Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another French Manicure Kit from Nailene

This second french manicure kit from Nailene is a little more adventurous. It includes the standard bright white tip polish, but also a sheer pink shimmer with strong green duochrome.

Like the first kit that I reviewed, this comes with everything you need to complete your look. Base and tip polish, sealant top coat and 42 tip guides.

Since tip guides were included with the kit, I used them for these looks.

Here's one coat of white with one coat of the pink and green shimmer polish on top. Wow, my nails are stained... Oops!

Here's the same, but with two coats of the pink and green shimmer polish instead of one. Two coats gives you a lot more coverage. That's good, that way you can't see how bad my stained nails look!

Since the base polish has more tint to it than your traditional sheer nude french manicure color, it discolors the white tips. If you prefer a bright white tip, apply the white tip polish last. This is what it will look like:

Can you see all the pretty green shimmer? This polish seems like it would be great for layering. I think it would look pretty cool over a hot pink or coral, and it would be amazing over black.

You can also add a little flair to it with Nailene's Bedazzle Nail Art Decals. I chose a swooshy one from the kit. I think it would also be pretty with one of the snowflake designs as well.

Overall, this is another great kit for people who love french manicures. It's not the same plain pink-and-white french because this one has a little duochrome green shimmer added to it. It's extremely easy to use and there's no confusion because everything you need is right in the kit. It's an inexpensive and easy way to achieve a french manicure look without having to go to a salon. I'm all for being able to do your nails at home!

This kit is available at any drugstore and can be found in the nail art section near the decals and artificial nails.


  1. I really like the pink and green, looks great.

  2. That sheer shade looks a bit like Essie Nude Beach!

  3. Pretty!! Love it Scrangie! Yes... salon Essie nail shades at fantastic prices!

  4. Clockwork, I have plans for this one... Oh yes... Indeed.. Bwahahaha! :D

    The Glitterati, it totally does! Good eye!

    Nailene, haha thank you!! You read my review, how cool!

  5. Oooo, very pretty Scrangie!
    You can't say that these manicures change your mind about french manicures even a little bit?? 'Cause now I'm thinking I wanna do a French mani after seeing your lovely swatches.

  6. Very nice for a French mani. But, well... it's still sheer pink when all is said and done. French manis are so not my thing.

    If you want to swatch something more vibrant between French mani kits, can we see a comparison between Nubar Pasadena Purple and China Glaze Coconut Kiss?

  7. Not related to this post but wondering if you knew of any dupes for Rescue Beauty Lounge Chinoise and Opaque Nude? Missed the sale yesterday due to my overseas time zone, *sob*...
    The pink and green color is fantastic, can't wait to see your layering experiments!

  8. Pretty French manicure for those that like them. I've never worn one and not really to thrilled about them.

  9. I'm with Electrogirl, let's see a comparison of ChG Coconut Kiss and Nubar's Pasadena Purple!
    I do like your French mani posts, although I am not a huge fan of them. But I don't mind 'em.
    What I dislike are the French pedis. Ew.
    I mean, why would someone want their toes long enough for a white tip to show? Not my thing!

    Dana Cerise

  10. Gerry, sorry to say, not really! LOL! I couldn't wait to take these off. But I do really like french manicures with designs on the tips like those Revlon Stellas!

    Electrogirl, ooh good suggestion! I can do it, I just have to *find* my Coconut Kiss first, LOL!!

    Anonymous, I can't think of any of the top of my head... Check NailGal, lots of pictures there that you can compare side by side :)

    Lucy, agreed. Can't wait to do color again!

    Dana, LOL! I have long(ish?) toenails- just to the tip of my toe- I hate french pedicures but I hate short stubby toenails just as much, hahah! :)

  11. Have you tried layering that sheer over a black?

  12. BrattyCat, not yet but I am totally going to when I get the chance :)


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