Thursday, April 9, 2009

Summer Colors from Sephora by OPI!

Someone directed my attention to these beauties just added to

They look incredible! Green! Blue! Silver! I am SO happy this blue/green polish trend is catching on.

Mermaid To Order
(shimmering deep green blue)

Blue Grotto
(deep ocean)

Just a Fairy-tail
(silver and iridescent shimmer)

Underwater Fantasy
(shimmering light cornflower blue)

Water Baby
(opaque molten silver)

Lagoon-a Beach
(shimmering pale blue)

As soon as I can get my hands on these I'll do swatches, but for now they're out of stock!

Here's the link from Sephora's website.


  1. More blues, yay! Each one of those polishes is gorgeous. I just hope that with all these blue polishes this summer, green might get some special attention soon.

  2. Those coulors seem to be real beautiful ! and it's always fun to see some new blues or silvers....especially if they're shimmering :-)

  3. Omg I want ALL of them!!! I wonder when they'll be in stock or in stores!

  4. I am dying with excitement. I want them all. The Sephora near me though is terrible about putting out the new stuff though, they drag their feet like crazy when changing the displays. I think they probably have a policy in that they can't reveal the exact date that something like this will be on the floor but they can tell me that they have it in the back ready and waiting.

  5. Can't wait for you to swatch them. Just what I need some more polish!

  6. I think it might be possible to order these. At least, I was able to get them in my cart and go through check out up until confirming my order which is where I stopped. If you go here: and then hit "Add the collection" it seems to work. Of course, that doesn't take into account how long it would take to actually get the polish once it's been ordered.

  7. *sigh* I really wish I could pull off those colors.

  8. Water Baby looks cool! And so do all of the other cool colors...Sadly I'm a soft/safe color polish wearer.

  9. New colors look awesome! Have you heard about the new OPI salon in Studio City ROB/B? THe LATimes had an article about it on April 5th. It looks amazing, and I think it will have the hard to find colors too! I can't wait to visit.

  10. So glad that you mentioned these polishes - I noticed them a day or so ago and was so excited about them! In fact, I just ordered them they're in stock. Hurry!

  11. Oooh, silver with iridescense makes me curious! I love iridescent polishes (and eye shadows, blushes, whatever), for some reason. Do you know of any other silver iridescent polishes, that might be available in good ol' Sweden? Right now, this minute, I'm craving one. :)

  12. Oh la la; I want Mermaid To Order and Just a Fairy-tail

  13. I love these! Am so glad my sister is going to USA this year, will have her searching Sephoras so I can have AOT colors. Can't wait to see swatches!

  14. Does anyone know how I can buy Sephora in the UK? Will they ship from the US? I'm desperate to get some Sephora by OPI!!!! Thanks!

  15. Linds, me too! More green!

    Tuli, I agree :)

    Emelie, haha me too!

    J, they're in stores now :)

    Sarah, I don't even bother with the stores anymore, snobby employees and messy displays, online only for me!

    Lucy, hehe :)

    Vanessa, aww, I bet you could pull off a lot of them! Is it your skintone? I bet the blues would look great on you!

    Sprinkles, branch out, have fun! Life's too short to wear safe polish.

    Anonymous, I have! And they're giving out free polish changes until the end of the month.

    Karli, thanks!

    Feline, me too! I'm not sure about Swedish brands- I've seen some really great ones from Depend though! But if you can order online, OPI and China Glaze have some good iridescent polishes- search NailGal for iridescent and you'll see a bunch :)

    Bianca, I thought so! Hopefully they are in real life!

    Vanessa, those are exactly the ones I ordered, how funny! :D

    Sanna, hehehe :)

    Ane Kristine, oooh I hope she brings back some nice things for you :)

    Andi, hmm, I thought there were Sephoras there! I'm sorry, I'm not sure! Will they ship to you from France?


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