Friday, April 3, 2009

A few polishes from the Orly Spring 2009 Prepster Collection

I have mixed feelings about this collection. I love the colors, but I hate the name! It brings me back to high school. I think I will always have a permanent distaste for anything labelled "preppy".... Maybe Orly should re-promote Goth, the beautiful black polish with silver glitter, and put it on it's own display and set it all by itself off to the side of the Prepster collection... Ha!

Okay, that was random. Sorry. Heh. Anyway, I only ended up with the colors from this collection that appealed to me, so this isn't a complete set of swatches. I just have no desire for another sheer pink or sheer frosty lavender. I don't like them, I don't wear them and I don't like swatching them.

Here are my favorites from this collection:

Cashmere Cardigan. From the promo pictures of this, I had expected it to be more purple, but it's really more blue. I'm not complaining- I love this color! It's soft and muted but since it's such an uncommon color it still has a bit of edge to it.

Country Club Khaki. I was hoping that this would be like a Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge with less red in it, and it was! It's one of those unusual dirty-but-super-cool colors that always catch my eye. Kinda like Grunge, yes, but also 'mushroomy' like Butter London Fash Pack or Zoya Pasha. I can't think of any dupes for this.

OMG! This polish is way better in real life. My picture does it no justice. It's an ultra bright but not neon pink/red/coral creme with a near-jelly texture. You have to see this one in person, it's really beautiful.

Tennis, Anyone? This wasn't the color I was expecting but it's not too bad. It's a sheer nude creme. It's kind of sheer and hard to apply- this is four coats and you can still see my nail through it.

The formula on these is spotty. Cashmere Cardigan and Country Club Khaki were smooth, thin and easy to apply- no issues at all. OMG! and Tennis, Anyone? were on the thick side and I found it a little difficult to build coverage without the polish on the nail becoming too thick and stringy. OMG! was nicer to apply than Tennis, Anyone? but still thicker than the other two colors I tried.

The drying time on this is pretty long. I have worn each of these colors at least once (twice for Cashmere Cardigan) and I used my usual combination of Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator and Seche Vite with them but they were still dentable after 24 hours. I have also had drying time issues with a lot of my other Orly polishes, so I don't think it's unique to this collection. Some people don't have a problem with them taking too long to fully dry, I do, your mileage may vary.

The bottles and brushes are perfect. The bottle sturdy, that's for sure- I dropped one on my ceramic tile floor and it BOUNCED. Didn't break. The handle is really nice. It has a natural curve so it's comfortable to hold and it has a rubberized coating so you don't drop it. The brush itself is average- bristles are on the long side but no defects. No complaints about the bottle here.

Other than the thickness of certain shades and the long drying time, this is a pretty good collection. I really love three of the four colors I have and I at least like the fourth color. They are all much better in person- especially OMG!.


  1. wow, even though this colour usually not draws my attention, I'm pretty interested in Country Club Khaki, actually.

  2. I haven't bought any of these yet, but I think I need the dark lavender one now :-)

  3. Well at least there not that awful pink/green melange that the guys used to wear with pink 'pop collar' IZOD polos and Wayfarers.

    Although...a shiny black called 'Wayfarer'...hmmm, nice.

    The '80's ugggghhh...and that was the prime of my life, pffffft.

  4. OMG looks pretty!
    I'm a sucker for red-corals this year.

  5. I'm with you, Scrangie.

    Makes me want to pull out my bottle of Goth, put on my black Doc Martens with some torn fishnets
    and listen to some Bauhaus.

  6. What are they thinking, naming a color OMG when CG already has a color by that name? Don't they research that?


  7. Alexlyndra, it's unusually unique, it is definitely different!

    Amanda, I love it! It's so... calm?

    Anonymous, haha I know exactly what you're talking about! I could go for the shiny black, though :)

    Phyrra, it is beyond pretty, check it out in real life if you get a chance, it's HOT!!

