Friday, June 12, 2009

Nubar Going Green Collection

Nubar Going Green collection. What can I say about it? I'm speechless. This is a dream collection for all of us green lovers. I'm so incredibly happy to see the green void being filled. I mean... Last year in all the collections that were released, we got, what, four greens? But look at this year! Everyone's giving us a little green! How awesome is that?!

Anyway, on to the pics.

For posterity, let's include the bottle pictures one more time:

Conserve, Earth, Forest

Greener, Reclaim, Wildlife

Conserve. Blue-green shimmer. This is a cooler, bluer shade of green with tons of silver and blue toned shimmer. Sparkling and serene.

Earth. Also a blue-green shimmer. This one I'd say is more blue than green. Earth, like Conserve, also has tons of silver and blue toned shimmer. This shade reminds me of the color of the earth when viewed from space.

Forest. Rich forest green creme. Finally, green creme! Don't get me wrong, I love shimmer, but there's just something so appealing about a silky smooth green creme. This is a great shade, too. Not too light. Looks like it could be similar to BB Couture Poison Ivy, but I haven't compared them yet.

Greener. Dark green shimmer. HO-LY COW. Can you believe this?? This is... quite possibly... my favorite green shimmer ever. It's so deep and dark and velvety looking. And it's so amazingly shimmery without being glittery that it has tons of depth. You might want to view the full size of the indoor/shade picture because it picked up the shimmer really well. This shade is unbelievable. Backup worthy. Multiple backup worthy, even.

Reclaim. Green holographic. Green holo!! I can barely believe my eyes. This collection is not holding back, is it? Green holo is something that's been missing from the world of polish. We have pastel green holo, but not a 'real', darker, pronounced, grassy green holo. The holo in this is like the China Glaze OMG holo- smooth and linear. Fabulous. And, I don't recall Nubar ever having a holo (besides glitter) before this... Is this Nubar's first holo?? If so, wow, I am impressed, because the formula on it is FLAWLESS. I do wish the color was darker, but maybe someone will do a dark green holo next.

Wildlife. Very strong mossy green and pinkish copper metallic duochrome. A collection of greens, with a holo AND a duochrome?! Somebody pinch me! I must be dreaming! Wait, if this really is a dream, don't wake me up! This is a crazy strong duochrome, which I love. You don't really have to go into different lighting or hold your nails at extreme angles to see the duochrome effect of this. It's always flashing both colors. The base seems to be a pink copper color, it reminds me of those shiny copper pots that have polished sides but a brushed bottom. It's not orangey, it's very pink. The other half of the color is a warm mossy green. I think I see hints of brown, too. So fun to look at.

And, because I had both colors out, I was able to do a quick comparison between Barielle Date Night and Nubar Greener:

Index and Ring: Nubar Greener
Middle and Pinkie: Barielle Date Night

As you can see, they are similar but have distinct differences. Nubar Greener is darker, which is more evident in real life than in this picture. Nubar Greener also leans to the blue side of green, whereas Barielle Date Night is on the yellow side. Not really a dramatic difference between the two but I'd say they're different enough to own both. They both rock.

The formula on these is *perfect*. Nubar has mastered the three-free formula. All the polishes are opaque in two coats, and they're so pigmented that they're almost totally opaque in one coat. They're thick but not unwieldy. The only one that gave me a little trouble was Forest, which was a bit on the runny side. The other shades aren't runny at all, they're thick, dense, smooth and pigmented, exactly how a polish should be. The drying time was very fast. I am happy to say that aside from Forest being a little runny, there were no noticeable flaws in this formula.

Like I said before, I'm speechless. I don't even know what to say about this collection. I'm so happy! I mean, SERIOUSLY!!! ALL GREENS!!! And not light frosty ugly streaky green, either! Thank you, Nubar, for being willing to go there. It seems like polish companies are terrified of green, but I think they're starting to understand that yes, people want green, if you make it they will buy it. But Nubar, on the other hand, doesn't seem the least bit afraid of color. They have some of the most bold and unique colors on the market. They have the largest selection of duochromes I'm aware of and every single color is represented in their line. Nubar loves color, and it also seems like they're not afraid to think outside the box and make their own rules. Remember, they gave us purples for spring? Who else does that? No one!

