Monday, March 2, 2009

Awesome tidbit from Zoya: Midori from the Summer 2009 Ooh-La-La Collection!

OMG you guys, check this out!!!

Zoya Midori from the Ooh-La-La Summer Collection!

How hot is that?!

I am so excited for this collection, I can hardly contain myself! Here's a little more info...

The summer 2009 collection will come in two parts:

La-Di-Da, six bright creams
Ooh-La-La, six bright metallics

These collections will be all about BRIGHT, FUN color! Yessss!!!!

Stay tuned for more info :)

Edit: More colors! It's a scavenger hunt! HOW FUN!!! :D Check out:

Pippa @ CasualLavish
Paz @ The Nailphile
Emme @ VampyVarnish
Goldie @ Clumps of MascaraTallulah @ All Lacquered Up
Dita @ Polish Addict
Ali @ Perfectly Polished Tips
Katy @ The Crystal Files


  1. okay the green is my favorite so far :D

  2. Ooh that looks like a great collection! I don't know whwy but I love the two-part collections :)

  3. Hey Scrangie,
    Can you please bitch about not having enough cool greens every day? Seems to work ;P

  4. Very cool. Any idea how it will compare to Tangy?

  5. Oh you got the green one! Now to go find oh only 9 more. LOL

  6. Holy crap I love it! They sent me Emme, which is a pink I just posted.

  7. OMG I am soooooo excited :D There goes my no buy policy :P

  8. It looked like a pea- Im not sure if I love it or hate it- hahahaha ;-)

  9. ahhh great, love it!!! cant wait, omg this is so fun :) hehe love how u got the green!

  10. I love the name midori!
    I had a character in City of Heroes MMO named Midori. That color looks awesome, too ;) I realized I don't have enough greens :(
    I can't wait for this collection to come out.

  11. Holy crap, it's green!! Good job Zoya! :D I can't wait to see actual swatches!

  12. <3 Green!!!! How awesome!!! <3

  13. I love this treasure hunt-like thing! So cute and it really makes me want to get more Zoya polish! i love Midori!

  14. GREEEEEN!!!

    I love Zoya already and this makes me love them even more!

    Oh, and Phyrra, I play City of Heroes too!

  15. Zoya was smart to give you green Scrangie!! Your color is my favorite out of all the ones they have released!

  16. Midori means green in japanese. It's a really pretty color.

  17. Did they send you the green polish on purpose? :)

    This is my fave so far, too.



  18. you got the best one, scrangie! not to mention that midori is my favorite to drink. ^-^


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