Saturday, March 28, 2009

Color Club Fall 2008 Dance To The Musique Collection Revisited

The first time I posted about the Dance To The Musique collection, I only posted one picture of 'skittles'- one color on each finger and one bottle in my hand. The reason I did this was not because I didn't love the collection- it was because the sun was setting and I needed to get the picture taken in the fastest way possible since I didn't feel like swatching one collection over two (or more, depending on the sun's cooperation) days.

Since is was such an incredible collection, it deserves a real post with real swatches.

After Hours. A shimmery, smoky grey. A lot of other charcoal-grey shades have a strong blue tone to them, but this one seems a lot more neutral.

Electronica. Deep sparkling purple. This color is actually purple, despite how blue it looks in my picture. Purples are just, for some reason, impossible to photograph. They always come out blue no matter what I do!! Anyway, Electronica is AMAZING. One of the best purples ever. It's deep but not too dark or black looking and it's packed with shimmer, miniature 'flakies' and even what appears to be microglitter, though there is no hint of roughness to this polish. Perfection.

Feel The Beat. A coral-copper-orange duochrome. Yes, this is a duochrome. It reminds me a little bit of Misa Bo-Jangles. It's coppery red all over the polish and at the edges it's orangey-coral. I couldn't really capture the full effect of the duochrome, but it's definitely there.

Groove Thang. Blackened vampy purple shimmer. At first, this color reminded me of an OPI- maybe a mix between Black Tie Optional and Ink or Who Are You Wearing?... It has that sort of color-changing 'beetle shell' quality to it. It is very dark, almost black, but any light hitting it brings out a purple glow on the surface of the polish. Pretty unique and ultra hot.

Slow Jam. Warm reddish brown shimmer. This color screams FALL!!!! to me. Is this what you would call 'burgundy' or is it too brown? I'm not sure. Either way, this color rocks because it's one of those 'lit from within' shades I love. It looks like it's dark on the edges and the center is brighter, almost like it's glowing.

Velvet Rope. Red shimmer. You will rarely see me get excited over a red shimmer... But, even if I am not absolutely in love with it, it is still beautiful. Velvet Rope is bold and loud and sparkly. It really stands out against my skintone and it's almost like there's a miniature neon sign above my hand with an arrow pointing down saying "LOOK AT MY NAILS". Very flashy, indeed.

Despite three of the six shades being red or almost-red, this was still one of my favorite collections of 2008. I would wear (and have worn, multiple times) every single color in this collection. Electronica is so breathtakingly beautiful you can't help but want to stare at it all the time. Sometimes I just take out the bottle to look at it! It's that good. And Groove Thang, same with that one. There must be some color-obsessed geniuses working at Color Club because they consistently release awesome and adventurous shades. Even their sheers/pale/french manicure shades rock!!

The formula on these is perfect. Even though Color Club isn't as popular as one of the 'big brands' like OPI or Essie, their formula could pass as high end any day. It's pigmented, smooth, even-textured, fast drying and long wearing. It's not too thick, not too thin, not at all runny. The bottles and brushes are great- no weird shaped bottle to knock over and no defective bristles. They do have a tendency to get stuck shut- I mean really, really stuck... I have a bottle of Yell-Oh! that I haven't been able to open for over a year. Nothing I do seems to work, I think I just have to buy another bottle. So, make sure the necks of your Color Club bottles are clean!

One of the best things about Color Club is the price. I think the average price for these online and in nail supply stores is around $2.50 each. With a quality just as good as OPI and even better than some other higher-priced brands, it's truly a bargain. Low price, high quality, amazing shades. They make nail polish accessible.

Overall, incredible collection. Fantastic sexy vampy fall shades, great formula, great price, gorgeous makeup on the model that appears on the packaging.... You can't go wrong with Color Club! I hope they continue to release fun, funky colors that appeal to everyone- not just the salon consumer but us, the hardcore nail junkies!


  1. I just checked my list-I don't have any of this collection. Horrors! I added it to my book of wants. Definitely want the whole collection. I have about 6 bottles of Color Club and wondered why I hadn't bought more. I also think they are quite a bargain.

