Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fing'rs EDGE Hardcore Nail Addict Pink Houndstooth Artificial Nails

Fing'rs Edge is one of my favorite nail art lines. They make all of my favorite decals and nail art stickers- you know, the little skulls, bats, cupcakes and hearts that I'm always using? I recently discovered that Fing'rs Edge also does artificial nails and they have some pretty awesome designs.

I've really been getting into artificial ('press-on') nails lately. It seems like every set of press-ons I've encountered, with the exception of three or four designs, are a variation on a french manicure. I'm not wild about the plain french manicure ones, but I love the ones with fun or funky designs instead of plain white tips.

And that's where Fing'rs Edge comes in.

This is the 31270 style. It doesn't seem to have a name on the tag other than the number 31270, but they are a neutral nude base with a hot pink and black houndstooth 'funky french' tip design.

Here's what they look like on me:

As you can see from the pictures, the base of the nail is a milky semi-sheer nude shade. I don't think this shade works with my skintone, but I can see it blending better on someone warmer than me.

These nails are very easy to apply. Just a little glue and they're done. This particular set of nails comes with stick on adhesive tabs in addition to a small tube of nail glue. Adhesive tabs are especially great for younger girls because it makes the nails more temporary and removal is much more gentle. I can see a pre-teen girl wanting to experiment with fake nails for a day, and these would be perfect for that. If you use the adhesive tabs instead of the glue, the nails will come off with warm water instead of having to dissolve them in pure acetone. This also makes the nail reusable, which is a bonus in my book. The set comes with enough adhesive tabs to do two or three full manicures.

I have covered application technique for press on fake nails in my previous posts about them, but it's worth mentioning again that if you choose to use the glue instead of the adhesive tabs you will need to be mindful of preventing air bubbles. Since the base of these nails is somewhat sheer, if you have an air bubble underneath it will be very noticeable. To avoid air bubbles forming under the nail, simply hold the nail on with firm pressure for a good 20-30 seconds when you apply it. If you release the nail before the glue is dried, it will lift up in the center and an air bubble will form.

I really love the design of these nails. This would be a pretty difficult design to do on your own, unless you're really good with the Konad. It's unique and fun and not your run of the mill plain french manicure. The tips do not chip, so you don't have to worry about having to touch up every other day like a traditional painted french. They do get a little tipwear like polish does, but I kept these nails on for five days without significant wear or outgrowth.

The one thing I really don't like about these nails is the length. They are extremely short, as you can see from the pictures. I had to file my natural nail down as far as it would go to wear these nails. At least the package mentions that these are short length so you have some warning ahead of time. The short length of these nails is probably because this style is likely marketed to a younger crowd who are probably not accustomed to long nails or fake nails. Personally, I prefer a much longer length.

I think the designs from Fing'rs Edge are really cool and I've been playing around with a bunch of them. I'm pretty happy that there's a good variety of artificial nails out there now. I was beginning to think that I was the only one who didn't want a plain, overdone, mundane french manicure. Long live the funky french!


  1. Those are pretty cool. I am looking for something to do because I am going on a trip for 9 days and don't want to bring polish and remover with me! I might try these out...

  2. Just a general question: How is filing better/different from cutting the nails?

  3. These are really cool! I've been considering trying out some falsies but have yet to find ones I like. But these look more up my alley. I'm so intimidated by glue tho lol!

  4. I'm not used to seeing your nails so short, but they look great at that length, too. I love that design - might have to give press-on nails a go one of these days. I'm just worried that they will be too big for my fingers - my fingers are thin and small. :)

  5. These are really cute. I am not likely to try them myself...I love nailpolish, my nails grow incredibly fast, and can never be cut too short (they stick out past my fingertip, even at their shortest), so the falsies won't work for me. They are perfect for people whose nailbed is really short and/or below the fingertip. I will definitely recommend them to friends who are looking for fun options!

  6. Fing'rs has put out some fun edgy nail products. I love all the little decals they have that come in skulls, bats, and other non-flower designs.

  7. Sanna, thank you!! :)

    Vampy Varnish, ooh, you might like these, I know you like shorter nails :) They have some other cool designs, I don't know if you like skulls but they have an all black nail with a white skull and pink rhinestone :)

    Molly, when cutting the nails with clippers there are a few issues- clippers cause pressure points which can cause the nail to crack, break or split, and clipping also tends to leave sharp, jagged edges rather than the smooth sealed edges obtained with filing. I find that filing gives a very smooth finish and nice shape that resists peeling and breaking.

    Kittyluvscolor, the only thing you need to be careful with is to not put on too much glue or else you'll glue your fingers together like I do! LOL!!

    Atomica, thank you! The nails are pretty big- I used all the smallest sizes on my hands and had a ton of the large-to-medium ones left over.

    Melli, your nails sound just like mine! My nails won't go below the fingertip, even at their shortest they're still a few millimeters above the tip!

    Deb, those are my FAVORITE! I love them! They have some really cool new ones out, too, I'm going to post them soon :)

  8. OMG I just saw this :D I bought some of these too they looked great!! I can't wait to show off mine too, they kick a$$ on you! :)

  9. Do you by any chance know of anywhere that sells the decals online? All the sites they list on their where to buy page either don't have them at all for online sale, or only have the press on nails! I really love the decals you've been using and I'm dying to get them! :)

  10. Hey S.
    Just as a heads up. Fingr has a "petite" box of nails (saw this at wal-mart yesterday). I remember reading you wished they would make petite ones. I saw in the same pattern that you are wearing here and lenght wise these looked the same as the ones in the "petite" box.


  11. Lina-Elvira, hahaha thank you!! <3

    Lianne, aw, no, I'm sorry, I don't know of any :( I get mine from Meijer, but I've seen them at pretty much every drugstore/grocery store :(

    Claudia, wow, thank you! I didn't know they did those! I'm going to go look for them asap :)

  12. Now those are some nails that I really like. I love houndstooth pattern. I don't care much for regular French manicure. I love the darker free edge or designs like this one. They look so natural.

  13. Lucy, same as me! I have been trying out some vampy tip with nail art french manicure fake nails and I really enjoy them. I think I love everything Fing'rs Edge does. I also got some really cool Nailene ones that I think everyone will love :)

  14. Ah well. Thanks anyway! :) I shall have to wait til I'm next in the states then I suppose. Shall add them to my (very long) list of things to buy.. :p

  15. it's funny that you say they are short on your nails because i bought these and i am wearing them now and they extend a good 4-6cm past my natural nail because i have a very short nail bed i guess! i mean i could fit the smallest nail in the pack onto my pinky with ease. but i LOVE the pattern! however the length of these is taking some getting used to and making it tough to type!

  16. Lianne, I have a pretty long wishlist too :)

    SEH, That's so funny! I do have really long nail beds. Those nails on me were as short as my nails could possibly go! :)


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