Friday, February 27, 2009

Revlon Artificial Nails

Thank you all for your kind words- I'm feeling much better today!

As I'm sure you read from my blue post, I was feeling very sad last week. It's amazing how everything in your life can just pile up and hit you all at once! I was having such a horrible day, and just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, my credit card company raised my interest rate, I got sick, the cucumber I wanted to eat was in the back of my fridge frozen, I burned my arm making dinner and I broke two nails all the way down! It's days like these when I wonder why I got out of bed....

Ouch! I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but both the middle and ring finger were bleeding profusely. That's farther down than my nails can go! Any shorter than the length of my pinkie nail and they start to bleed and hurt until they grow back out.

Like I mentioned, the broken nails hurt. A lot. It was hard for me to do things like cook, wash my hands, bathe- every time I touched something, my fingertips hurt and sometimes would start to bleed again.

Life gave me lemons- I decided to make some lemonade.

This gave me the perfect opportunity to try out a product that I never really use- artificial nails, aka Press On Nails. I usually do acrylics to cover my broken nails until they grow out enough not to hurt, but I was sick and didn't feel like stinking up the house with acrylic or doing anything that involved moving or effort.

The nails I used were Revlon Color Allure nails, medium length in Vintage Velvet.

What it is is a set of 24 individual pre-polished nails, some glue, a nail buffer and an orange stick. The nails come in one length, but two sizes- they follow traditional nail tip sizing and includes sizes 0 to 9.

The application of these is extremely simple. You clean your nails, gently buff them for better adhesion, apply the glue to the entire surface of the natural nail, and press the artificial nail onto the glue until it sticks. Very easy.

The removal is also extremely simple. You soak the nails in acetone and they dissolve almost immediately. Similar to removing acrylics, but it seems a lot faster.

These types of nails are great for people who want a temporary nail look for an event- they come in tons of designs and there's no commitment and no damage from visiting a cheap nail salon for a set of carelessly applied acrylics. These nails will last for over a week, but they will start to grow out like any other nail enhancement and they will need to be replaced.

That's the basic idea behind this product, and here's my experience with it.

Applying the nails was easy- finding a match for my nail size was the hard part. I never really thought of myself as having petite nails, but apparently I do. I was only able to find a good match for two of my nails- 9 on my pinkie, 8 on my ring finger. The other nails were closest to size 7, but not a perfect match.

Not only were most of the nails too big, but the length of the nails is much, much too short for me. The artificial nails just barely covered the broken nails on my hand, but I had to file down my natural nail on my index and pinkie all the way just to get the artificial nail to cover them. My nails are now much shorter than I am comfortable with.

I would be a lot happier and more comfortable if these nails came in a longer length- at least twice as long as these medium length nails.

The entire hand took me about five minutes to apply. The glue bonds quickly. The most important part of applying these is making sure that there are no air bubbles or pockets, and that the glue covers the entire nail. You don't want any lifted areas where water and bacteria can get trapped.

Here's how they turned out:

What do you think? Do you like them?

The color of these nails is called Vintage Velvet. I love this color. It's extremely sexy. It's a vampy burgundy-brown with a very soft shimmer. One of those 'lit-from-within' vampy colors that I love so much.

The color is awesome- I wonder if Revlon makes this color as a polish? I'll have to look for it!

I have other likes and dislikes about this product.

I like the easy application, I like the sturdiness of the nails and the included glue is perfect. I like how long these nails last and how shiny they are. I also like that they are not damaging to my natural nail and also that they are not difficult to remove. The nails themselves are very thin and from a front view are not noticeably fake.

I LOVE the shape of these nails. They are, in my humble opinion, the perfect nail shape. Slightly rounded square, more commonly known as 'Squoval'. This shape looks good on just about everyone, and I find it to be the most flattering nail shape for people.

There are a few things I don't like about this product. The nails are too big for me- only two of the sizes fit my small nails and very curved nail plates. I am not very comfortable with how my middle and index nails look- they look too wide and unnatural compared to my natural nail. I now have a box full of artificial nails that are too big for me and I won't be able to use. I know that these nails are standard tip sizes, but I would love if the sets came in a 'petite' version which only had the smaller sizes, and maybe a new half size.

I'm also not comfortable with the length of these nails. The box states that they are medium length, and if this is medium, I can't imagine how short the short length must be! I understand that this length is perfect for most people- barely any free edge but enough to cover bitten nails. But for me? I prefer long nails. My natural nail plates somewhat long, which causes these artificial nails to be even shorter on me. This is just my personal preference. Longer is better to me.

