Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reader Requests

I am trying my best to catch up on my requests. Please be patient with me. Thank you :)

Essie Blueberry Crumb. Quite sheer, this is five coats.

Index and Ring: China Glaze Agent Lavender
Middle and Pinkie: OPI Done Out In Deco
Not dupes!

Index and Ring: OPI Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not
Middle and Pinkie: OPI Overexposed In South Beach
They looked more similar to each other in the bottle. Not dupes, I'm afraid.

Dior Bleu Poison. AKA Poison Blue. Very dark, looks nearly black in most lighting.

CND Plexi Pink. Sheer hot pink tint with blue/purple iridescence. Makes a great layering polish, especially over blue.

China Glaze Yell-O-Neil. A medium yellow with glass fleck shimmer. Beautiful color, painful application.

NARS Orgasm. Very sheer, needed five coats.

China Glaze Celtic Sun. Neon highlighter yellow jelly. This is a pretty bad picture of it- it's closer to the color in the bottle. It is the color of a highlighter in real life. Very, very, very bright.

OPI Think Merry, Pink Merry! You may want to view this beauty full size. Shimmering frosty pink metallic with silver microglitter. Ulta Exclusive, holiday 2008.

OPI Breathe Life- sunlight. It lights up with blue sparkles in the sunlight.


  1. Hey Scrangie, thanks for the images. Question: How does Think Merry, Think Pink compare to Star-ring the Rockettes? Thanks.

  2. Such beautiful colors. The yellow that bad of an application? Love the sparkles in it. Will have to get the OPI Breathe Life.

  3. I totally agree with you on the Yell-O-Neil application. It really is painfull.

  4. wow Celtic Sun looks insane, and am lusting over that Poison Blue

  5. would you say opi breathe life and essie blueberry crumb are close?

  6. i love the non dupe comparisons and i am always obsessed with the shape of ur nails... :)

  7. hy how many coats do you use for berathe life??tnx

  8. Scrangie! Your nails are fierce in Celtic Sun. I just love neon squishies!:P

    Dana Cerise

  9. Gorgeous swatches as usual, Scrangie! I have really been getting into yellows lately, and have picked some up based on your swatches. I passed on Yell-O-Neil, but went for Solar Power instead, and also bought Insta Dri Lightening. I also have NYX Carnation, which is a butter yellow.

    I would love to hear from a pigment specialist why yellow paint is so hard to work with in any form...I painted one of my rooms a bright golden yellow and it was a streaky mess until the 5th coat! If you have any thoughts Scrangie, I would love to hear them.

  10. Just LOVED the last one- amazing blue. great post as always :)

  11. Can you compare OPI Overexposed In South Beach to Jessica Loving the Lifeguard?

  12. I really am lemming the nars orgasm. Wow it doesn't look that sheer from the bottle.

    I am waiting patiently for your 2nd series of rimmels.

  13. Wow, Celtic Sun is sooooo bright! Crazy! I may have to get this and wear it in the summer.

  14. Very nice. Pretty. Thanks. I really dig:

    Essie Blueberry Crumb & OPI Breathe Life. Great nails and great colors. You are the best!


  15. thank you! these look great as always!! does OPI Breathe Life look anything like See ya Later Sailor from last spring? thanks so much!!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Does OPI think merry, pink merry look like any of the colors from romantique??

  18. Oh, also do you know of any dupes to Nars Orgasm??

  19. Those were all so great to see! Thanks for posting!

  20. Hey! Thanks for taking the time to do my request. this sat im going to buy OPI Done Out In Deco. Thanks girl! ;)

  21. Thanks so much. You rock.

    How do Zoya Miley and Malia compare to Done Out in Deco?

  22. Styrch, it's quite different in real life, actually. Star-ring The Rockettes is darker and more berry colored and has a really neat foil finish :)

    Lucy, it was pretty bad >.< Stringy and thick and very difficult, but yellows all seem to be a pain in the ass to some extent lol

    Alexlyndra, ohhh why do yellows have to be so difficult?!

    Clockwork, Celtic Sun is super cool, like the jelly version of Essie Funky Limelight :)

    Loungie, the shade is somewhat similar but the OPI is brighter and more vibrant, also quite a bit more sparkly.

    Miss Yaya, why thank you :)

    HeidiB, agreed! :)

    Anonymous, four coats :)

    Dana, haha thanks! I love 'em all!

    Melli, thank you! I'd love to know the reason to- I really have no idea why they're such a pain compared to other colors. Frustrating!

    Nitzan, thank you dear :)

    Datura Rose, it will take me a while to be able to photograph it but I can compare :) Overexposed seems brighter, redder and more opaque though!

    rmcandlelight, I didn't expect it either, it looks really opaque in the bottle! Rimmels are being worked on I should have them soon :)

    Atomica, haha it is insane!

    Scott, thank you, thank you!!

    Andie, you know what, it really does! It doesn't seem as blue- more watery I suppose, but they are very similar!

    Polish Earthgirl, hmmm.... It is a little similar to the light pink one (forget the name!) but not really a match. Unfortunately, I can't think of any dupes for Orgasm :(

    Velvet, thank you :)

    .jackie.jaci, You're very welcome, I'm so sorry it took me this long to post it!

    Anonymous, anytime! :) Malia and Miley are a little richer and less grey-looking, I'd say Miley is a little closer than Malia. Done Out In Deco has a strange soft quality to it that makes it look faded!

  23. hey scrangie!
    i love your blog.
    i was wondering if you can do a comparison between China Glaze's Blk-a-Bong and sinful color's What's your name.
    they look sort of similar and i'm not sure if i should get the china glaze or the sinful thanks!


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