Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NYX Revisited.

About a year or so ago I did a post featuring swatches of my entire collection of NYX polishes.
Looking back at them, I realized that the pictures could be a lot better, so here I am at number three in my series of collections revisited.

I've also revisited China Glaze Bahama Blues and Color Club Dance To The Musique.

Antique. Smooth, shimmery metallic antique gold. More of a bronze, really.

Asphalt. Black jelly with multicolored glitter. I call this one "Clown Roadkill."

Aurora. Light, pearly green-tinged yellow. This is soft and springy. Very difficult color to pull off, though. Makes my hands look super red.

Jungle. Duochrome aqua, green and turquoise shimmer. This is a must have color for any blue or green lover. It is breathtaking.

Las Vegas. Deep rich green with tons of green shimmer. This is incredible. Again, another must have. It is impossible to capture the beauty of this polish on camera. It has so much depth and sparkle, you just have to see it to believe it.

Lime Sparkle. Golden green glitter in a lime green jelly base. One of the best glitter polishes in the universe. It's so smooth and shiny, so ridiculously sparkly and over-the-top insane. I adore this.

Paradise. Light blue shimmer with golden-green duochrome. Serene and tropical.

Rainbow Sparkle. Opalescent glitter in a neon yellow jelly base. Holy cow. One of the most bizarre polishes in my collection. It is super bright and neon, much closer to the bottle color than the color on my nails. Awesome.

Tahitian. Spring green shimmer. Crisp light green, doesn't necessarily make me think of Tahiti, but it's still nice.

Techno. Pearly, frosty medium purple. Much, much more purple in real life but still a little on the blue side.

Wild. Shimmery, rich purple. It is a nice color, but it's one of the worst polishes ever. It's insanely sheer. If I recall correctly, this was either five or six coats. It needs them. You won't achieve bottle color with fewer coats than that.

Purple Avenue over Wild. Blue-opal chunks of plastic in a sheer purple base. Honestly, this is an awful polish. I'd pass on this if I were you.

And one old picture because I couldn't find the polish to re-photograph it:

Peach Avenue over Wild. Peachy opal chunks of plastic in a sheer orange base. Another awful polish. Do yourself a favor and get Sinful Green Ocean if you want the plastic-chunk look, it's much better and easier to use.

The formula on these is very hit-or-miss. Some were dreamy, like Techno or Jungle. Others were sheer, like Wild and Las Vegas. Some were thick, some were thin, some were just right. I don't know what's up with their formula. Drying time is also all over the place. I can't make a definite statement on this.

The color selection is unbelievable. They have everything you could want. Sheers, reds, pinks yes but also duochromes, glitters, brights, vampies, GREEN, blue, et cetera. I don't know if they regularly release new colors or if they only have a core line, but this brand is hardly lacking in variety. The one downside is that they have changed formulation on some colors but kept the same name, so you may have two entirely different colors that share a name.

The only thing I really hate are the "Avenue" polishes. I thought they would be neat mylar glitter or something, but they're just crap. They are nearly impossible to apply. You will have an inch thick coat of sheer goo before you even have a decent amount of glitter on your nail. You could use the toothpick trick that I use to apply the heart polishes (Like the Valentine's Day Nicoles) but it's just not worth it. The 'glitter' is large chunks of sharp plastic. It sticks up through the polish and doesn't lie flat. At least they're really pretty to look at in the bottle!

I bought all of my polishes directly from Nyx Cosmetics.


  1. Holly...
    Those are some crazy colors.
    Especially those chunky bits .. o.O

    Anyhow I am totally in love with the Las Vegas nail polish + the green super sparkling nail polish..


  2. Wild was definitely worth the trouble based on your pic.
    You need to send some to the purple queen Siobhan also, I think she'd love it.

  3. Hi Scrangie -

    Thanks for the wonderful photos. I'm wondering if you've ever considered (or know of any blogs that already do) posting photos of the nail polish with the "entire hand" in the picture? I love the finger close-ups, but without seeing a hand, it's hard for me to tell if the polish would look good on me (I have pink/reddish tone to my skin). Just an idea...