Another minor imperfection in these nails is that they are perfectly straight and a little flat. I have a naturally strong C-curve and also nails that curve down slightly as they get longer. It is difficult to get the artificial nail to conform to my natural nail shape. If I get the tip of the nail to fit, the cuticle end pops up and leaves a gap and vice versa. This is remedied by applying extra pressure to the entire artificial nail, but you may end up with a little glue on your fingers by doing this.

One interesting observation about these nails: They make your cuticles look perfect! I think it's because they partially cover mine, to they appear smooth and invisible. Bonus.

These nails also get tipwear just like natural polished nails. I've been wearing them on my right hand for about three or four days now, and they're starting to show moderate tipwear. These nails can be re-polished, so that's not an issue. I just wish I had the same polish that's on these nails!

The polish on these nails does wear at the tips, but it does not chip. I can't imagine it being able to chip. It's like the polish is part of the plastic and is holding on for dear life. That's a good thing.

Overall, I really like these nails for situations that require a quick fix. I am definitely going to try out and review more styles of press-on artificial nails.

People who need to temporarily cover their nails to fix a broken nail or a breaking nail, but who don't know how to do their own acrylic nails will love these. I do prefer acrylic in this situation because it is more customizable and natural looking, but I know not everyone does.

They are perfect for protecting damaged nails that need to grow out, but are weak or painful.

People who also want their nails to look good for a special occasion but don't have the time (or patience or money, et cetera) to get a manicure or a set of acrylics should also try these. They are extremely inexpensive, there are a very wide variety of styles and colors and they're practically foolproof to apply at home.

What do you think? Would you ever try them?


  1. {{{{HUGS}}}}BTW my CC company is also doing this (Capital One) so I am looking into one thru my bank, Wells Fargo, with the 1st 6 months 0% interest and I willprobably transfer over the balance...

    I like the way they look!! I once had to do that when I had realllly bad nail issues as well.

  2. Ok so I have a box of these at home waiting to try out as well, LOL. Most are french tips though, which I don't like. The one thing I am worried about it I am having a lot of peeling and ridge issues right now and keeping my nails very short, so I'm worried taking them off is going to damage them further, which is why I haven't swatched them yet. Any tips on removal?

  3. Diann_co, thank you for suggesting that, I think I will try that! :)

    VampyVarnish, I really like the plaid french tip from Revlon, it's soooo not my style but I can't help but think it's cute!

    As for removal, just soak them in acetone. They will dissolve in just a few seconds. Whatever you do, do not peel them or pry them off! You should be fine then :)

  4. If this whole post wasn't dedicated to the fact that these nails are indeed fake..i sooooo would not have been able to see the difference-they look AMAZING and OH SO natural on you!!!

    Def. trying this out..i cracked the pinky on my left hand halfway down the middle-OUCH!-and am absolutely HATING that i have only have 9 nails to paint *sigh*.

    Thanks for this!!! =)

  5. im soooooo sorry to hear u broke not 1 but 2 nails scrange!i know how bad it can be, i nearly cried at work when i broke my middle fingernail on my fav hand, the girls at work just didnt understand the heartache! but i too used fake nails coz i would be damned if i had to cut the rest of my nails off! hand in there chick,they'll grow back slowly but surly xxx

  6. I use the odd artificial nail for when I break a nail. I don't put on a whole set, though. Then I just polish them however I want. I've had problems with the nails being too wide for me (I have cut back and filed the artificial one before gluing) and often I have problem getting a curved nail on my flat bed, I guess the opposite problem for you.

  7. Wow they look beautiful on you. The color is so pretty. I've never used artificial nails. I can use them. I've had peeling which is growing out. Each week I'm cutting them back. They are so short that they do hurt. I know your pain!

  8. Scrangie I would like to say THANK YOU for the positive post on fake nails. I just cringe everytime I read others negative comments on artificial nails. It's like the whole real boobs/ fake boobs drama - lol - well sorta! Anyway I am a fan of natural AND artificial nails. I just don't come across too many nail blogs that have anything positive to say about artificials and I appreciate you doing so!

  9. I'm glad you're feeling better Scrangie! You did the best thing you can do...make lemonade!

    I must admit, I haven't tried artificial nails like these since I was younger and used to wear them for fun (Lee Press-On Nails). I'm not sure these are the same though.

    I think they look much better than I would have ever thought. You've given me a new idea perhaps when I break one of mine down too low.

  10. Thanks for the review! I've often stared at these in the stores, wanting to be brave enough to try them (especially the ones with cute designs!) but have always been to scared. I think I'll give them a try next time on see them on sale!

