Thursday, April 2, 2009

Color Club Electro Candy Collection Summer 2009

Hope everyone had a little bit of April Fool's Day fun yesterday :) Sorry about Rickrolling you! I don't think I could ever part with my polish - I love it all too much! - but I am very happy that I was able to lighten the mood with a little laughter!

Anyway, I still have a few more spring and summer collections to post, so here we go! One more awesome collection from one of my favorite brands.

Color Club Electro Candy.

Again, I must post a disclaimer about these images. Neons are impossible to photograph. I took (literally) fifty pictures of each color and only one or two were even remotely close to the real life shade. They do something weird to my camera- the colors get warped and they glow and look frighteningly radioactive. I think my pictures came out okay this time, but in real life these polishes are all brighter and, uh, neon-er?

Electro Candy. Neon pink with turquoise shimmer. Just when you thought there was no possible way to make one more neon pink and try to call it different- they did! It is different! It's outrageous glowing neon pink with fine turquoise shimmer! Electro Candy is right- this looks like neon colored candy with an electrical current running through it.

Pure Energy. Neon blue with green shimmer. This color is the color of a tank full of electric eels. Or... something like that.

Ultra Violet. Neon purple with blue/green overlay. This color is incredible. My pictures do not do it justice. It is bright neon purple with this outrageous blue and green flash that flickers and catches the light in interesting ways. It is a little more purple looking in real life and it is positively mesmerizing. I can't stop staring at it. I'm going to go ahead and call this my favorite of the collection.

Volt Of Light. Bright highlighter yellow with blue/green shimmer. This almost seems to have a touch of green in it as well. I was not looking forward to trying to apply this yellow polish, but to my great surprise, it applied like a dream! Not streaky, not thick, not anything like any neon yellow I've ever worn. It must be the shimmer in the formula that keeps the polish thin!

Tangerine Scream. Neon OSHA orange with light colored shimmer. I can't quite tell what color the shimmer in this is- it's silvery white at one angle and kind of light green or yellow at another angle. The color is much richer and more neon than my picture suggests. It's not a pale orange by any means!

What A Shock! Neon green with blue shimmer. Ah, the problem child. The polish that tested my breaking point and my patience! The polish that almost cost me a new camera (because I wanted to throw it out the window). This is a super bright, super glowy neon lime green. For whatever reason, my camera can't pick up that color. It's an awesome color and I wish that I was able to capture its beauty. It is brighter, lighter, more green-green than yellow-green and has a hint of blue shimmer.

These polishes are a little bit on the sheer side, so I did three coats of each color. And since these are neon, they dry matte so I am also wearing Color Club's Vivid Color Intensifying Top Coat in each of these photos. If you like the matte look for these shades, skip the topcoat.

The Vivid Color Intensifying Topcoat (which has a number 10 next to it on the label but I'm not sure where that ten belongs in the name...) seems to be very similar to the Milky White French Manicure Basecoat. It's clear with just the faintest hint of ultraviolet blue tint. Milky White French Manicure Basecoat has a more noticable UV Blue tint compared to this.

The Vivid topcoat is not a traditional quick-dry topcoat like I'm used to. It is fairly fast drying, but the texture is very thin, unlike Seche Vite or Poshe which are very thick. The texture of the topcoat is even thinner than the polishes- almost watery- and dries to a high shine finish.

The formula of the polishes themselves is excellent. Neons are generally known to have a thick, sometimes chalky formula. Some neons, like neon blues and purples, don't have this characteristic, but neon pinks, yellows and oranges often do. The Color Club neons don't have this issue. They are perfect. They are smooth, non-streaky and not too thick. They apply easily and dry quickly. Other than the sheerness of the polish, I had no application trouble.

Color Club has amazed me once again with a unique, fun and interesting collection of polishes. These neons are not like other neons- the blue-ish shimmer in them makes them look ALIVE! They have depth, they have movement, they have sparkle. They are AWESOME. Easily the best collection of neons I own. The combination of great formula and innovative color makes these neons perfect. Especially perfect for a neon-lover like me who is a little tired of seeing duplicate colors constantly being released.

Overall, awesome collection. A unique spin on the done-to-death (but I still love it) neon polish. Improved neon formula is a bonus. I don't think there's anything I don't like about this collection! I just wish I could find a way to photograph these properly....


