Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cirque Colors Lonesome George Swatches and Review

Cirque Colors Lonesome George
Objet d'Art Collection
(press sample)

 Lonesome George is a beautiful green with subtle scattered holographic effect.  I love green holos (or any holo, really), but what I really love about this polish is the name.  Lonesome George was a Pinta Island tortoise, the last of his kind (a Galapagos tortoise sub-species).  He lived to be over one hundred years old.  I honestly get a little teary-eyed thinking about him, poor old guy.  

Cirque Colors Lonesome George is available here

(sent for review)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Milani Limited Edition Jewel FX Glitter Topcoat in Carnival Swatch and Review

This is a trend that I'm happy to see has caught on with drugstore brands- black and white glitter topcoats.  Not sparkly glitter, but matte, solid color glitter.  They're really cool and there's quite a few of them out right now, but here's one I picked up recently:

Milani Jewel FX Topcoat in Carnival
(one coat over hot pink creme)
Black bar glitter, medium black hex glitter and extra large pearl white hex glitter in a clear base.

It is one of those pain-in-the-butt-to-apply giant glitters, but it's not too bad because the clear base isn't gooey and it self-levels somewhat.  To apply this, I dipped my brush until I had a good amount of glitter, and then patted it on my nail until I liked how the glitter was distributed.  It dried quickly on its own and all the glitter seems to sit nice and flat (no taco glitter).  I used a coat of Seche Vite to eliminate any leftover texture.  Would make a good jelly sandwich polish.

This one is part of the Fantastical Plumage collection, but Milani also released a sister collection called Retro Glam with its own black and white spotted glitter topcoat.  Both collections are limited edition but still available online at  I got mine at Meijer and the displays are still hanging around, so it shouldn't be too hard to find yet.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Celebrity Wig Master Terrence Davidson Releases Fall Hair Campaign Featuring Transgender Models

Saw this press release come across my inbox; Terrence Davidson has transgender models in his fall campaign!  I dunno so much about the tagline (of course the model looks real, she's a real human, not a mannequin...??), but I'm certainly stoked to see these ladies in a major brand's ad campaign.

                                                                                             FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:
                                                                                                            September 17, 2013

Celebrity Wig Master Terrence Davidson Releases Fall Hair Campaign Featuring Transgender Models

Sparks fly with the fall campaign for the all-new ‘Just My Color’ extension line  ‘Realness: Hair that looks as real as the model!’

LOS ANGELES – Television style expert and celebrity hairstylist Terrence Davidson releases the fall campaign ad for the Just My Color hair extension line featuring transgender models celebrating the unique diversity of the hair collection.  The Just My Color hair collection website launch is set for September 17.

Just My Color is a unique hair line that offers a complete transformation for all women.” Notes Founder Terrence Davidson.  “Whether you want to wear it long, shoulder length and or a crop cut, Just My Color offers the texture and real human-hair quality that all women will embrace.”

The new hairline exclusively features virgin Indian Remy hair with a Eurasian blend, a blend of European and Asian hair that fits all ethnicities and hair textures.  With proper maintenance, the 100 percent human-hair last up to 2-3 years compared to other competitive brands with a 2-3 month life cycle.  As a virgin hair product, this means the hair has never been dyed, permed and or treated with any chemicals, offering a unique ability to blend into natural hair after a salon quality hair dye treatment.

Terrence Davidson is most known as the former wig creator and chief hairstylist for popstar Nicki Minaj.  Throughout his long hair career, Davidson has styled for stars like Jennifer Hudson, Patti Labelle, Tyra Banks and Mary J. Blige. Terrence Davidson has appeared on numerous style segments and talk-shows like E! News, the Ricki Lake Show and Access Hollywood.

For more information on Terrence Davidson, log onto  and for more information on Just My Color, log into