Friday, June 26, 2009

Fing'rs EDGE Hardcore Nail Addict 31120 Black French Manicure Nails

The black-tipped french manicure seems to be extremely popular these days. I can deal with that. Personally, I like the look and I have worn it in the past. French manicures can be tricky to do yourself, so if you need a little help, Fing'rs EDGE has something you might like.

These are the Fing'rs EDGE black french manicure artificial/press-on/glue-on nails. The style number is 31120. It includes 24 short-length (and they do mean short!) nails, a small tube of nail glue and a sheet of stick-on tabs.

Application of these is the same as with any press-on nail, and you can read about the application process in more detail in these posts I've done about them:

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Anyway, here's what they look like on me:

As you can see, these nails are extremely short. This is an uncomfortable length for me as I had to file my nails down as far as they could go to apply these. If they were just a few millimeters longer, they would be much more suitable for me. However, I know that a lot of people prefer very short nails and don't have the same problem as I do. As always, with any product, your mileage may vary. These were too short for me, but might be the perfect length for someone else.

The design itself is great. It's a flawless black french tip that's perfectly even across all five fingers. The line is not too thick and it looks nice and neat. I would be hard pressed to do a black french this good on my own.

The base color of the nails is a semi-opaque milky nude pink. It's not a perfect match with my natural skintone, but it does mimic the look of a lot of salon french nails that I see on people. I think I prefer a more clear look on the nail bed, but these are especially good at covering damage or stains because they're not too sheer.

One thing I really like about the Fing'rs EDGE Hardcore Nail Addict line of artificial nails is that they all come with a sheet of adhesive tabs with enough tabs to do at least three full manicures. A lot of people wear these type of nails for a temporary look, and using the adhesive tabs instead of the glue makes these not only temporary, but also reusable. Alternately, I can see these being a first fake nail experiment or a dress-up type product for a very young girl and the adhesive tabs would be safer to use than the nail glue, but also allows the nails to be removed with hot water instead of soaking off in acetone.

The other thing I love about Fing'rs EDGE is that they have the best designs. I'm not the type of girl who wants a traditional french manicure or who wants frilly-frou-frou pretty pink princess nails... Fing'rs EDGE acknowledges that another type of girl exists (FINALLY!!) and provides products and designs that fit my personal style. I honestly love every single Fing'rs EDGE product I've ever tried. Repeating themes within the line seem to be skulls, stars and 'Rock Star' designs and that makes me very happy.

These nails are available at pretty much every drugstore I've ever been to, and I've never seen them for more than $6.


  1. Very pretty. I've always had problems with these kind of nails staying on unless I use glue.

  2. Wow- those look awesome! I've never been a big fan of colored tips, or press on nails for that matter, but I'll definitely be giving these a try :) Thanks!

  3. looks nice! but i'm really having a hard time wearing this kind that stays longer on me

  4. They look great on you! It's great to see there's a brand creating a different style or artifical nails - not just typical french

  5. I agree the shortness of the nail is not right. Though I think those would look adorable with the Konad help. :)

  6. They are really nice. I have such a hard time with store bought nails. I think my fingers nails are hard sizes or something!

  7. i love the look of these nails but i think they are a little long for me. i like my nails super short and don't like them to go over my fingertip.

  8. I love them! However they do not look like they would fit my nails. My nail beds are curved.

  9. I am surprised you willingly would file your natural nails down. It seems to take forever to just get a few mm of mine growing.

  10. I like these! I've never worn fake nails. If I had to, these would certaintly be a brand I'd use. I like the black tip. They are really pretty and look pretty on you.

  11. I was looking at these at Wal-Mart a few days ago. They also had ones that were all black with skulls and some punky pink and black ones. The first thing I noticed was that they seemed very narrow. My nail beds must be really wide, because I find that many glue-ons don't cover my nail beds. I can't wear those fake toe nails either. My toe nails are huge!

  12. Me no likey! Sorry, Fake things suck!

  13. Nosaby, yes, the tabs are definitely only for a day or a few hourse.

    Megs, no problem!

    Jhoannz, do you mean that they don't stay on very long for you? I get a good week out of them before I get bored and take them off, they don't recommend longer than 10 days.

    Stefanie, exactly! Wish more brands would get a clue :)

    Hailey, totally agree! I'm gonna try out your Konad black.white french this week :)

    NancyPower, me too, my nails are too small and long to fit most nails, I end up using all the small ones on one hand!

    Ashley, haha these are painfully short for me :)

    Danica, they shouldn't hurt! If any type of fake nails are hurting you, something is wrong :(

    Aquay, mine are really curved too, these kinda flatten out, it's kind of unnatural looking lol

    Jess, well, two nails were broken when I took these pictures so it wasn't too much of a sacrifice, more of a cover-up, lol :) My nails grow really fast so I don't worry too much anymore.

    Lucy, thank you! They have a lot of other cool designs, I'm going to try to review them all :)

    Deb, see, that's funny! I'm the exact opposite, my nail beds are small and most of the nails are much too large for me!

    Anonymous, that's not very nice! I don't think fake things suck, I like them when the situation calls for it!

  14. I agree that they look a little short, especially on you. You have such beautiful nails, I'm surprised you filed them down! One favor--the next time you these can you do a few shots from the side, underneath, or horizontal at the tips? I'm curious as to how they look. I'd like to try these!

  15. WOW, I can see why your blog is popular. I couldn't take my eyes off those pictures! Amazing job :D


  16. I like the look of black French tips. I still want to add a glitter top coat though. I can't help it. My nails demand glitter top coat. I couldn't really work with this brand because my nails are long and my nail beds are long too. I do stop and peek at the designs through the packages when I am at the drugstore.

  17. They look really pretty, but I agree, a few millimeters extra would be better for you. I think they'll look awesome on nails with a natural shorter nail bed:)

  18. Shelley, I was hiding a couple broken nails when I did these, hehehe :) And sure, not problem, thanks for the suggestion!

    Farmgirl, awwe, thank you!

    Tarotbydiana, so funny how similar we are! I agree, it needs some spice, but they're better than average :)

    Sanna, thank you :) <3

  19. You always have the best pictures! I just got my own Fing'rs and I'm planning on testing these out first!

  20. This is a late post, but I have been wearing fing'rs edge for a very long time and have basically ran out of options in the stores, so I was searching the web for more and ran across this site. I LOVE fing'rs edge. I have an unusually wide thumb and a goth look about me. Fing'rs edge are the first and ONLY artificial nails I have found to both fit my thumbs and my taste.


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