  1. I am SO HAPPY you did these swatches! I was thisclose to asking you to do them. I bought the pink and purple the other day and can't wait to try them!! Question...Does Zoya have a nice pearly opaque white? I am doing the great trade in but can't seem to find any swatches for their white shades. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Have a good one!

  2. I had just decided to only get two of these, but now you made me want the whole collection. Bad Scrangie ;P

  3. I NEED Electro Candy!
    Pure Energy and Ultra Violet are gorgeous!
    Tangerine Scream is pretty.
    When are these available?
    I'm toooootally lemming.

  4. Liz, Hmm, I'm sure they do! Gaia is pearly but it has gold shimmer, but other than that I've only tried their creme whites (Purity and Snow White) Sorry!

    Emelie, hahaha I'm sorry :)

    Phyrra, They are available now :) Head2Toe and I think 8ty8 have them up!

  5. <3!!!

    Ty so much for telling me that!

  6. Just wanted to add that the name Pure Energy makes me think of the Information Society song "What's on Your Mind? (Pure Energy)".

  7. OHHHH! amazing colors , especially the ultra violet and the pinky one - love them!

    Thanks for the post!

    p.s - I actually thoght you were giving your polishes away and i wanted to particiate the auction!!! LOL :)

  8. I saw these in the store, and wasn't sure about them, but now that I've seen the swatches you and Siobahn did, I think I need to re-visit them. They're more multidimensional than I though.

  9. WOW, they are all gorgeous! I just got Ultra Violet and can't wait to use it!

  10. I love this collection so hard. I have Pure Energy and What A Shock and love them both. I'm wearing What A Shock right now and I can't stop looking at my nails!

    I am very tempted to get Electro Candy, but I already have so many bright pinks! Have you tried China Glaze's Pink Voltage? If so, how do you think EC and PV compare? Thanks!!

  11. Ooh, I love these. Color Club has really been knocking my socks off recently.

  12. As I was reading the rest of your description, the green nearly blinded me! These are awesome!

  13. Nobody has mentioned that the advertising for this is the exact same image from the Precision Get Loud! neons. Anywho I just bought this whole collection. Color Club is so cheap I can't resist them, I also have almost the entire Flower Power collection. I <3 neons.

  14. Pretty! I have this whole collection too. I just love em!


  16. Love these! I "must" have Electro Candy, Tangerine Scream and Ultra Violet!!
    Oh, and I've seen them on ebay as well. Today, actually ;)
    Thanks for posting!

  17. Very pretty, Thanks for swatching.


  18. dag, these are shocking wicked! At least three of these are calling my name. XD

  19. OH MY GOD! That purple one is just calling out my name...I must have it.'ve done it again, Scrangie! (Oh, and thanks for the comment!!!)

  20. Those are amazing! I had been planning to skip this summer's round of Neons because I have a few I love, but I neeeeeeeed the pink, purple, and orange.

    - Sybelle

  21. Oh yeah I am getting the whole collection. Ultra Violet is screaming my name. Well they all are. I'm not even that crazy about the orangey colors, but Tangerine Scream is gorgeous. Thanks for swatching them. My wallet wants to thank you also. Well these aren't so pricey but I know I will buy other polishes. After Lent I will be buying.

  22. Wow, I wasn't planning on getting any of these but maybe I'll try one or two.

    I'd like to make a request, could you maybe add a search engine or tags to your blog? Sometimes I'll want to search for certain brands or collections but its hard to go through every entry. It would be so much easier to find specific swatches.

    Thanks for the swatches!

  23. I recently sent an order to H2T. WHY are these new collections just popping up like this? Now I have to make a new order, and it takes like two weeks for the polishes to arrive at my door here in Sweden.. I think I'd like every single one of these polishes.

  24. Ultra Violet and Volt of Light are screaming to be my funky french du jour! Thanks for swatching them!

  25. I got Ultra Violet and am wearing it today..I needed 3 coats to build it and could probably use 4 but it is still a pretty and different color. Have you tried it over black?? Wondering..

  26. Wow, those are bright! I was wondering how Ultra Violet compares to the SuperStar Park Avenue Purple you showed us back in February?

  27. its almost as if CC saw your swatches from last summer when you were layering heart breaker over essie neons ..that i bought and loved ...I STILL CANT FIND HEARTBREAKER IN CANADA!!!!!!! ..these colours rock... hey whats OSHA orange... im usually good at figuring this stuff out but im stumped ... :-S

  28. Phyrra, You're welcome :)

    Deb, they're all awesome :D And I don't think I know that song- I'm gonna see if I can download it!

