Monday, June 29, 2009

Celebrate: The Lippmann Collection 10th Anniversary Set

I did a sneak preview of this set a while ago, and now it's finally here! It appears to be a Nordstrom exclusive set, but I didn't know that when I first posted. Though, a lot of times "Nordstrom Exclusive" means Nordstrom has it first for a little while (remember the Nordstrom Exclusive Essies?)

Superstar. Golden copper glitter in a brown jelly base. This is my picture of the original-release Superstar. The new one is exactly the same, so I saved time on swatching. This is unique in more ways than one- I've never seen a glitter shade like this one, and also, this polish has square glitter instead of round. It's totally awesome, it was really cool of Lippmann to bring this one back because everyone asked for it!

Ruby Red Slippers. Black creme base with two sizes of ruby red glitter. I adore this. This is one awesome polish. I wore it all weekend and everyone commented on how cool it was! The combination of the large, hexagonal shaped glitter and the small round glitter gives this polish a serious punch. It's flashy and sexy and glamorous all at the same time. It's like China Glaze Lubu Heels but a million times better. The glitter in this polish is very obvious. It looks like little ruby gems on your nails.

Funky Chunky. Black with large black glitter. You guys know I am a Lippmann lover, but this polish makes me sad. I have to be honest with you; This is the polish I was looking forward to most from this set, but it's the one I like the least. I hate to say it because it was such a cool concept, but this polish just doesn't work. It's very difficult to apply evenly because of the thickness of the polish. You can't really see the glitter in this unless you hold your hand up close to your face. This polish just looks chunky and bad. It looks like you don't know how to apply polish, or maybe like you punched a beehive with wet nails. I wanted this one to work so bad... And in my opinion, it would have worked if the black base was sheer and let the glitter particles show through. This black is very opaque (think Lippmann Fade To Black) and the glitter particles all clump together and look chunky and weird. Lumpy. Looks like sludge, but not in a good way. Very sad. (This picture is with two coats of Nubar Diamont topcoat)

I'm going to try adding a lot of thinner or clear polish to my Funky Chunky to see if I can make the base a little more sheer so that the glitter looks like glitter and not like chunky polish.

The formula on these seems average for a glitter polish. Funky Chunky was the thickest and hardest to work with, but Superstar and Ruby Red Slippers seemed thin and even. Opacity on these is really good. They're opaque and dense in two coats. The only downside to this gorgeous glitter polish is that it's insanely hard to remove. I used my jar that I use for removing fake nails, and it couldn't get the glitter off. Felt worked okay but it made a mess. I resorted to extremely wet cotton balls and that got the glitter off with minimal headache.

Overall, I think the set is still worth getting for Ruby Red Slippers alone, and if you don't have Superstar then it's definitely worth having.

All I can do is keep on telling you- I want you, I need you... But there ain't no way I'm ever gonna love you, Funky Chunky... No don't be sad... Cause two out of three ain't bad...

Lippmann Collection Celebrate is available at, but I have a feeling it might show up on Lippmann's website eventually.


  1. You're totally right about Funky Chunky. It just looks like you're wearing very lumpy polish. The other two are fabulous though.

  2. Thanks for the review of these Scrangie! I love Ruby Red Slippers, so I will pick that one up. Too bad about Funky the Meatloaf reference in your review :).

  3. I was afraid of that with Funky Chunky. I might try to tweak it a little to get the base less opaque!

    Thanks for the swatches!

  4. hahahahahaha.....maybe like you punched a beehive with wet nails......hahahahahahaha

  5. Ruby Red Slippers looks SO great! *-*

  6. If there's one word that should never be used to describe polish, it's "chunky."

  7. You know it's weird I had no issues removing these for some reason and I thought they were going to be nightmarish! I used OPI's Expert Touch remover which worked really well. Funky Chunky is so hard to apply I had to keep arranging where the chunks lay on my nails.

  8. Would it be totally blasphemous to mix the Funky Chunky with a good bit of clear polish, to franken your own jelly out of something you won't use anyhow?

    (I'd rather do something to franken an expensive polish I won't use otherwise than let it clutter my stash and annoy me by it's uselessness. Recently I frankened an old sheer blue OPI with some wildly shimmery blue eyeshadow I also wasn't wearing. Result? the polish I created wound up looking like the bottle color of the annoying sheer I never wore.)

  9. i love them all. i saw someone else's swatch of the funky chunky and it didn't look that bad... there were distinct octogons and dark polish. maybe your bottle is gooptacular.

    also i pre-ordered from nordstrom but people are talking as if these come as individuals? i was under the impression u can only buy as a kit. which i did. a hoard of them actually. superstar forever!

  10. Ooo, the swatches look great, well...not sure about the Funky Chunky though lol. It really does look funky AND chunky. Maybe that's what it's supposed to look like?! But anyways, great swatches! =D

  11. Wow, "punched a beehive with wet nails" is the look I've been going for lately! Thank god I pre-ordered this!

    Lol, oh well. I don't have superstar, so I'm still glad I ordered this.