Thank you again, Nubar, for listening to all of us green lovers and making this incredible collection!

(Do a dark green holo next!)

I don't have a release date for these yet, but I'll be sure to let you know when I find out. When they're available, you can purchase them directly from


  1. And now I am drooling. I honestly don't care too much about most of the colors; but the holographic and the duochrome (especially the duochrome!!) have really caught my eye.

  2. Dead again...:) I love these, and they all look fabulous on you. The duochrome reminds me of the Sally Hansen Prisms that always showed both colours, except there wasn't a shade like Wildlife! Nubar doesn't deliver to Canada, so I have to find a supplier that will. I love them all!

  3. Wow! Thanks for posting these. It's nice to see them on nails that are the same length as mine. I've never purchased Nubar, but I will now. Forest, Wildfire, and Reclaim look like must haves. I have Date Night, so probably won't buy Forest.

  4. Gotts get the duochrome!

    Marsha S.

  5. Awesome swatches.

    Thank youuuuuuuu

  6. wow, these look so good... mind boggling...

  7. Gorgeous colors. Your technique is flawless. What top coat do you use? I am battling bubbles when I polish my nails. Any suggestions?

  8. greener is def. my favorite!!! LA LA LOVE it <3

  9. Oh my wow. I'm so very excited for this collection! And thank you for the Date Night comps. I definitely need both.

  10. Reclaim is so sexy! And I love Wildlife! It's my favorite of the bunch.

  11. wow.. I think my heart skipped a beat! this is amazing! thanks for the awesome swatches!!!

  12. Yeah, the hubby is going to be handing over some money for a few of these. I *must* have the holo, and the green creme, and... and...

    Oh heck. Good thing I have a birthday coming up soon. :-)

  13. Green holo? Does it get any better?

    This has absolutely made my day - thankyou so much. Just amazing. All of them.

    And I am green with envy (sorry, terrible joke) that they're not out yet. Can't wait!

  14. Wildlife, Reclaim, & Forest are absolutely beautiful! Oh man, it will be a day full of smiles when these are released! (I already have so many collections I am waiting on to be released!)
    Beautiful swatches! Thank You!

  15. Hi, Scrangie! I'm from Russia, and I just want to say you're great! I've never thought someone could write about nail polish so well! I spend days reading your blog ))! I just can't stop! Thank you!

    P.S. Greener and Reclaim - I love them!

  16. Nubar Greener also leans to the blue side of green, whereas Barielle Date Night is on the yellow side.

    In the picture they look the opposite to me, did you mis-type? And awesome pictures as usual! Do you have older cult favorite greens like Rainforest or Dominica Green to compare Greener to? Thanks!

  17. Dood.

    I... uh...

    I got nuthin. Speechless.

  18. I've been dying for a release date on this collection ever since Siobhan over at the NailPhile posted some of these in the spring. The colors are GORGEOUS. The only one I think I might skip is Forest, and not because it isn't lovely but because I own RBL Recycle and this looks similar (though maybe a bit lighter?). This totally makes up for the fall ChG collection boring me.

  19. LiAnn, not a green lover, eh? :) The holo and duochrome are especially nice though!

    Melli, hahaha :D Thank you! I've been trying to swatch those Sally Hansen prisms forever and I can never get the different shades to pick up!

    Nikki, hey that's awesome!! Nail twins! :D

    Marsha, it's really good, nice and flashy!!

    Inna, you're welcome!! :)

    Fudge, agreed!

    Nosaby, thank you! I use Seche Vite, but I've been using Nubar Diamont a lot lately because it doesn't shrink at all. Bubbles could be cause by a couple things, but maybe your topcoat needs to be thinned?

