! I only do one hand for my pictures, but I used all but one of the smaller sized nails. I wouldn't be able to do both hands. They need to include more of the smaller sizes and less of the huge toenail sized ones.

But then again, maybe my nails are just freakishly petite and regular people have nails the size of the ones in the kit.

To apply them, you simply drip some glue onto your natural nail and press the artificial nail onto it. The glue bonds instantly. The application process is very fast and straightforward.

I do have a few tips on applying them, though- it can be very messy if you haven't done it before. The directions say to put glue on the fake nail and on you natural nail- DON'T!! You will have glue everywhere if you do this.

What I recommend is to put a very modest amount of glue onto your natural nail- don't cover your entire nail. The glue spreads out when you press the fake nail onto your natural nail, and even with a tiny amount of glue on your natural nail it can make a bit of a mess. The glue is a very thin texture and it oozes out from under the nail onto your cuticles. So, go easy on the glue.

Since these are a transparent french-style nail, you need to be careful of air bubbles under the nail because they will be very obvious. To prevent air bubbles, press the nail down firmly, making sure to provide firm, even pressure across the entire nail. Do not release the nail until the glue is completely dry- it should only take about 20 seconds. If you don't apply pressure until the glue is dry, the nail will lift from the natural nail and cause an air pocket.

Now that that's out of the way, here's what they look like on me!

Pretend that you can't see my pinkie nail sticking up over the top of the fake nail. I filed my nails down as short as they will go without bleeding and they're still a little too long to be covered completely by these nails.

Here's what I like about this particular french manicure design.

As you can see, instead of a thick bright white tip, these have a subtle semi-sheer natural looking tip with a fishnet/lattice design. I love the design on the tip- it has personality!

The shape of the tip has a subtle and natural smile line that perfectly mimics the line of my naked nails. The shape of the nails themselves is also very flattering- soft square. This shape looks good on everyone and it gives the nails a very groomed and professional look.

The colors of the nail are completely natural and clean looking. The base matches the color of my natural nail but provides just a hint of sheer milkiness. The tip is also very natural and has just a hint of pink to it. If you can see from the pictures, it's not a solid color. It's made of teeny-tiny dots of sheer color!

The best part about this nail for me is that from a distance these don't look french. They look like clean, shiny natural nails. Only when you look at the nails up close can you see that there's a french manicure with a fishnet design on the tips.

One more thing I love about these particular nails is the thickness of them. They aren't thick at all- they are perfectly thin and not obviously fake looking. I know I've used the word 'natural' about a million times already, but these are so natural looking, no one would be able to tell the difference!

There are a couple things I don't like about the nails. For one, they're very short. Like I mentioned above, my nails are filed down as short as they can go, yet my natural nail is still longer than the artificial nail. I have long nail beds, so my nails are long even when they're short. A slightly longer length would be perfect.

The other thing I don't like about the nails is the size. Again, like I mentioned above, there aren't enough of the small sized nails in the kit to do both hands. I think I used the same size nails on all but my pinkie- 7 or 6.5 and then an 8 for my pinkie. I think there was one leftover 7 in the box when I was done.

So, overall, this is a really great nail. It's not something I would normally wear, but the fun design and the natural, non-tacky look of this french manicure are really appealing to me.

They're fast and easy to apply, and they're inexpensive to purchase and maintain. Think about it this way- a fill on a set of enhancements will set you back around $50-$70 a month (not including tip!) depending on where you go... Four boxes of these press on nails will cost you around $20 tops per month, and you can do them yourself. You might be able to get two full manicures per box if you have larger nails than I do. No damage, no unhygienic conditions, no appointment, no tip!

These can be purchased at any drugstore (though they're with the nail art section and not the regular Revlon section) and they're around $4.50 a box.


  1. I'm a recent follower of your blog and I have to tell you how much I love it!!!!
    To use your own words these do look very natural. I'm impressed!

  2. When I had acrylics *shudders at the memory* I always went for this kind of airbrushed design.
    Like you say, it looks better than a block of white.

    I'm not a fan of press-on nails after wearing them for too long but these look like some of the best I've seen on the market.

  3. This may be a horrendously dumb question, but how are these removed??



  4. Createitcottage, awe thank you! :D I'm impressed also, it is rare to find natural looking french nails!

    Helen, ohhh hahaha I had them too at one point so I can feel your pain! Press-ons aren't for everyone, but they're kinda fun for a couple days :)

    Tmarisco, not a dumb question at all! You soak them off in acetone- the entire nail completely dissolves :)

  5. I am amazed how natural they look - usually you can see where they are gluesd on by the cuticle...very impressed!

  6. Fake nails are often too large for me as well.

  7. I've been wearing a press on on my thumb nail since it broke way down. It's almost ready to come off. Yay!

    For the nails that don't fit, I file the hell out of them. I file the sides, reshape the cuticle area. I've been making the most out of the package I have by altering the too large nails to fit my thumb. I haven't ever worn a whole set. My question is with pre-painted nails, can you use my "file the hell out of them" method without damaging the color?

    You have been doing cute things with natural-ish frenches lately. I need a fainting couch.

  8. I saw the revlon fake nails in another blog and I really tought they were real. I mean... hell they really do look real!

    And I absolutely love them. I should try them, even if my nails are strong..

    They may be a nice quick manicure.

  9. I really like how these look but I am in the same boat as you - there are never enough of the small sizes for me to comfortably do both hands!! Boo on you press-on nails!

  10. I got to try these nails too (although I tried to Sequins type) and I had the same problem as you with the pinkie nail! I also have long nail beds and I had to clip my pinkies all the way down. They were still too short, so I had to file off the raised number part at the tip to make it fit. You could still see my natural nail from most angles. :[

    But they do look nice on you. I agree, a good alternative to going to the salon.

  11. Cloudburst, the color even blends in with my natural skintone, very natural!

    Deb, ah good to know I'm not alone!

    Tarotbydiana, they're absolutely perfect for that. I usually do an acrylic on myself when I break a nail really short, but I can do these without stinking up the house :) I really should try filing down the large ones, I could get a lot more use out of them. I don't think it would hurt the surface too much, maybe a little.

    Tamara, perfect for if you're in a hurry or want temporary nails for an event. Very realistic!

    Braveschica, I think I'd wear them more often if they came in petite but with a medium length!

    Jen, I checked out your review and I love it! You are so beautiful, the nails look fantastic on you!

  12. Honestly, I think a lot more people read your blog - since I cannot find these nails ANYWHERE! :\ They look so pretty - but also pretty impossible to find right now.

  13. Sanna, thank you :)

    Alishia, oh no, I'm sorry! I actually just saw them Friday at a local Wal-Mart, and if you're in the midwest, Meijer has them too :) (Meijer also had a lot of the styles on clearance)


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