Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Zoya Fall 2009 Truth and Dare Bottle Pictures

Since there's no natural light today, I can't really take adequate swatch pictures of these, but here are some bottle pics for a little preview of the shades :) As always, click the images to enlarge. They're GINORMOUS.













Pinta (This is purple, not blue- it won't photograph correctly)

Vanessa (a bit more muted and less pink than this)

I'll do a complete review as soon as I can get some swatches done :)


  1. The bottles look lovely, and I still love the Dare collection. I think we will all want comparison pics of Envy for sure!

    Hopefully the weather will cooperate and you can swatch soon....hasn't this spring been disappointing? Oh well, we can drown our sorrows in polish. :)

  2. Pretty!

    TY, Scrangie!

  3. The bottles look awesome ;)
    I love blue-purple colors. I think they're probably my favorite. The way that bottle looks is pretty to me, even if it is a creme.

  4. Pinta looks purple on my monitor dear, so it may just be your screen.

  5. Pinta looks purple to me, as well =)

    Envy is the only one that interests me this time around =\ I'll be waiting to see your swatch, I hope it's not too dark that you cannot tell it's green...

  6. Love the Dare collection, but some of the Truths look prettier and less dull than I expected! Can't wait for your swatches!

  7. Omg Scrangie, darling! How many nail polishes do you own? Is it even possible to count? lol! You make me so jealous! Do you wear each one more than once or do you just like collecting them? If I have 1/8 of what you have, I will already be dancing! Thanks for the swatches it helps me alot since I'm poor and only have money for the prettiest colors. I'm just starting to collect polishes...slowly. You have a wonderful blog!

  8. OMG, can't wait to see the swatches of Anaka and Drew. Yes, I'm a boring pink-lover... so sue me. :)

  9. Hi hun, minor request.. When you have a chance could you compare Nubar Greener to BB Couture Poison Ivy? Thank you! <3

  10. Can't wait to see them swatched. I like Penny and Envy.

  11. I want Ibiza and Pinta bad...even though I have recently purchased 80billion colors just like them recently!!

  12. hmmm, I already ordered a few of these. But based on the bottle picks, I might have to go back and get a couple more!

  13. Just realize in my request I asked you to compare Nubar Greener to BB Couture Poison Ivy... I meant Nubar Forest to Poison Ivy. Silly me!

  14. Don't know if you ever take requests from new comments on older posts although you obviously read them. I wonder how Ibiza (I'm trying to make my list for this year's Zoya exchange and since these will be my first it's HARD to narrow it down), compares to Essie's Midnight Cami.

    Also, I wonder if getting one of those 'natural daylight' bulbs (or even one of those pinky 'romance' bulbs)would help on taking pix of purples? They sure make a difference in the bathroom when I'm putting on my make up.


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