Sunday, April 5, 2009

Essie Love, Beverly Hills xx

Eek, I'm quite late in posting this! But hey, better late then never, right?

Essie Love, Beverly Hills xx

This is a vibrant glowing red with hints of gold shimmer that comes from the real 24 karat gold in the polish. Amazing formula and application, no running, dripping, streaking or bubbling. Dries quickly even without quick dry topcoat.

Here's Essie's official word on it:

"Trends come and go, but when it comes to making a statement, few brands know how to consistently pave the way for the fashion elite more than essie cosmetics—famous for its bold color palettes and trend-setting clientele, and Beverly Hills—a destination that has long dressed the movers and shakers of Hollywood. This coming awards season, essie and the Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau have teamed up to debut Love, Beverly Hills xx, an exclusive, limited-edition nail polish sure to land on every “Best Dressed” list from East to West, and turn heads along the way.

Love, Beverly Hills xx is an opulent red polish with an authentic shimmer thanks to the polish’s special ingredient: 24 karat pure gold. Just in time for Valentine’s Day and ready to twinkle on the red-carpet, Love Beverly Hills, xx has a subtle glow and perfectly compliments every skin tone.

“When I thought of the color red in Beverly Hills, I knew it had to dazzle,” said Essie Weingarten, founder and president, Essie Cosmetics, Ltd. “Love, Beverly Hills xx is what happens to red in Beverly Hills – pure 24 karat gold shimmer. We are thrilled to partner with the Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau to create this gorgeous color.”

Okay, as much as I love Essie, this line made me scratch my head a little- "
famous for its bold color palettes".... I'm not sure that Essie is the company that comes to mind when I hear "bold color"! Haha! But, as we've all seen, the Queen of sheer pinks and nudes seems to be breaking out of the 'safe color' box a lot more lately. I sincerely hope that this continues to be the case with Essie, as I really have fallen in love with their new improved formula and flawless brushes. I'd love to see more colors like Mesmerize, Greenport, Bermuda Shorts, Sexy Divide and so on....

Anyway, getting off track here... This limited edition polish retails for $18 on but I have heard that you can get it for half price on other sites which I have not personally had any experience with so I can't vouch for them. But, if you don't want to pay full retail, shop around, it's out there :)


  1. omg! Thats awesome! ( I just posted this cuz i wanted 2 be da first poster :-D)

  2. This is random but I love your new font. lol

    Anyway, I like this red a lot, and I dont even wear red nail polish. But 18 bucks? I dont think so Essie. Try again.

  3. I've been drooling over since this one was released . . . but I can't justify spending much on polish right now, much less $18! Think of anything that'd be a reasonable dupe?

  4. Along with the laffs to be had at the "bold color palettes" part, there is also its boast of having "trendsetting" clientele. If they do, they must get their "trendsetting" shades somewhere else, as Essie catches up to putting out trendy colors like a year after other brands. I mean I applaud them for their blues this spring and summer, but these are shades their competition started putting out 12-18 months ago minimum!

  5. Bold....color.....palettes......hahahahahahaha!

    Even funnier than the April Fools' Joke!!!!

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  7. Bold colors? Maybe recently but not before. Looks beautiful on you. I love the color but I don't think I will be buying it.

  8. Lovely colour, looks gorgeous on you! I think I'll hunt this down - shimmery reds are my thing!!

  9. I got mine for $9 at Transdesign(dot)com, it came all the way to Italy, so I think it's more than safe to say it's a reliable seller.

  10. wow , great polish!

    on your nails it looks very pretty but i saw some variations of it and on some bloggers it look horrible and on other so charming [ i guess it depends on your nails...

    p.s -

    I saw this polish on Transdesign in half price.

  11. Hi Scrangie, if you have time could you recommend some orange cremes that aren't too red or yellow (and not neon?)A brighter one and a more muted one would be fantastic. Thank you so much, I love reading your blog!

  12. Hey Scrangie!
    OMG!!!!! Okay. I just ordered the konad nail art thing. Any way, I thought it would be awesome if you had black nail polish, and used GR8 from china glaze's OMG collection on the one awesome swirly design from image plate M63? If you get the chance could u try to swatch that? THAT WOULD BE GR8!
    Hehehehe :-D

  13. Scrangie--Your nails are Fab and you make this one look great. But, Ive seen a shade like this every Christmas. Still better than french, tho. Now, remember, this comes from 1) a guy and 2) someone who never get's tired of pinks, white pearl, or red creme. Should I be embarrassed?


  14. Bold colors...LOL! I was hoping the gold would show up more in this. A polish that contains gold that doesn't show up well seems like a gimmick to me.

  15. Eeee, it is gorgeous! As much as reds hate me and I know this would look hideous on me...I still kinda want it :-X

  16. Callie, haha! :D

    Lachelle, lol I think it was an accident :) $18 is way too much, but you can get it for $9 :)

    Shannon, I know, that's so expensive! I can't think of a specific dupe, but any bright red with gold shimmer would probably do!

    Diana, lol, seriously. But hey, they are getting better :)

    Melli, LOL!!! I thought so too :)

    Lucy, yeah I thought the same!

    Stefanie, thanks :)

    Flavia, oh, I love transdesign, I didn't know they had it, thanks! :)

    Nitzan, thanks! I guess it really depends on your skin tone!

    ., you should check out OPI Osaka To Me Orange, it's my favorite!

    Callie, haha, I can do that :)

    Scott, don't be embarrassed at all! haha :)

    Deb, yeah, it wasn't as gold as I thought it would be!

    Amanda, it's the pure gold, isn't it? Haha :)

  17. You can get Essie at great prices on
    I am just placing my second order right now and came across your blog while searching for some swatches.
    Anyway - the selection on that site is pretty good and most Essie polishes go for 4.99! Beverly Hills here costs 7.5 or so. And shipping is very reasonable, depends on how many bottles you're buying. I have ordered there once already and was very happy with my shopping. So - anyone who wants to save big and get the real deal, check it out. Have fun! Anna.


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