    I was looking around for Zoya polishes for THE EXCHANGE... I think I'll stop at 40. I bought $100 worth of polish yesterday at the Sally Beauty Supply store, and I have a $150 order from TransDesign due here this week. I'm going to hell. Yep - straight down!!!!!!lol

  4. I found something fun & cool to do with duplicate polishes (nice full ones). Do you ever have dupes you need to "move out"?

  5. Lime Sparkle... I needs it. I have Jungle.

    Lovely as always.

  6. Oooh, perfect timing. NYX's Friends & Family sale starts May 1st (50% off everything on the site, according to the coupon I got via email!) I may stock up on the Jumbo pencils and a few of their better polishes...

  7. Dude...the lemmings! My wallet! It cries.

    Thank goodness for Cherry Culture is all I'm sayin ;)

  8. Oh dag, I need a bottle of asphalt!

  9. Wooow..! As usual, I get all... giggly when I look at your photos, they are sooo pretty! :D And luckily (for me) I just ordered a few NYX polishes: Jungle, Las Vegas and Asphalt. I wanted the Rainbow Sparkle as well, it looks crazy, but I couldn't find it at cherryculture. ;P


  10. Oh my freaking god. So many lemmings. **wipes away drool**

  11. Scrangie I just ordered fromNYX yesterday! Thankfully I ordered some that you have on. Love the Las Vegas, I ordered that. Sad that I ordered Peach Ave. Oh well, I was taking a chance. They have a fantastic sale on some makeup. You don't get a choice, but there are shadows and liners at 80% off! Lipsticks and something else. No sale on polish, darn. But if you want a bunch of makeup cheap go there now before they run out.

  12. This may sound exaggerated but I'd like every single one of these, escpecially asfalt.. My gosh how beautiful polishes!

  13. Love NYX polishes, although we only get about 20 colours at our local Rexall Pharmaplus drugstores.

    Just a warning for international shoppers that the shipping is very steep through the NYX website. They asked for $60 in shipping on a $40 order. Needless to say, I have asked them if there are other options to ship to Canada, but haven't heard yet. I am guessing if you order from anywhere else, this is what you are in for.

  14. omg! clown roadkill?!?! i'm on my azz about that one! hilarious!!

  15. Just a warning, NYX has changed Las Vegas but kept the name the same. The new Las Vegas is purple. They also did this with Graffiti-- old version was like Mesmerize, new version is nude jelly with glitter. So be careful when ordering from etailers-- it's hard to be sure which one you'll get.

  16. Ohhh, Jungle is probably the best teal I have ever seen! Thank you for photographing it so well, Scrangie.
    Paradise is great too!

  17. Tamara, I love crazy colors, but those chunky ones are a little too much for me, lol! Las Vegas is awesome!

    Bill, Siobhan rocks! I bet she'd love that one, but I think she's like me and has little patience for multi-coat polishes :)

    MrsKiwiYeti, Nope, I don't like to post my entire hand, it distracts from the polish in my opinion :) Nice haul!!! I don't get rid of any of my polish, but I'm curious to hear your idea!

    Phyrra, you would rock that one! I just checked the website and it looks like the changed the name to Simple Sparkle for some reason, LOL

    Girl, Decorated, AWESOME!! I'm gonna get some NYX!!

    Mazoo, haha sorry babe! :D

    Clockwork, if you can't find the NYX, there's a dupe from TransDesign's Amour brand too :)

    Feline, hahah awwwe thank you!

    Amanda, aren't they cool?!

    Lucy, that's an awesome deal, between that and the 50% off mentioned above I'm gonna be broke! Haha!

    Alexlyndra, awwe that's awesome! I love them too :)

    Melli, holy cow! That's insane! Thanks for the heads up!

    Yummy411, haha glad you appreciate it :)

    Wiltedlettuce, Ooh! Actually, I think the purple Las Vegas is the old one and the green is the new one?

    Jason, thank you so much!

  18. Just an update for anyone interested in an international order from NYX. I got my package, within about 2 weeks of ordering, and everything got here safely. Shipping to Toronto was $37 US, not the $60 I was quoted. So, I should be getting a refund according to their rep....more polish money!

  19. Melli, a refund!! Awesome! Thanks for updating, I bet the internationals will be happy to see it :)

  20. your pics really helped me to choose! thank you very much.

  21. I know this is an old post, but just for anyone interested in the NYX ave polishes, all the new batches are just like regular flakies! Smooth glorious flakies =)


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