    Wixology, haha right on! I used to have a pair of black and green striped tights that I wore with my black cargo skirt and combat boots... *sigh* Those were the days...

  8. Rebecca, I have noticed a lot of brands recycling names lately. Lots of them! Just wait until you see Jessica's summer collection, lots of re-used names there :)

  9. They all look great on you!

    Scrangie, do you have any Finger Paints in your collection? I'd love to see some swatches if you do. :)

  10. Anonymous, thank you! I do have a few Finger Paints but not that many (maybe six?), I'll get to work on swatching them :)

  11. hahaha...your intro is amazing. Orly should capitalize on this and make other high school clique...can we say "Stoner" collection for all those green polish lovers? I was a nerd, so I don't have any creative thoughts on that.

  12. @The Asian Girl
    Lol! Imagine the psychedelic line they could create for the 'Stoner' crowd :P

    Ooooh, yummy holos!

  13. They should make a collection of all the nerd clubs to go with this.

    Robotics Club: Gunmetal, naturally.

    Marching Band: The salmon color of a really bad sunburn. Or possibly brassy gold, in honor of the brass section.

    Academic Decathlon: First place ribbon blue with a gold sheen.

    Chess Club: Somehow we must combine black and white here. Perhaps black with extreme white pearl?

    Eco-Club: Green, natch! I'm thinking deep green/light green duochrome here.

    High School Hackers: Silver holo... or maybe silver, red and blue glitter, like metal and LED lights.

    I could go on and on!

  14. Colour me drooling for these colours and those in the last post too (excepting the tennis anyone).

    Since I've been coming to your blog I wish I had more fingers or toes. ;)


  15. Thanks for posting these pics! I think I want all the colors you posted. I've already got Cashmere Cardigan coming in an order. I actually like the looks of Tennis Anyone as a nice nude polish - suitable for interviews etc.

  16. Awww I have to say that the pink you skipped (Polo Princess) rocks my world and is my favoriteeee baby pink I've ever owned! (after several coats)

    I LOVE Cashmere Cardigan, that is going to be this weekend's manicure, with Hot Topic Fauxnad on it :)

  17. Your nails look pretty with these colors, I would like to see you model the Polo Princess that ^ mentioned. Thanks!


  18. Hey Scrangie!
    OMG!!!!! Okay. I just ordered the konad nail art thing. Any way, I thought it would be awesome if you had black nail polish, and used GR8 from china glaze's OMG collection on the one awesome swirly design from image plate M63? If you get the chance could u try to swatch that? THAT WOULD BE GR8!
    Hehehehe :-D

  19. Hi Scrangie! I bought the whole collection the day it came out. I really love the same colors as you. The rest, eh. I'd like to see your collection. I am more of the rocker chic type. Preppy wasn't something I liked. Makes me think of The Stepford Wives.

  20. Hey Scrangie!

    I've got a question!
    What's the difference between Orly Butterflies and the new OMG! form Orly? They look pretty similar to me. I'm deciding which to buy!


  21. gorgeousness! I have CCK on right now:)

  22. These are pretty, but I have had bad luck with the Orly formula before, so I am going to pass! I do love the idea of re-releasing that I would buy!

  23. The Asian Girl, Thanks! LOL that would be awesome!!

    Phyrra, great idea!!

    Electrogirl, OH man awesome, they should use your ideas and make polishes!!

    Annemarie, aw, thank you :)

    Sarah, I think it would be great for that!

    SayAnything Brooke, hahaha maybe you've convinced me that I need it!! :D

    Scott, thanks :)

    Callie, will do!

    Lucy, Stepford Wives, haha! Rocker chicks unite! :D

    Michelle, they are *very* different. OMG is almost neon super bright coral pink and Butterflies is pale soft pink :)

    Sanna, oh, awesome! <3

    Melli, I'm not too wild about their formula either, takes forever to dry!

  24. Nataliaa, it depends on the shade, some work and some don't.


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