Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Independence Day Mani Idea: Orly Star Spangled

This is Orly's Star Spangled. A red jelly-like base with tons of sparkling red glitter. It's from the Orly Stars and Stripes collection, which is not really a "new" collection, but a set of three polishes, two are repromotes (Star of Bombay and White Out) and one is new (Star Spangled).

Even though I bought this polish just for the name, I still love the color. I can never resist a red glitter. There's just something about red glitters that makes me excited. They're so rich and sparkly, I can't take my eyes off of them.

I haven't decided exactly what my 4th of July manicure will be yet, but this might be part of a cool, festive fireworks manicure.

On a totally unrelated note, I thought I should let you know that I am still *way* behind on everything- posting reviews, responding to emails and comments and completing requests. I am absolutely buried in requests and I'm starting to feel like I'll never be able to finish. I know that lots of you are waiting for me to post your requests, and I apologize. Lately my schedule just hasn't allowed me to complete them. And if you've sent me an email that I haven't responded to, I'm not ignoring you! I promise! There's just a lot going on for me right now. I'm sure you can relate to that. Thank you for your support, I really do appreciate every one of you!

And on a happier note, I hope to have the rest of the Obsessive Compulsive polish line posted this week, and some polishes that have travelled halfway around the world to reach me, including Illamasqua, Barry M and Bloom!


  1. Hey, rather new reader, but I love your blog so much that I'm caught up all the way back to September 07. I was wondering if you had ever tried the drugstore brand called "Ice." It's an entire line of frosted colors, but I'm not sure if it's available everywhere, or even if they still make it. Just curious...

  2. Grr, thank you :) I haven't heard of Ice brand, but I am a big fan of Pure Ice, is that what you're thinking of? They used to come in frosted bottles like the old MAC nail polish bottles, but now they come in clear, plain square bottles. If that's the one you're thinking of, I love them!!

  3. I was! A little online research corrected me, haha.

  4. Grr, oh, good! Yes, those polishes rock, I'd definitely recommend them! As far as I know they are only available at Wal-Mart, though, so I make sure to stock up when I go, hahaha :)

  5. I also bought Star Spangled because of the name despite already owning three red glitters :) Thanks for your post of Diamond Cosmetics. I ordered half a dozen last week and am wearing the first today. Very happy with it too!

  6. I cannot wait to see the rest of the Obessive Compulsive polishes. I am dying to see Uber.

    and don't let us readers wear you out. You post what you like, when you like. I would rather you have fun and keep blogging than it become a chore for you. Loves ya!


  7. I totally agree with Angel. Please don't let yourself become overwhelmed with all the requests and posts. I amazed at all that you do. You are one of the first nail blogs that I read. I always look forward to your posts and photos. I love all of your writing and reviews. It's nice to have some content rather than just photos. It's also nice that there are just photo blogs. Sweetie you just take your time and don't stress out about this. (((Scrangie)))

  8. Can't wait for the OC reviews!!!! Love your blog and thanks to you I'm an OC obessed person. Have Uber, Dangerous and am waiting for SwampThing (on back order).

  9. Ok Lucy is 100% right but I still can't wait to see the photos of the OC polishes. What can I say, you've created a monster.

  10. That's a gorgeous red - I have it and haven't swatched it yet, I think it will be great for the fourth!
    I know how it is to get overwhelmed with requests, I used to do YT vids and may eventually get back to that, but keeping up with those, and comments, and emails - it takes up your whole day. Make sure you take it easy on yourself :)

  11. Scrang - you should give Maybelline's "Cherry Carats" a try. It's a gorgeous glittery red (I don't usually go for DS polish, but this one MADE me buy it, and I love it!) LOL!

  12. Could you pretty please compare your beautiful sparkling reds?

  13. Pretty. I already have an idea in mind for my 4th mani. I am going to paint my nails with Zoya Kotori. I am then going to use red and white Stripe-Rite paints to turn my thumbs and middle fingers into American flags. Finally, I am going to top it all off with some Northern Lights to give it a touch of "fireworks".

  14. I love red glitter too! I'll probably be fishing through my winter holiday collection reds for manicure ideas. I may wear Lippman's Holiday. Maybe I will use one of those drugstore Snowmen just to entertain myself!

  15. oii, sou brasileira e achei simplesmente lindos os esmaltes.
    Vc vende para o brasil???

    adorei o blog

  16. oh God,now I have three sparkly reds on my wishlist: star spangled, ruby slippers by essie and China Glaze... once you've caught up all the other requests could you compare those if you have them, please?

  17. Cidell, you're very welcome! I'll have some more to post soon :)

    Vennie, thank you :) <3

    Lucy, thank you so much, I just feel so buried! Thank you for understanding <3

    PaintBot, yay, rock on!

    Nicole, oh my gosh, yes! Thank you :D

    Sanfrancisco48, Hmm... that sounds so familiar... I might have that! I'll have to check :)

    ..., yes, eventually, hahaha!

    Deb, that sounds awesome! I was kind of thinking Zoya America with some Love My Nails Glory stars, but maybe something else...

    Tarotbydiana, Lippmann Holiday is awesome!! One of the best sparkly reds in my collection. I have the red sparkle snowmen too, hahaha! Your comments crack me up, we could be twins!

    Anie, I'm sorry, I don't understand Portuguese! :( I do recognize the word "vende"- No, I don't sell nail polish, sorry!

    Chocaddict, sure thing! I have a really bad comparison I did of some red glitters posted on here somewhere... maybe it's under the Hot Topic tag?

  18. I LOVE that color! I just bought it last Sunday and it's on m y toes right now. It looks kind of 2-D, doesn't it.

    You're blog is awesome. I really enjoy it.

  19. I fell prey to Star Spangled yesterday - and yes, I already own at least 4 red glitter polishes and a particular fav of mine is China Glaze Lubu Heels (black with red glitter). I love it so much I own 3 bottles!

  20. You just take your time with the emails and swatch requests. I would hate for you to get burned out and then stop posting! The great service that you provide to the nail polish communitee is HUGE and I thank you! Have a good day!


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