Friday, June 12, 2009

Preview of Orly Matte Couture Fall 2009

One more post... If you haven't seen it already, this just came in from Orly:

Matte Couture

ORLY’s Matte Collection

Because Matte is the New Black!

Always the trend-setters, ORLY introduces Matte Couture, a collection of matte lacquers created to keep you on the cusp of this fashion-forward craze. Best worn alone or over your favorite ORLY basecoat, just brush on two coats of your favorite Matte Couture lacquer for rave-worthy matte nails.

The three new lacquers in the Matte Couture Collection include:

Put on your Blue Suede shoes (and nails!) in blue crème

Play your favorite (Matte) Vinyl record in black crème

That crushed Purple Velvet suit gets an updated look in purple crème

These will be be available starting in September. So... Zoya, OPI, MAC, Orly... Where's your matte collection, China Glaze? ;-)


  1. HOORAY, I'll have my first paycheck before they come out!

  2. For some reason, I love these.
    Didnt like the OPI, but I love these, and the Zoya's too!

  3. Just as an FYI, MAC isn't doing a matte collection. They're glossy cremes not matte and the greens are gorgeous!

  4. Grace Waste, woohoo!!!

    Mazoo, I love 'em too! I can't wait to see the purple especially!

    Olivia, me too :)

    All Lacquered Up, well damn! People have been emailing me for months about MAC Mattes, I was getting excited! Boo! Maybe it's that whole matte=creme thing they do.

  5. Please tell me about these Mac polishes... even if they aren't matte.

  6. I'm not really into this whole matte thing but these look gorgeous!!

  7. Oh; I really like that purple :)

  8. have you seen the NUBAR MATTES???? THEY ARE GORGEOUS!

  9. Quoting ALU about the new mac polishes?

    "They're glossy cremes not matte and the greens are gorgeous!"

    What is she talking about? =)

  10. I am so very curious about that blue matte.

  11. Brilliant, the blue looks excellent.

  12. Hey Scrangie, Have you ever tried Spa Ritual nail lacquer?

  13. Anonymous, check here for info :)

    Anonymous, I think they're gorgeous too :) But I love matte hahaha!

    Vanessa, me too!

    Anonymous, OMG YES!! I just saw them on Siobhan's blog and they're awesome!

    Anonymous, check here for more info :)

    Tarotbydiana, I hope it looks better than OPI's matte Russian Navy!

    Clockwork, agreed :)

    Anonymous, I have! I have... 8 maybe? Some nice colors, okay formula but long drying time :)


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