Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kat Von D Gypsy Palette

I did a little Sephora hauling on my birthday- I got a couple polishes (Sephora by OPI 212-Sephora, Sephora Fusion), my Sephora Beauty Insider birthday gift and this awesome palette!

Here's the outer box. It has some sketch-like artwork on the front.

Such a nice touch. It's wrapped in metallic black paper with a Kat Von D monogram! Note Kat's signature stars on the inside upper lid.

Here's the front. Same artwork as the outer box, but this is more filled in. The palette has a rubberized feel.

Here's the back of the palette. "A smoky eye adds an instant air of mystery." Shade names are: Lucifer, Stryker, Frankie, Hawkwind, Brass Knuckles, Birdcage, Ego Sum, Gunner.

Lucifer (matte black), Stryker (green/brown duochrome), Frankie (warm brown mauve shimmer), Hawkwind (iridescent green/white), Brass Knuckles (gold metallic creme), Birdcage (soft lime), Ego Sum (medium grass green), Gunner (sparkling deep emerald).

These are out of order. Lucifer, Hawkwind, Frankie, Stryker. Note the green iridescence/duochrome on Hawkwind and Stryker.

Brass Knuckles (creme shadow), Birdcage, Ego Sum, Gunner.

Here's a quick look I did with this palette:

Outdoors, late afternoon warm sunlight. The lighting is causing it to skew a bit warmer than it is in real life.

Indoors, no light, total shade.

Hawkwind all over lid, Birdcage from middle third to outer crease, Ego Sum in crease blended out and Gunner to darken crease and line under eye.

Kat Von D Autograph Liquid Liner in Black Metal Love (hell yeah!). It's matte black, absolutely no shine, but with tiny flecks of silver microglitter. I admit, I bought this just for the name but I find myself using it almost every day. I'm almost finished with it! I never finish things!

I LOVE this palette. The colors all go so well together. The thing I like the most about it is Hawkwind eyeshadow- it's a white that flashes bright green. When you layer other colors on top of it, or you layer it on top of other colors, it adds a vivid bright green flash. It's so amazing. Reminds me of an old Urban Decay shadow... Fluorescent maybe? I don't remember the name. I wish they would sell Hawkwind all by itself, I foresee myself hitting pan on this color!

I also adore Gunner. It's so rich and sparkly. It's the emerald green I've been looking for! It looks like black with green glitter in the pan, but once you put it on your skin it becomes a bold, deep, dark emerald green with bright green sparkles. So amazing.

Like the other palettes from Kat Von D, they include two totally useless brushes. They're basically double-ended lip brushes. Soft, shiny, slippery, tiny bristles. They're impossible to apply shadow with- maybe liner would be okay but... Yeah. Don't really see the point of them. Even sponge-tip would have been more useful.

The pigmentation of everything is okay, not as pigmented as MAC but definitely not bad. They're soft and silky. Not overly-silky powdery messy frosty like Stila, more Urban Decay Deluxe type silky. Lasting power is good when used with Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Urban Decay Primer Potion or MAC Paint Pots (I used all three this week).

I love the names she picks for everything. They're so metal! Ego Sum had me a little confused at first, I thought it said Ergo Sum, which would make sense... I like the name because it makes me think, "Ego sum via veritas et vita", but I'm not sure what her inspiration for the name was. Either way, awesome.

The other thing I love a whole lot about Kat Von D's palettes is that they look good on brown eyed girls. THANK YOU!!! It's like they were designed for us. Every single color in them is flattering on brown eyes. I love seeing a brown-eyed girl like Kat promoting makeup. I always feel left out because all I see are these beautiful, icy blue-eyed models that look good in everything... There is so much contrast between blue eyes and dark eye makeup and it looks so stunning... But it's a look I'll never be able to have. So FINALLY seeing brown-eyed models in makeup ads makes me feel better.

I also picked up the Sephora Beauty Insider birthday gift, and in case anyone was curious, here's what they look like:

Bronzed Beauty, Rosy Glow, Precious Pink.

The glosses are the standard Sephora gloss formula. A little sticky, smooth, sheer, noticable unidentifiable fruity scent. Very nice, but a little perfumey. I can see these colors being flattering on everyone. I think they look beautiful.


  1. Beautiful palette! Your eyes are beautiful :) love that green shades!

  2. This palete is simply ah-some! Truly gorgeous!

  3. I've been wanting to buy that palette but eh, other nail polishes first!
    I got my 212 on Saturday and it's gorgeous. I'm definitely motivated to buy some nfuh ohs now.

  4. Oh my goodness, is this not the most beautiful palette in the entire world? I feel in loooove! Thank you so much for the swatches and the look! Gorgeous!

  5. I recently got that palette also and love it! Your eye looks amazing.

  6. Wow. You have put that palette to work. Those colors are oh so pretty. The green loooks AH-mazin' on you. I am with you, we need to see more colors that look good on us brown eyed gals. Job well done! Enjoy your birthday haul (Happy belated b-day).

