Monday, April 20, 2009

Jessica Summer 2009 Life's A Beach Collection

This is the second collection I've tried from Jessica and I love it even more than the first!

The Life's A Beach collection is a collection of brights and a few have a very jelly-like finish!

Bikini Bottoms. A bright fuchsia creme. This isn't really as jelly-like as the other shades in this collection. It's a nice, bright pink but it's not neon. It also looks good against my skintone, which is rare for pink!

Diva On The Dunes. Bright orange creme. This one is a lot more jelly-like, but doing three coats covered up the squishy look. It's a very bright but not quite neon orange.

Loving The Lifeguard. Rich red-purple creme. This looks a lot like some of the neon purples in my collection but with the 'neon' removed! It's not really bright but it is bold.

My Cabana Boy. Near-neon coral-orange creme. This color is hot! It was also impossible to photograph. This is as close as I was able to get to the real life shade. It's much brighter and more saturated. I don't think it's a true neon, it doesn't dry matte, but it is bright enough to be seen from across the room! I think this is my favorite one so far!

No Tan Lines. Bright bubblegum pink creme. Your standard girly pink.

Under My Umbrella. Near neon hot pink creme. This has the most obvious jelly finish out of all the polishes in this collection. It's also super bright but not a true neon. It's right on the edge of bright/neon! Bold and bright, perfect for a summer pedicure.

I didn't think Jessica did a whole lot of brights or neon-like colors, so this collection was another surprise for me. The more and more I experience this brand, the more I like it.

I especially love the name of this collection. Life's A Beach. Ha!

The polishes all have a great texture, not too thin, not too thick. They don't seem to have three-free syndrome. They all apply evenly with no streaking, running or pooling. They dry very quickly and the wear on them is really quite good. The bottles and brushes are also of a very high quality, and that helps a lot when applying polish.

I love these colors. Like I said, they're bright but not neon. Brighter than the colors in China Glaze Kicks but not as bright as the colors in Zoya La-Di-Da. Every shade is flattering and could be worn by a wide variety of skin tones and still look perfect. I was especially shocked that the pinks looked good on me. Pinks usually make my fingers look dirty or burnt. Bonus!

Overall, hot colors, perfect for summer. Great formula. Not the most exciting or unique collection, but at least there aren't any ugly colors. Perfect for someone who's not brave enough to venture into neons but wants to wear bright color.

I don't have an exact release date for these, but they're available at the end of April and can be purchased from Jessica's website.


  1. great swatces for sure! SO totally off subject....Could you maybe mention in one of these posts the difference between the old My private jet and the new MPJ? I purchased the new version the other day without knowing about the differences in the two...well long story short #2 sucks compared to the pics I have seen of the original. Had I known I probably would not have bought it but like I said I had no idea. The bottle in the store didnt quite have the holo I had seen in pictures but I figured it was just the wasn't. I don't know if you have a bottle of the new batch but if you would like mine I would be happy to give it to you as it is not at all what I expected MPJ to be. Very disappointing :( So I thought you could get the word out and maybe help other people who want a true black holo to look elswhere unless they can find the original. Sorry to be so off topic but it's got me bummed.

  2. I think these polishes look nice, especially My Cabana Boy. Too bad we have a lack of polish brands in Sweden.

  3. @Liz Rey: Have you tried Color Club Revvvolution? It's a really nice black holo (and cheaper than Opi).

  4. Love these colors. I especially love that purple color. Does look like several others I have.

  5. I love your blog so much! Like so much that I check it compulsively all day, and if there's nothing new I just look at all the awesome polish in your archives. I may or may not be able to blame you for my new obsession with buying nail polish :D Thanks for all your amazing pictures!!

  6. Rebecca-- I actually just asked my nail place if they can get it. For some reason they dont have that collection yet. But will soon hopefully. Thanks for pointing me in that direction :)

  7. Excellent swatches, love how vibrantly neon some of these are.

  8. I couldn't even begin to pick a favorite, they're all great! I may have to make the forray into Jessica polishes, I have none.

  9. Wow, beautiful!
    My Cabana Boy looks hot!

  10. I love Jessica polishes...I just wish there was a local place that stocked it!

  11. Great summer colors, Scrangie. I'm really Loving The Lifeguard especially if she is sporting this purple nail polish. Honestly, your fingers and nails always look great in pinks. Love your hard work,too! TFS.


  12. Browsing for the network, I happened on your site full of interesting notices and beautifull pictures, well done! Good day, AleTheElf.

  13. How do you think Bikini Bottoms compares to OPI Cancun Fiesta? I looove Bikini Bottoms but don't feel like paying shipping for one bottle...

  14. Great swatches! :) I love to read your blog and would love to see more comparison swatches in the future! Btw I think there's an error with your label for the 3rd swatch.
    Index and Ring: OPI Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not
    Middle and Pinkie: OPI Overexposed In South Beach
    I think should be the other way round? :D

  15. thank you for doing the Jessica. I couldn't find any nail bloggers doing swatches of this brand so I ordered about 10 mostly light opals from their online site (without knowing how they'd look in real life) as a result! I think i like the company's hollywood manicurist beginnings. Their site organization and the color picker is fairly well organized. anyway, thanks for that and for this site.

  16. I love Loving the Lifeguard! I need it. This swatches are gorgeous!

  17. I have not tried Jessica but you are tempting me BIG time!

  18. Liz Rey, I don't think I have both versions, but Steph did a great post about it at :)

    Alexlyndra, aw, I'm sorry about that!

    Rebecca, that's a good one, I love it!

    Lucy, I agree, not terribly unique but still nice!

    Tiffany, LOL thank you! That's awesome!

    Clockwork, thank you! :)

    Mary, they are really nice, I'm happy I tried them!

    Phyrra, I think that's my favorite :)

    The Asian Girl, the only place I've ever seen them is Target and they only seem to have the same 8 colors, boo!

    Scott, thanks again! You're too nice!

    AleTheElf, um, thanks! Haha :)

    MoLo, they're sorta similar but Cancun Fiesta is deeper and has shimmer.

    Ka Yee, thanks! Nope, they're correct!

    Nail polishes I wear, thanks! I have a very hard time navigating the Jessica site :(

    Lacquer Laine, thanks! :)

    Hailey, haha sorry dear! <3

  19. Am I too dumb to navigate jessica's site, or are these colors not on there yet?

  20. MoLo, their website is impossible to navigate, but I can't find them either. I don't think they've added them yet :(

  21. I am dying for that "Loving the Lifeguard," but it's a no-show on the site. :(

  22. Twitches, I know, I'm sorry :( They should have been up a long time ago, and they're not responding to my emails :(


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