    As for that polish color, I have two Revlon polishes that are similar to that, in fact one is *very* close to that if I remember correctly. I can only think of the name of one right now though and I can't remember which is which. I'll have a look when I get home (if I can remember that!) and let you know!

  11. scrangie, how come your nails bleed when they are that short?? i can have 0 white on my nails and they are fine. sometimes if my thumb gets too long it hurts! then again i'm new to "growing out my nails" :)

  12. Thank you for posting the in-depth review! I have seen cute sets of press-ons at the drugstore but have been too afraid to try them thus far. After reading your comments, I think I might take the plunge if I see an especially neat pattern.

  13. I like the color a lot!
    When I tried the press on toe nails, by Express I think, finding the nail that matched my size was definitely the hardest part.

    I think the shape is nice, too ;)

    Sorry to hear that you'd broken your nails in such a painful way. I did something similar to my big toe last summer and it was horrible.

    I hope you're able to find a better cc rate. I've shuffled cards in the past to do that. It sucks when that happens :(

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  15. I use press-on nails alot for special occasions or just when I reall want the "fake" look. I love them but personally I don't like using any brand other than broadway nails they have one of the best varieties in sizes.

  16. *hugs*

    Scrangie I think they look great! I tried the Broadway nails before and I love my own much more, but they're fun to have for a little bit :)


  17. Owwwww. I'm so sorry. I keep my nails extremely short - have to, I'm a violinist - so my nail beds have been toughened up pretty well, but I remember how much it hurt when I used to accidentally cut them past the magic point of "ouch". The Revlons are very cute, but would actually be far too long for me!

  18. Holy crap! Are your nails going to be ok? They will grow out again, right? JK

    Hang in there. When things go bad, sometimes they go really bad. I hope your burn feels better, too. I did like the Blues, tho. That's pretty artsy to do it that way and vent a little.

    Listen, fuck the credit card nazi bastards. I hate 'em.

    Anyway, the press-ons are pretty, but not as pretty as your natural nails. Feel better, get better, prettier day's are coming.


  19. Pretty...they look like your real nails! =)

    Anyway my credit card company pulled the same thing with me because of the economy, even though I've never had a late payment and I always pay way more than the minimum. It's not fair that people with good credit have to get punished. But that just means I'll be charging less now. ::sigh::

  20. I wish I had thought to try artificial nails last week when I had a freak accident with the hood of my car and ended up with several split and broken nails. Mine didn't get broken down as bad as yours, but they were close. I ended up filing all of them uniform and putting on some pretty polish from MAC's Hello Kitty collection.
    The irony is that my finger tips probably would have been seriously injured if I hadn't had such long nails, but that didn't make me feel any better when I saw how horrible they looked.

  21. I completely agree with Brooke. I think it's great to see a positive post about fakes. I've used fake toenails before with great success. I can't do a pedi to save my life but I can't afford salon visits either. For some people, fakes just make sense, and what's the problem when they look great?

  22. For fake nails that are too wide, one could just file the sides to make the nail fit perfectly. That's what I do!

  23. Alright, I remembered to check the polish names! The closest one is called "Autumn Berry," and it's a little less chocolate-y brown than what is on those fake tips. I do believe they still sell this color though.

  24. Hey, this is cool! I always saw this but never really thought of it, I've also seen the clear/french tip. I'm going to try those so I can paint my own color :) Thanks for this!

  25. I'm glad to read you are feeling better Scrangie!!!

    I think the artificial nails of today are a FAR cry from the 80's Lee Press-ons. My fav are the ones with the cool color french manis. They looked great on you!

    *moment of silence for the loss of Scrangie's 2 nails* I feel your pain!!!

  26. I like the length on you! They look great.

  27. I wanted to have a feel of longer nails (I usually have stumps) so one day I decided to try press on nails for my SIL wedding party. But I am so clumsy, halfway through the party, 2 nails were gone =O

    That was the summer of 2007 and I vow to never use them anymore since that day LOL

    Looks great on you though!

  28. ouch! hope your nails heal fast. with my prior experience with these nails, i feel like after showering and washing hands they start to soak through with water and start to fall off after 3 days... am i continually letting in air bubbles or do i just shower for too long? :)

    i agree that the color is great and will look for it as well.

  29. Very good reading!
    They look so natural and I don't think anyone would be able to tell that they're not your real nails.
    Love the color too.
    Glad to hear you're feeling better

  30. I tried this kind of nails out ten years ago, and it worked out fine or me. I did have the same problem as you with the fitting of the nails since I too have rather "narrow" nailbeds and a strong c-curve. I found a brand that had slimmer nails, and longer, so I used them a lot. Can't remember the brand though. Could have been as easy as regular H&M or Depend or something. Very drugstore-ish anyway. But good results.