    Nitzan, haha I'm sorry! :D

    HoneyHoneyNY, they look pretty blah under fluorescent lighting, take them next to a window if the store has one! They'll look a bajillion times better :D

    Diann_co, it's SO HOT!!

    Laura, good choices! I actually prefer Electro Candy over Pink Voltage for a few reasons- Electro Candy has more pronounced shimmer and the shimmer has a green hue instead of frosty like Pink Voltage and also Electro Candy's formula is much, much better. Other than that, the base colors are quite similar.

    Linds, I agree! I can't wait to see what they have planned next, I just know it will be awesome!

    Debo, haha it's even better and brighter in real life!

    Rachel, oh my, is it really?? I haven't seen the Precision one, I'll have to see if I can find it! Color Club always has such incredible makeup on their models, I like their ads more than any other brand!

    Velvet, awesome! Right on!

    Rachel, lol you're welcome :)

    Vanessa, they're blindingly cool :) Thank you!

    Scott, you're welcome, thanks for reading and commenting! :)

    Clockwork, aren't they?? You'd totally rock them!

    Atomica, I might have to get a backup of it! :)

    Sybelle, I was wary of another set of neons but these are so cool and different it was love at first sight :)

    Lucy, haha I'm sorry :) yes, I am thankful that this whole set isn't more than $15 :)

    Katrina, I have been thinking about doing tags for a while, maybe I'll start adding them soon :) I just need a big chunk of time where I can do nothing but add tags, I think it will take me a couple days!

    Alexlyndra, aw, I'm sorry! I do wish that at the beginning of the year each company would give us a calendar with release dates so we can plan our purchases!

    Anonymous, that sounds AWESOME! I'd love to see a picture if you decide to do it!

    Diann_co, I haven't tried it over black, but I did try one coat over green (I was already wearing it and couldn't wait to try on Ultra Violet) and it was pretty good, it made the shimmer come out more!

    Penemuel, Ultra Violet is a lot brighter compared to Park Avenue Purple, is more of a lighter purple shade than Park Avenue Purple and has a more pronounced green shimmer that runs through the polish, while Park Avenue Purple's shimmer is more frosty blue and sits on top of the color :)

    Danielle, oh that would be cool! Haha! I wish someone would release a collection of Heartbreaker-like polishes in different shades! OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and they're responsible for the day-glo orange vests that workers wear :)

  29. i would agree with the heartbreaker coll. but then i would go into shock with how much i want not just heatrbreakers, but its coll. buddies too!!! hopefully when i go to the states i can get him to take me to walmart to check! and thats so funny lol... osha orange... CLEVER...thanks hun! <3

  30. Gah your pics are so much better than mine. I need to think about retaking mine. I have yet to post them and after seeing your pics I am put to shame.

    They really do look better on you. I wonder if I just got some crappy ones.

  31. Scrangie,

    You're really the devil - aren't you? ;} I just saw your beautiful nails, and had to order the entire set. Also ordered the Seche Vite to try for the first time. I've used a UV light with top coat for years, which works fabulously, but after hearing how quickly you can do your nails, I thought I'd try the Seche. Thanks so much for sharing all that you do with us here. I hope the nail polish companies realize what you do for their businesses, and comp you in some fashion! You deserve it!


  32. This polishes are so awesome! They're even more gorgeous in person! I have Electro Candy and Ultra Violet on right now and I'm just sooo happy with them. I love neons with shimmer. So glad you told us where to buy them :)

  33. Now that I've seen the swatches of these, I love them! Especially Ultra Violet and Pure Energy. How does Electro Candy compare to Misa Hot People Like You?

  34. Danielle, hopefully he will!!

    Hailey, they were SO hard to do. But the polishes themselves were great for me!

    MrsKiwiYeti, awwe thanks!

    Phyrra, ahhh aren't they AWESOME?!! :D

    Katrinajoy7, Hmm... I'd say Electro Candy is a lot brighter, a little lighter and has a lot more blue flash :)

  35. I just found this entire set at Ross for $7.99!!!!! Of course I had to snatch it up!! I can't wait for Summer!!!

  36. Turns out the set I got at Ross was actually the Flower Power acetate set in Elecro Candy packaging. I could not figure out why my set did not have shimmer or a even a blue! I thought maybe I had fakes, but thankfully through researching I found that it is just a mispackaged set! Phew!

  37. I just bought the boxed set of this collection at Ross this weekend for $8 I can't wait to try them


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