  2. They look hot on you!!! I'd call Slow Jam a maroonish shade:P

  3. The blackish and the red one = <3 btw, do you know Loreal Star Magnet (Le Magnetique "copy")? 'cause in your nailpolish wishlist you ask for more magnetiques! And I'd like to know Loreal's is worth buying it like Lancome's :)

  4. Hi, I'm Scott T. A hardcore nail junkie and Lacquerhead. My wife is an enabler. We use together. I feel I get a hit here and use at home.

    Thanks for swatches. After Hours is a dark grey I love.


  5. I fricken love Color Club so hard. I just got Electronica the other day (as well as two shades from the new collection) and I really fell in love with it. Can't beat that price tag either, especially on a student budget! They definitely get two thumbs up from me.

  6. Thanks for the great swatches! I have the first 3 since September and have worn them a lot.

    Love Color Club's formula - it dries really fast and seems to be the most long lasting of any polish I've tried.

  7. I've never tried Color Club's polish, but it seems like a very nice collection and there's a good feedbacks maybe it's time for me to try one :-)

  8. WackyRedhead (Holly :) )March 29, 2009 at 7:55 AM

    Slow Jam looks like the perfect shout out to my beloved Virginia Tech Hokies, whose colors are Chicago Maroon and Burnt Orange! "and this next one goes out to my favourite football team".. hee. :)

  9. I only have a couple of these colors and Slow Jam is not one of them. But I think it's calling my name!Lol!

  10. Groove thang looks like something just for me! :D

  11. I love this collection, I have After Hours and Electronika - and want the others. Electronika is the prettiest purple, a top 20 in my book ;)

  12. Question.
    What do you think of Color Club and Seche nail polish? Which nail polish brand is your very best?

  13. hey there, could you do an entry on your favourite non-shimmer opi reds? i'm in search of the perfect red!

  14. Love Electronica! I wish Groove Thing wasnt so black indoors thoug... that one disappointed me.

  15. OMG! Electronica is amazing! It pretty much lit up the whole screen! Out of Color Club polishes, it almost beats Revvvolution for my favorites, but not quite :)

  16. Electronica and Velvet Rope are hot!

  17. Color club so deserves more attention than it receives! I've loved every polish I've purchased from them, including several of this line. Let's ask them to develop a line of opalesque flakey polishes to rival Nfu-Oh! Nfu-Oh is soooooo expensive and difficult to attain, but their polishes are so lovely. If one of the other brands replicated those colors at an affordable price I would buy the whole freakin line!! And then I would do a happy jig!!!

  18. ohhhmygoddddd

    Amazing colors!!

    I'm especially loving the Electronica and Slow Jam<33

    I also added this to my nail polish wish list on my ipod lol

    I have a question: do you think you could do a tutorial on how to do a manicure? Your hands look amazing, and I wish I were that good..

  19. Lucy, oh, they're so nice, this collection rocks. They are a bargain for sure!

    Sanna, good call :) Thank you! <3

    Ragrunzel, I've seen them but I don't have any :( I bet they're awesome though, I'd definitely get them!

    Scott, LOL!!!

    Laura, me too!!! They rock!!!

    Sarah, thank you :) They are so good!

    Tuli, try it! For $2 you can't lose :)

    Holly, hahaha! :D

    Vanessa, it truly is :)

    Velvet, oh no, you need it!! :D

    Alexlyndra, ooh I bet you'll love it :)

    Ane Kristine, I totally agree!

    My Spot, I love Color Club polish, I've never tried Seche nail polish but I love their topcoat! There is no very best brand, really, they're all about the same more or less!

    Anonymous, I'll try my best!

    Bargainbeautyblog, it is dark indoors but soooo pretty outside!

    Callie, haha, nice! I love them too!

    Phyrra, oh yeah!!

    Anonymous, I agree! And great idea! I'd LOVE to see that.

    Anonymous, I have been wanting to do one for a while but I don't have a video camera or webcam :(

  20. I just picked all these up for $12.99 at Winners, brought them home and wanted to see what they wold look like before actually trying them all out, and I can't wait to do my nails, now, just to pick a color to try first...


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