Saturday, June 6, 2009

Chubby and Cute

I did have them flipped! I'm updating my previous post to reflect that, but to clear up any confusion caused by my accidental switcharoo, here they are in the bottles:

Taken under artificial light.


  1. Thanks for the correction Scrangie...I doubt I will buy these, but it is good to know just in case.

    Oh, and because I have to tell grading is finally done!!!! I had a hellish year, with a strike at our school, and everything is finally over after two and a half extra months of teaching and admin work. I think I will celebrate with some new polish!!

  2. I can't ever imagine confusing two pink Essies. How could that happen? ;)


  3. Just a passerby who absolutely loves your blog!
    You have gorgeous nails and your DIY is fab!

  4. :) now cute as a button seems even cuter:P But that's because of the name:P

  5. Are you gonna swatch the Mermaid collex from sephora by opi?

  6. For Shame!!!!


    Thanks for the new lovely pics!!!

  7. Melli, WOOHOOOO!!! That must be a great feeling :) Congrats!!

    Tarotbydiana, hahahaha!! :) Rock on!

    Cara Wong, wow, thank you! :)

    Sanna, agree, the name is SUPER cute! <3

    Anonymous, I swatched the two colors I bought, the rest of the collection didn't wow me enough to buy it :(

    Deborah, hahaha you're welcome :)


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