    Kelliegonzo, mine too :)

    KtB, awwwe thanks! :D

    Phyrra, Wildlife is really special and Reclaim is totally unique!

    Anonymous, haha me too!

    Missy Pratt, hey, happy birthday (soon)! :D

    Helen, LOL!! You're welcome <3

    Ashley, what a great description, day full of smiles :) Thank you!!

    Findme, oh, wow, thank you!!! :D

    MzPickles, hmm, that's odd! Looks right on my monitor! Very strange! Sadly, I don't have Rainforest or Dominica Green to compare :(

    Mazoo, you and me both!!

    Queen Frostine, I wish I knew! I've been dreaming about these ever since Siobhan posted them, they're even better in person! I'd say Forest is definitely lighter than Recycle, but if you're not a hardcore green collector you would probably be fine with just one :)

  20. O----M----G Those are F-ing AMAZING! I want that whole collection!! Thanks for sharing Scrangie!

  21. I tend to stick with reds/pinks/purples/greys/browns for the nails, though sometimes I will use blues. Greens rarely, though - I tend to like green the least of all colors, even for my eye makeup. (Weird, hm?)

  22. Wow ! This is awesome !! What gorgeous shades of greens !! Now I just have to find a way how to lay my hands on them :-)

  23. OMG this is insane! This collection is so awesome! Finally a company that understand what we want and actually make it happen:D

  24. My hands are shaking!!! Can't wait until they come out and to get my "little" hands around them!!! I love green polish-I gravitate to them-they call my name!!!! I love the duochrome one the most-really I love them all!!!

  25. wallet is going to be empty. green overload. Oh the green. and this is random, but I've always wondered how a holo would look matte ( is that even possible?), especially a geen holo.

  26. All greens in a single collection? Nubar has set the bar. Now if only other polish companies follow suit! (Wonder who'll be the first to create a matte dark green. It's only a matter of time!)

    Kinda bummed out that Nubar doesn't ship to Canada, though. I'll have to track them down elsewhere.

  27. If you need me, I'll be standing at the edge of a cliff screaming into the wind celebrating the essence of life. (In theory.)

    I feel like this is a polish moment. It's similar to how I felt many years ago when I walked into a department store and saw a Hard Candy display or how I felt applying my first RBL.

    There are all these amazing greens and they are there for me, well eventually they will be. No crouching in front of a drug store wall rifling through the bottom row. No staring down a display rack where the empty spot for the one green polish in the collection should be waiting for me. No bidding on ebay or inflated buy-it-now prices. I won't even have to face the disappointment of the "accidental topcoat syndrome" for all the sheer and streaky. I can wear every single one of these as is.

  28. Greener is by far my favorite of the collection. It's mesmerizing. Thanks so much!

  29. loooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvve!

    Scrangie asks and they listen! Asked for greens... got em. asked for em. asked for camo... they're coming along. I am waiting for the glitter and flakie requests to be filled. PLEASE!!!

  30. Wildlife is awesome. Call me weird, but I've always loved the green/rosey pink combo. It's very botanical-feeling to me, like a red/pink rosebud with the green leaves still surrounding the bud.

  31. I ordered mine this morning! They are up on the site!!!!!

  32. i am seriously in love with these polishes i want them all

  33. I *so* badly want these! But they don't sell Nubar in Singapore! And the stupid Malaysia supplier is not responding to my queries :(

  34. It is just so great to be able to see how polish looks on real nails, and I love how you usually post more than one pic of each color. I was telling my co-workers about you, so you have numerous fans who never post. I just wanted to thank you... THANK YOU!!!!

  35. OMG! I am so lemming Wildlife & Reclaim. But I have to hand it to you major green polish gals...I honestly looked and looked but I cannot tell the difference between Nubar Greener and Barielle Date Night AT ALL! Like I said, I have to hand off my hat to you who are the green (and blue) polish gals. I only have a few token greens in my huge stash. I would buy them and end up not wearing them feeling they just were not right for my lifestyle. Thanks sooooo much for this review!

  36. Years later, I am still LOVING this collection.


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