  31. Wow, I think they look beautiful. Not fake at all.

  32. aww glad to hear ur feeling better! i can only imagine ur pain - im new to growing my nails out, but i recently broke a nail and got really upset! i can only imagine breaking 2, esp ur nails, which are so gorgeous!
    i totally agree with the other posters - those fake nails look so good & natural on u! totally cant tell the difference. what a great idea tho, it never would have crossed my mind to use fakes while growing ur nails out.

  33. Glad you're feeling better. The blues can be hard.

    The fake nails look great. I haven't worn any in a very long time, but I am definitely not against them. They are especially helpful when you need to grow out a broken nail like you're doing. I may have to apply one as I've broken the nail on my right index finger. :-(

  34. I like em! They look real on you!

  35. Well, I agree with both you and your husband, the color is very cool! And no brush strokes either :)
    They do look good in your pictures, no artifical at all.

  36. Well, I agree with both you and your husband, the color is very cool! And no brush strokes either :)
    They do look good in your pictures, not artifical at all.

  37. So sorry to hear about your broken nails, that's sounds awfully painful :(
    I love the look of the revlon press-ons, great colour and I quite like the shorter length on you (but that's just my preference)they certainly don't look fake at all!

  38. I was glad to hear that you're feeling better !
    the fake nails are beautiful shape and color - loved it !

  39. One of my girlfriends wears press-ons and for years I thought they were acrylics. They're working for her; her nails always look great.

  40. Only you could turn something as devastating as mass breakage into a positive.

    Glad you're feeling better :)

  41. If this wasn't a post about artificial nails, I'd have no idea that they were. They look great! The color reminds me of OPI's Romeo and my monitor way off? Revlon used to make a shade called Blackberry that was close; I think it's still around.

  42. I'd really like to try these, because I've never had any luck with artifical "press-on" nails.

    But right now I'm using nailtique to try and make my thin, peeling nails stronger (don't know how great it's working because this morning my thumbnail peeled and tore off and bled!). I think my nails are too damaged for anything else right now. But I would like to give these a shot. Thanks for reviewing!

  43. Hi:

    I just started reading your blog today. There is this company called Fingrs and they have specially-made petit nails. Just look around the stores, and you'll find the sizes you want. Please review more, I find reading about artificial nails, and how hard they are to apply very 'educational' as I am considering purchasing a pair for myself!


  44. those look great!! i really couldn't tell they weren't yours

  45. They look great, I wouldnt have been able to tell they were fake if I hadn't known. I'm actually wearing nailpolish that looks similar to that colour, Desire by Rimmel, it's gorgeous. :)

  46. Thank you very much for this wonderful revew. I was always thinking of using acrilic or artificial nails for my naturally week, often broen nails. The only thing which stops me from doing it - that I may end up even with more destroyed nails. But for some special occasions I still may try to follow you recommendations from this post. And it could be nice to get from you some day a review on fortifying your own nails - or nail care titorial (I stll may need to read all of your older posts fo find out how you support your natural beauty of nails).

  47. I know thus incident is long over but Emily is right, Fing'rs makes a decent product that comes in petite sizes and has more curvature than your standard fakie. My only problem with them (and I've not used them in years, knock on wood) is that when I wear one long enough for the nail to grow out a bit it leaves a bit of a 'hump' in the newly growing nail. This may no longer be the case though since I'm sure there have been major improvements in the adhesives in the 10 year since I used one. (I still keep my little repair kit handy though I need new adhesive...better safe know).

  48. luv the revlon nails!!! I have been wanting to try them for a while, but decided that I would do acrylics instead, since i knew tht being in beauty school, they would stay on better, I used to always wear glue on nails... all the time.. but I liked the durablity of acrylics better. I always used Nailene nails.. they stayed on for a month.. yeah I had to re glue a few of them now and again, but loved the brand and the nails.. of course they no longer make them.. and that sucks...(they make nailene brands) but not the ones I used to use.. I just took off my acrylics yesterday, since I started having peeling skin, blisters, itching and little red dots on my fingers.. I assumed I was allergic to acrylic... it's been going on since the beginning of the year.. and I wore acrylic nails since 2005!! funny how your body says.. I don't want to be exposed to this stuff anymore, and decideds to act out!!! lol.... I am a recent addicted nail biter, that was able to kick the habit after getting braces to straighted my teeth... and now luv long nails.. just have to wait for the acrylic damage to grow out :(

  49. LOVE THE NAILS. They look completely natural on you. I'm definitely going to try them.


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