Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Shades from KO!

I just saw this on KO's facebook page- new colors!  On the top are Calamine and Karen, which we already have.  But on the bottom- Ox, a matte purple and Liberty, a matte mint green!


These look amazing.

They also mentioned two more colors to be released- Pool and Concrete (I'm going to assume they're blue and grey).

Looks like the companies really are listening to us. 

KO polishes can be purchased directly from the company's website, although I have heard some complaints about the customer service.


  1. Oooh, I think I saw pics of the other two bottles on MUA yesterday, they looked awesome!

  2. They posted more colors later on last night - a teal one and the lighter green will be available in May. Others, like the dark purple, won't be out till fall.

    I've ordered from them twice and both times their customer service was fine, for me, but they should work on better packaging for their products. Both times the polishes were packed rather sloppily.

  3. They have a brown and nude coming out too.

    The brown looks, interesting.

    IM SO UPSET I AM BROKE AS A JOKE...workin for AT&T just isnt cuttin it lol.

  5. I've been lucky with their customer service. I'm squeeing over the green!

  6. these look amazing! I might have to give into the rather high price tag. i've been dying for mattes!

  7. Wow these are fantastic! I can't wait to see all the colors. I hope someone swatches them.. It's a shame they're so expensive.

  8. Good people of KO, if you see this, the mint green looks amazing and will be well loved. A little secret to what the ladies of lacquer crave is a matte forest green polish. Go ahead. Really. You'll be our heroes forever!

    Scrangie, I am dying to see swatches of the green and purple. They look so pretty in the promo pics!

  9. i just went and saw the price on these.... wholy buhjeebers!

  10. Matte purple? Now I do have a reason to buy one. Even though these polishes came in such pretty bottles and I love the idea of matte polish, I wasn't sure about spending the money. Matte purple though...

  11. so pretty! Wow, green DAMN!
    I would like some of those!


    I have Flatte Black and it is awesome. It also dries super fast, so the mint green is absolutely mine.

  13. hey, do you know of any OPI shade that is similar to Rescue Beauty Lounge's 'Au Chocolat'?

  14. i just stumbled upon this blog! someone who loves nail polish as much as me.. Awesome!

  15. Scrangie just thought I would leave a quick note for ya. Hope you are doing ok.

  16. Those look AMAZING! I wish their polishes weren't so expensive though. It kills me to pay over $10 for a bottle.

  17. Just a little warning, for whomever might want it : I have to comment on the KO white - it STAINS! I use a color-depositing shampoo on my red hair on occasion, and when I used it while wearing the white, it was permanently pepto-bismol pink when I was done. I've been using color shampoo for YEARS and have never had a polish stain from it - just this one. Just a little tidbit from me to you. :)

  18. sorry I'm so late... haha

  19. Feline, ohh I haven't been paying enough attention it seems lol :)

    Twitches, oh, very cool! I need to check again!

    Aprilrobin, I am so late to the game, lol. I can't wait to see them!

    Ghettoflower, indeed, hooray!!

    Danielle, haha I feel the same way!

    Clockwork, good to hear! I heard two people complain so hopefully they just had an off day :)

    Lacquer Laine, if only ManGlaze would release more colors, less than half the price of these and great formula!

    Lucy, I agree, I don't think I can justify buying them all.

    Tarotbydiana, EXACTLY!!! It seems that Zulu and Recycle are the only dark greens in existence!! :(

    Danielle, I know, ABSURD isn't it?? :(

    Deb, you should try one, it's an art piece as much as it's a polish :)

    Helenbella, I know, right?! Excited!

    Erin, woooohooo!! I also love the black, it's my new favorite!

    Anonymous, sorry, I don't think they currently have one!

    Michelle, haha awesome!

    Liz, thank you, you are sweet! I have my days, but I'm doing okay right now :)

    Megs G, I agree 100%. They need to lower their damn prices!

    Twitches, oh wow, that's crazy!!! Thanks for the warning! But it makes me wonder... maybe I can stain it on purpose! Hmm...

    Kristina, AHHHHH Thank you!!! Those look incredible!! Do you mind if I repost that? Thanks so much!!

  20. haha, not a problem at all :D go on ahead <3

  21. ****would you also like names for those colors? lol

  22. Kristina, sure, that would be cool! I'm going to post the pic soon :)

  23. :) not a problem, here y'go!

    both those you know
    and choc!!!! *u*


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