Thursday, April 2, 2009

Scrangie on Sephora's Beauty And The Blog

The shades I used were all from the left side of the palette- Speed Blue, Raxor Gray and Tequila.

Thanks, Sephora!  I am honored!


  1. WOW!!! Congrats girl!!! That is AWESOME

  2. Fantastic! It is great to recognition for your hard work and talent!

    And, I have to say thank you for showing that us brown eyed girls can rock blue eyeshadow! That reminds me, I am so sick of "Brown Eyed Girl" point out something else that defines me...stupid Van Morrisson...

  3. Liz, thank you!

    Phyrra, I'm stoked!! :D

    Melli, thank you! I'm sick seeing only blue-eyed girls in makeup and beauty ads -the makeup never looks the same on me because the contrast is missing! I wish they'd have more brown eyed girls like us :) And I HATE that song- always have- it's one of the most irritating songs ever lol >.<

  4. Gorgeous! I have 10 or 12 colors of blue (my favorite color) eyeshadow that I never can wear. My eyes are a rather pale, unremarkable shade of blue, and blue shadow competes with them rather than enhances them. I keep buying blue, though, and I keep hoping....

  5. Congratulations, that is wicked. A big fan of the Kat Von D palettes have the Ludwig and Metal Orchestra ones. Just fantastic products. I want to copy your look!

  6. gorgeous! apparently our polish queen is a makeup pro too!

  7. Scrangie that is sooo cool! It looks awesome :)

  8. Scrangie I just left a comment on the Sephora blog for you. You look gorgeous! Thanks for the look. You are so right with always using blue eyed girls. I'm a brownie also and we need the looks in magazines also. I have all of Kat von D's palettes. I love her and the show. Never miss it. I also find her makeup fantastic. I love her tattoos, she does beautiful work.

  9. So cool! I love that look! Go you:P

  10. Congrats! That look really does look totally hot *applauds*

  11. My vote goes for "Chicks with smokin' hot brown eyes."


  12. I'm a brown-eyed girl and don't feel the same way about the song that the rest of you do, but was glad to see Scrangie get some hard-earned recognition! Scrangie, you do gorgeous makeup!

    Marsha Smith

  13. So cool! I'm a proud momma!

  14. yay!!! that's my top fav eye shadow palette at the moment!!! I really love it!!!

    you are awesome!

  15. You have been nominated by Kitty's Closet that YOUR BLOG IS FABULOUS!! To accept the nomination, follow the rules in the linked post, and have fun!

  16. congrats! I love you blog. your nails are soooo pretty and your swatches are the best around. Thanks!

  17. Deb, thank you :)

    Silverin, ah, yes, I know wearing blue shadow is really difficult for blue-eyed girls! Try keeping the blue away from your lashline and put something dark as liner to provide more contrast :)

    Clockwork, thank you!! I have them all and I use them regularly! :)

    Jen, hahaha thank you! :D

    Elma, thanks!! :D

    Lucy, thank you so much! I love Kat, her whole look, all her work, it's amazing! And definitely need more brown eyed girls in the media!!

    Sanna, thank you! I love all of your looks, you inspire me! :D

    Laure, thank you!!

    Scott, hahahaha thank you! :D

    Marhsa, hehe thanks :)

    Mom, thank you!

    Jojoba, thank you, I think you are awesome too! And beautiful :)

    Kittylamour, oh wow, thanks!! :D

    Aquaracer, thank you! :)

    Lina-Elvira, thank you so much :)

    DoDe, thank you, thank you!! :D

  18. yay scrangie! that's fire!! i need the palette now ;)

  19. Scrangie,

    I just came across your gorgeous makeup job today. Way to go! Can you tell me how you got such a perfect point at the outer rim of your eye with the eyeliner? I tried.... and tried... but didn't come close. Help?!!!


  20. Yummy411, thanks!! :) Those palettes rock!

    MrsKiwiYeti, I used liquid liner :) It sort of naturally makes a point if the brush is wet enough.


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