Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sephora by OPI Revisited

I have two new Sephora by OPI polishes that I want to swatch, but my nails are in no condition for swatching right now. I always break them doing stupid things! Opening cabinets, car doors, doing laundry... Ugh.

So, instead, let's revisit the Sephora by OPI line. When it was originally released, I did a bunch of swatches with all the polishes I bought. The formula was so thick and awful that the swatches suffered. Now I've added some thinner to them and they've come out quite a bit better.

Beauty Junkie. I admit that I only bought this for the name. It's kind of a vampy-brown-red-plum creme, too red to be chocolate.

Brainiac. One of the biggest disappointments. It was described as spiced pumpkin, but does this look like spiced pumpkin to you? No! It's kind of a weird burnt-salmon...

Cab Fare. Yellow with shimmer. It's pretty sheer in addition to being thick, stringy and goopy. All yellows are streaky and thick to some extent, but this one seems worse than others. The color is pretty nice and I like the sparkles.

Call Your Mother. Very pretty muted taupe-purple creme.

Charge It. Metallic gold. This one is pretty similar to Chanel Gold Fiction. I haven't done a side by side to see if they're exact dupes, but they have a very similar shade and texture.

Domestic Goddess. Bright candy grape purple creme.

Don't Go There. Another nice muted purple creme.

Metro Chic. Hard to describe... Mousy, grey taupe creme? I do love this color. It's the only Sephora by OPI polish I've worn since doing my original swatches...

Never Enough Shoes. Black with multicolored glitter. The glitter in this is small and subtle.

Queen Of Everything. Gorgeous metallic platinum-silver.

Run With It. Warm grey with coppery speckles. Reminds me of wet cement. Sort of similar to Zoya Harley.

Like I said before, I was not impressed with the formula of these. It's not consistent with OPI's formula, it seems like a completely different brand. Not all of the polishes were bad- some were a normal texture. The rest were insanely thick and gooey. I added thinner to them and it helped tremendously. Also, a lot of them have streaks of unmixed pigment that never mix back in no matter how hard you shake it. The streaks will occasionally transfer to the nail.

I don't like the way the bottles look, either. They look cheap and strange. The plastic they use to seal the bottles is also difficult to remove.

Nice colors, but I feel like they need to to a little quality control on these before they sell them.

Hopefully my nails will grow back soon so I can swatch my new ones!


  1. Never Enough Shoes and Run With It really attracted me. NES (:D) is "not a new one" but RWI I've never seen before, it's cool!

  2. I also found that the Sephora by OPI formula was horrible. I ordered Le Beau, a pretty red, online and was so disappointed with the application that I returned it!

  3. Alexlyndra, they are pretty cool looking :)

    Anonymous, glad I'm not the only one! For $9 I think it's a bit of a rip off, truthfully!

  4. Urk...thanks for the heads up about the thickness. That would drive me nuts. I have some Seche restore, so maybe I'll risk it. I really like Metro Chick and Call Your Mother...but I think some of the OPI France collection is similar enough that I could skip the Sephora line.

  5. Is Call Your Mother or Don't Go there the closer dupe to Parlez-vous OPI? They both look kind of similar. Also which would you recommend, $OPI Queen of Everything or Zoya Trixie? I don't know which to buy, they look dupe-ish to me!!

  6. Teggy, yeah, they need it! Metro Chic isn't as bad as some of the others, but it's one of the ones with unmixed stripes :(

    Polish Earthgirl, Hmmm... I'd say Call Your Mother is probably closer between the two. They are all similar but I don't think they're really 100% dupes of each other :) As for which silver, TRIXIE!!! All the way. Zoya is a superior formula, much cheaper and Trixie is just the most shiny, pretty sparkly metallic silver ever. Hehehe :)

  7. Scrangie--Please, take care of your nails. Metro Chic Beauty Junkie are HOT! These colors make me feel good.


  8. Does anyone know if I can but Sephore by OPI from a website that ships to the UK??? I've been desperate to try some of these polishes for ages! Thanks

  9. Awww, that's too bad about the formula for you! I found that thinner helped mine immensely and despite the lame application the colors wear like iron on me. I guess you just can't have it all! :(

  10. I wonder how Queen of Everything compares to the beloved Kaleidoscope.

  11. Scott, aww, thanks! I try to but sometimes I'm too clumsy for my own good :)

    Andi, I'm sorry, I don't know of one :(

    Jess, yeah, for $9 I expected more! But thinner definitely helped a lot!

    Anonymous, they aren't really too close, but BB Couture Blind Love is an exact match!


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