  12. I didn't have Superstar so I was thrilled to get it. Ruby Red Slippers is also fantastic. But the Funky Chunky, what a pain! I guess it is what is says. I put a layer of Poshe on and it evened out and just looked like black polish. I was wondering what to use for a topcoat. It is very difficult to see the little hexagons. I don't know what would annoy me more, the way it is or a lighter base. I just think this polish sucks!

  13. Well I'm glad there's a collection out there that I don't like! Save myself some money. :)

  14. I wonder if Funky Chunky could be worn as one coat over a silver polish...or gold, hey, for the beehive look. To me it looks like roughly paved asphalt. Who doesn't love blingy asphalt?

    Ruby Red Slippers is sexy and busy. I like it a lot!

  15. Well, at least they're not deceiving anyone and they tell it like it is by giving it the appropriate name "Funky Chunky"!

    I'm also not a fan of that polish because it just looks like a bad application or kinda like snakeskin for some reason.

  16. I loves Superstar, and Ruby Red Slippers looks amazing, but I don't think I'll be picking it up. The 30 minute process to get all of the glitter off of my nails, and then to scrub all the glitter fallout off of my hands is just too much of a pain in the butt, and my nail beds always seem a little scratched up and damaged in the process. I will ogle the prettiness from afar. Thanks for the review!

  17. am I the only one who thinks its completely retarded to pay $15 for a bottle of nail polish that you have to "doctor" to make it even remotely wearable? Why would anyone buy this crap? Sorry, but occassionally, people do tell the honest truth on these blog comments...and I am one of those people...

  18. Deb, a tragedy of a polish!

    Melli, haha glad someone got it :)

    Jess, I think I may!

    Nosaby, :D

    Farmgirl, thanks!

    Chinda-Chan, it is! It's beautiful!

    PurpleRules, LOL you are so right on that one

    VampyVarnish, maybe cause I started out with the jar, which removed the polish but left the glitter stuck to my nails... Maybe I'll start out with the cotton first next time :)

    Anna, I mentioned doing that in my post :)

    Suz, it must be cause it doesn't look like the promo pic did. These are only available as a set, as far as I know.

    Sweet_little_angel, thank you :) Maybe it is!

    Aprilrobin, it's so chic! lol XD

    Lucy, yeah, I couldn't really see them either, maybe it needs less glitter, or maybe bigger glitter?

    RainbowDim, that's right! :D

    Phyrra, it is super hot!

    Tarotbydiana, those are great ideas, I will try that! Though it's so opaque I'm worried it won't make a difference.... but I'll never know until I try :)

    Atomica, lol! That's right, it does look like snakeskin! Could be cool with a different color of glitter maybe, for an 'intentional' snakeskin look

    Shannon, you're welcome! I hate the glitter removal process too, but I love glitter too much to give it up :D

    Anonymous, no one pays $15 for it, it's only available as part of a set, not indivudually. And this is my personal blog, I don't sell this polish so I don't see the need to tell me the 'honest truth' about my own opinions...

  19. man i want this set soo bad, minus the black one =( thanks for letting us know! love ya scrange!

  20. I agree, try to franken with the chunky one, it just doesn't look good- not even on you Scrangie, and that says it all! (You girl with superior gorgeous nails! ;)) I think I would pour half of it into another bottle and try two different versions, one with a shitload of clear to make a jelly, and one with less clear and maybe some diff colored glitter. Wadda ya think? :)

    Otherwise, LOVE Ruby Red Slippers, sad to realise I probably won't be able getting it here in Sweden. :(

  21. Ruby Red Slippers looks so pretty and unique!

  22. Yummy411, right back at you :D <3

    Feline-Alizarine, that sounds great! I like the way you think!! :D

    Ursa, it really is, I don't own another polish like it :)

  23. What a downer re: Funky Chunky. It looked sooo good on ALU! I wonder what the dif is.

  24. the ruby red slippers looks like lava that just flowed down a mountain and is now cooling off, therefore the black bits ... I think I would have called this one lava. ^^

    the black chunky one looks bad, though ... yesterday I tried some nail stickers that are meant to cover your whole nail, just press on, they have a sticky underground, and file the end off where it's longer than your nail tip ... looked fine the first five minutes and then the sides, next to the nailbed, started getting wrinkles.
    from afar it looked like there were chunks of some kind underneath the "polish" ... I discarded them in the evening.

    but still a cute idea, they looked glossy and quite real, without the stink of nailpolish (my boyfriend always complains about that), if it weren't for the wrinkles next to the nailbed, they would have been cute.

  25. hey scrangie! was all the hype about marquee moon right? have you tried it yet? are they the same octagon thingees as funky chunky? i need a full report!

  26. So, I bought Funky Chunky in the set last week, and I have to say that I think they changed the formula from earlier releases. It went on smoothly, and was sheer with the sequins poking through. I will take a picture soon, and post it on Nail Gal to show. Hopefully, this is not just my bottle.

  27. I just looked at this post again thanks to Painted Lady Nails, and I am liking funky chunky a LOT! It reminds me of lizard or snake skin or maybe that of a black dragon demon. Very cool. I didn't like it at first, but looking the enlarged shot. I like it. But then, I am weird. :)

  28. anyone who wants to take funky chunky off my hands....What an aweful polish!!!
    I have made it"tolerable"by using one coat and then Lippman quick dry-Voila!! damalmation nails!!!!


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