  7. Maybe ergo sum came from "cogito ergo sum?" Either way it is a strange name for an eyeshadow.

  8. Charming Nails, thank you :)

    Tamara, agreed!!

    Crotchfairy, Nfu Ohs are so much awesome-er. LOL :)

    Erin, It is so hot!!!

    VampyVarnish, thank you! Right on!!

    Denny, haha, thank you!

    Anonymous, that's what I thought at first, Ergo Sum, but it's Ego Sum (I am?) - maybe they're interchangeable.

  9. gorgeous! You have lovely brown eyes- My mom has really deep brown eyes, but me and my sisters don't.

  10. I love Kat Von D - they are just repeating her series of Miami Ink on tv here and I'm always watching it. She's probably the one girl i wouldn't resent for bagging my all-time love Nikki Sixx as well.

    You are SO right about the brown-eyed thing too. I'd never really thought about it, but now you point it out...

    Loving the palette and the green look. I neeeeed one!

  11. omg i didn't know another kat von d palette came out! i have the past three, and i absolutely love them. i barely touch my 60 or so bare escentuals shadows anymore. the KVDs travel well too, big bonus.

  12. Does it get any more gorgeous than you? I think not! Thanks for the amazing review!

  13. I've got icy blue eyes, and I've always thought that brown eyed girls can wear any color! I feel like the only colors that accent my eyes are browns and plums. I'd love to be able to pull off that green look you've got going!

  14. I completely envy your liquid liner skills! I haven't mastered that particular makeup item yet. And that palette looks great! How glittery is Gunner? My experience with Kat Von D shadows is that glittery shades are really messy to work with. I bought a duo from the brand (King Cobra) and the glittery half leaves silver glitter all over my face whenever I use it. I don't mind glitter, but I need to have control over it. Couldn't manage it with that. So pretty though!

  15. You look absolutely gorgeous!! I love your eye makeup skills. Their as good as you nail skills. I have the other 3 palettes so I have to go get this one. You are so right about the brown eyes. It has always bugged me that it's blue eyes and green eyes. About time we got some lovin'. I will have to try the eyeliner. I love makeup, specifically eye makeup and lipstick. Nail polish goes without saying. Thanks for the photos and review.

  16. Your makeup is gorgeous (your blending skills jealous!!!!), I've not seen this palette before, have two of the others this one is the prettiest by far.

  17. My boyfriend picked up that palette for me when he was in New York. I love it, so many nice combos with it. I'm going to try hawkwind as a base to see if it makes the greens pop more.

  18. Hi Scrangie! Lu-uv your makeup skills, you are truly talented! And I can stare at your bee-yoo-tiful nails and only wish mine could be as perty as yours (let's not even start on how perfect your application is!) Happy belated birthday, you are awesome!

  19. Stryker is a dupe for Urban Decay Lounge, which is one of my favorite shades.

    I've been itching to get my hands on 212, I hope you post pics of it, I'm curious to see what it looks like especially in comparison to Never Enough Shoes.

    I'm stoked about the glosses, it's my birthday month and they're so pretty! Thanks for the pics of them. :)

  20. Stunning as always, my dear! You should do an entry on some of the inventive ways you apply eye makeup. I would love to see that!

  21. Your look for the Kat Von D palette is the best I've seen, wearable.

    P.S. love the beauty insider b-day gift (wearing precious pink right now, haha)

  22. Sanna, thank you! You and your sisters are hot, you look good in anything :D

    Helen, I think she's really cool, she seems like someone I could actually get along with, haha!

    Amanda, oh man, I have a huge BE collection and I haven't touched mine in... over a year! Wow! I really like these Kat palettes :)

    Krasey Beauty, AWWE! Thank you!! :D

    Silverin, haha, that's funny, we think the opposite! I'd still trade for blue eyes any day :)

    Queen Frostine, thank you! I don't really consider it to be too glittery. The shimmery particles aren't too large, it doesn't have glitter like, say, Urban Decay style glitter. I get a small amount of fallout but it doesn't stick in my face like glitter does. On the eye, it doesn't even look very sparkly :)

    Lucy, thank you so much! And thanks for sympathizing with me :)

    Clockwork, thank you :)

    Mis_focus, awesome!! Do try it, I love it with everything!

    Anonymous, thank you so much :)

    Ms Meghan, Happy Birthday!! :D I have my pic of 212 on NailGal, but right off the bat it's a lot different than Never Enough Shoes. It has like.. four kinds of glitter in it. LOL

    Melli, thank you :) I'll do more makeup posts! I'm just shy hahaha

    LaDonna, thank you so much, happy birthday!

  23. Random thought: I wish Kat would come out with nail colors & decals. I bet a polish collection from her would be beyond awesome!

    Love your pics! I was on the fence about this palette because I don't like having cream shadow in with the powder but I broke down last night and brought it home. haven't has a chance to play with it yet.

  24. Pina, YES!!! That would be AWESOME! I wonder if there's a way to contact her or Sephora to suggest it :) And thank you! The creme shadow is okay, but the other 7 colors make up for it :)


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