Monday, June 8, 2009

Diamond Cosmetics Fall 2008 Renaissance Collection

We're going to go back in time a little here and ogle last year's fall collection from Diamond Cosmetics. It was called 'Renaissance' and it rocks.

309 Joust For Kicks. This is a rich reddish-brown almost with a hint of plum that's loaded with dense gold shimmer. The gold shimmer is heavy and it sort of looks like it sits on top of the polish, like a gold sheen. Really cool. Like chocolate with gold flakes.

310 Chainmail Charm. A warm black holographic polish. The closest comparison for this would be OPI My Private Jet. It's definitely a warm black, it looks brown in the bottle but looks like a soft charcoal on the nail. It's not as sheer as My Private Jet. The holographic effect is not as intense as, say, China Glaze Kaleidoscopes, but it's the same type of scattered holo, only with smaller particles. I love the name. Awesome.

311 Mystical Knights. A deep, dark smoky blue with silver shimmer. This is dark but not so dark that it looks black. There's a definite hint of grey to it- it makes the blue look smoky and soft. Very dramatic.

312 Monarch Masquerade. A medium purple shimmer. This is really dense, pearly shimmer but I wouldn't call this shade a frost. Maybe pearl. It's not streaky and brushtroky. It's similar in texture to Nubar Pasadena Purple and MAC Violet Fire, but the shade is a little warmer and deeper than those.

313 Royal Fool's Gold. Warm copper metallic shimmer. This looks like old pennies to me. Not so old that they're all brown and green, but just old enough that they're all dirty and not really very shiny anymore. This has a dense shimmer as well, I wouldn't call it frosty or pearly though. It's more like... tiny metallic flakes. Reflective. Hard to describe.

Isn't that a great collection?? It seems like the perfect fall collection. I especially love all the rich earth-tones. And the names. I love the names!!

The formula on these is great. It is a little bit on the thick side, but it's not runny. Smooth and opaque, a breeze to apply. Drying time is good. No bubbles. The brushes are good, I did not experience any problems or defects in the brushes. The bottles have a plastic cap, which is unusual, I don't see a lot of polishes with plastic caps.

All of these are applied over Diamond Cosmetics Super Base base coat and are topped with Diamond Cosmetics Quick Dry Topcoat (I think it's Super Dry, but it's in a square bottle unlike the Super Dry on their website). I really like the base and top coats I tried. The quick dry is excellent- smooth, thin, shiny and quick-drying.

Overall, great collection, great polishes, great price. You can't beat $2 for awesome polish colors.

Diamond Cosmetics polishes can be purchased directly from their website. All polishes but the neons are $2. Shipping is a flat rate of $4.90 for ten bottles and under.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, I wanted to give you a quick update. I have not had a chance to catch up on my emails and comments. I have a backlog of... two or three weeks maybe? Please be patient with me :)


  1. I love that whole collection. I think I'm gonna have to get it!

  2. gorgeous! Glad I didn't place my order yet!

    Holy crap on your nail length by the way!! They are amazing!!! How don't they break?! I have so many tears and chips on my nails. They can't reach amazing lengths. It's driving me nuts!

  3. *jaw hits floor*

    I adore every single one of those.
    Off I go to see if they ship to the UK!!

  4. I've never heard of this brand before. Thanks for another great post!

  5. totally cool! How is the holo effect in Chainmail Charm compaired to CC revvvolution?
    Your nails, again, looks awesome!

  6. Do you know anything about their lipsticks? They are only $1.80!!

  7. Thanks for the tip! I'm getting this collection and a few others now (so it isn't Fall or 2008. So?). I believe there's a 6th color in this collection - #308
    Pink Ribbons for M'Lady. At $2.25 a pop, I can't go wrong.


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