Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Revlon Intensifying Lashes

Now for a little change of pace...

I recently received the opportunity to try out several styles of Revlon fake lashes. I'm a big fake lash fan, but they're not an every day thing for me. However, some of the lashes I tried were so nice, I think I could make them an every day thing if I wanted to! Some styles I loved, some not so much. I'm going to start off with a review of my favorite.

This is the Revlon Intensifying lash. As you can see, it's a full strip lash with soft black lashes arranged in a very natural pattern. I would call these medium length. They're twice as long as my natural lashes but they're not so long that they're costumey or over the top.

I applied them with the glue included in the kit. When the glue was fully dry, I curled my lashes and applied two coats of mascara to blend the false lashes into my real lashes.

As you can see, this is a very natural look. Long, but not necessarily dramatic. I normally go for a lot more volume with my lashes, but these gave a really pretty wide-awake fresh look.

The band is nice and flexible and nearly invisible. It's a very thin band, which is good for three reasons. The first reason being that the lashes will conform to your natural eye shape and not try to fight with you, second is that the lashes look natural and not immediately noticeable as fake (a thick band is a dead giveaway), and third, they're just easier to apply with a thin band.

The hardest part for me when it comes to applying fake lashes is getting the inner corner of the strip to stay down. It's like I can never get enough glue on there and it always pops up and looks bad. It's more due to my application skills than the product itself most of the time, but a good strong glue helps.

The glue included with these lashes is decent. It is a bit on the watery side and doesn't form a very strong bond until it's 100% dry. The key to applying lashes is letting the glue dry for at least 60 seconds before putting them on, and that's what I did with this glue. It was still a little watery after 60 seconds but it seemed to work okay. It removes easily when it's time to take off the lashes. It comes off either with the lash strip or in one whole piece when washing your face.

Overall, I really love the Intensifying lash from Revlon. They're one of the easiest to apply lashes I have ever used (due to the flexibility and size of the band) and they're natural looking enough to be worn every day.

The only thing I didn't like about the lashes was the lack of density or volume, but I don't think this style of lash is meant for that. Mascara helped provide some of the missing thickness and I was satisfied with the way they looked after two coats. If you really want dramatic lashes, you can always apply multiple strips, and I might try that eventually.

If I had to give these lashes a rating, I'd give them a 4.5 out of 5. Love everything about them except for the lack of volume.


  1. Wow! These look awesome and I agree- not too over the top.

  2. These are lovely! I do like to play around at times and try new things. I will definitely look into these!

    Best pair of false lashes I ever wore were the green and black feather ones I wore last Hallowe'en...the glue was gentle, and they stayed on nicely. They are some local brand here in T.O. that does theatrical makeup. Not a look I would sport at other times, though!

  3. WOW! I'm def picking me up a pair or two of these like today, thanks for the awesome post :)

  4. WOW those are brill!! I want some.

  5. Ohhh lovely! I'm a fake lashes big fan, but I'm too much of a chicken to actually apply them for everyday use..

  6. Sounds like my kind of lash. I aim for length, not thicknes (:

  7. Hi, my senior ball is coming up and after lots of careful deliberations I have narrowed it between Color Club's Worth the Risque and China Glaze's OMG...I was wondering if you could please do a comparison of the two? :)

    Would help me loads! Thanks

  8. Those look great. You're not the only one who struggles with the corners of false lashes. I have a set of MAC 7 lashes that I don't wear too often, because I always worry that the corners will pop up on me.

  9. wow, those look fabulous, they really blend nicely with your own lashes, without looking over the top. TY for the review!

  10. They look beautiful on you! What are the e/s's you are wearing? I really like the colors. Great review!!

  11. Gorgeous as always!

  12. can and will you reuse them?

  13. Thank you for this review!
    I don't think the lack of volume is a bad point, actually. I'd almost say "quite the contrary, it's an advantage". I love their very natural appearance combined to their sexy length. This is not an usual combo (false eyelashes either super natural, either very dramatic - few in-between). Those are in-between and have the advantage not to look fake at all and seeing the pictures, one could believe those truly are your natural lashes. I think they look very great. Also, yeah falsies always tend to pop up on the inner corner of my eyes. So that's not only you!

  14. Oooohh I want those! They look so natural on you, very pretty! I'm very bad at applying falsies, but I keep trying!

  15. OMG your eyes look GORGEOUS!!! I am going to get a pair of these ASAP!!

  16. the last picture is so pretty , your looking up and the sky consumes most of the color in your eye:) so frickin cool.!

  17. these look fully gorgeous, must get me a pair or two. ^^

  18. Nessa, they are really nice :)

    Melli, I love those types of lashes :) I sometimes wear them just to wear them, but then I feel silly and take them off halfway through the day LOL

    Javy, you're welcome! Inexpensive, too :)

    Happy1234, Good thing is you can pick them up while doing your grocery shopping! :)

    Tamara, awe, find a nice natural pair and play with them a bit, you'll get much more comfortable wearing them :)

    Anonymous, you will love these then!

    Marie-Claire, they're almost identical, OMG is more holo than Worth The Risque- I have pics of both!

    Deb, I don't know what it is! They always come loose! Maybe I don't use enough glue...

    Spongebobmom, thank you! I am sometimes worried that everyone can tell when I'm wearing fakes, but not with these!

    SiennaX, oh, oh my, I don't remember! I'm pretty sure it's the Kat Von D Ludwig palette :)

    Esmeralda, thank you :)

    Anonymous, yes you can reuse them and I always do! I wash them with a little soap and water each time and re-use them until they fall apart or I lose one lol

    Diable, thank you! Glad to hear it's not just me :)

    Bianca, it's tricky but I find that lashes with a very thin band are much easier to apply!

    Anonymous, awe, thank you :)

    Danielle, hahaha awesome! I never looked at it that way, thank you for posting this :)

    Clockwork, woohoo, another lash fan! :D

  19. Beautiful!!!

    your eyes are gorgeous,I would never have known they were falsies ;)

  20. Those are awesome! They look real. Dang makes me want to x out mascara.

  21. Shammy, awwwe, thank you :)

    Sanna, thank you, same to you hehe :)

    Vanessa, I thought they were pretty realistic too, I was impressed!

    Cris, thank you!

  22. Scrangie! Cannot get enough of this blog. I love faux lashes. Some tips:

    1-Apply thin layer of glue, let dry 30-90 seconds. This makes the glue tacky and easied to adhere.
    2- Use toothpick to apply glue to lash band.
    3- I dont do this, but I have before and it can make it easier: cut lash strip into 3 sections and apply separately, inner corner to outer corner.

    Thought I'd share since you share so me with me! Also, you MUST check out Make Up For Ever's faux lash line
    .. feathers, glitter, crazy lengths... MUFE started as a theatrical makeup company and their stuff is right up your alley! They're @ Sephora

    xo Lindsay


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