Monday, June 1, 2009

PREVIEW: Zoya Fall 2009 Truth or Dare

The choice is yours... Truth, Dare or Both?

Zoya Nail Polish lets you decide what fashion is right for you this fall. Will it be Truth or Dare? Should you? Would you? hmmmmmmmm...

Zoya Truth Collection - classic, bright and straightforward

Penny (ZP492) - copper gold metallic

Kalmia (ZP493) - rose copper metallic

Salma (ZP494) - scarlet red metallic

Isla (ZP495) - venetian red metallic

Anaka (ZP496) - fuchsia metallic glimmer

Drew (ZP497) - mauve rose metallic

Zoya Dare Collection - edgy, dark and mysterious

Vanessa (ZP486) - blue red cream

Ciara (ZP487) - burgundy plum cream

Demi (ZP488) - purple mauve cream

Pinta (ZP489) - inky violet cream

Envy (ZP490) - gleaming Jade green (!!!!)

Ibiza (ZP491) - gleaming Sapphire blue (with a little shimmer too)

To compliment the collections, six super glossy lip balms from Zoya Hot Lips are also available.

These collections are available starting July 15th. I can hardly wait. The Dare collection looks AMAZING. I am beyond excited about Envy, especially!
I'll have swatches as soon as I can get my hands on these :) WOOHOO!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow, those all look so pretty! Envy is going to be amazing! Do you know if it's a creme or a shimmer? I've been looking for a dark green creme.

  2. Carol at sanfrancisco48June 1, 2009 at 1:56 AM

    Oh, my! Twelve polishes I NEED to have. And the release date is my's fate!! LOL!

  3. Woohoo! I got three of the names right from the clues, one of which was Envy - they could never NOT make that one green. The green looks brilliant, but I worry about the word "gleaming" - that suggests it might be a shimmer, and I want a creme!

  4. Wow! Pinta and Envy look amazing! So glad Zoya and OPI are releasing dark greens in their upcoming fall collections! I wonder if any of the other brands will too. Looks like dark green may be the big thing for autumn, can't wait!

  5. I have to say I'm not entirely thrilled, but I will probably pick up the three darker ones from the dare collex... If I don't have a major change of heart! (And you just never know about that. ;))

  6. Awww I was excited when i saw Penny..thought it would be a nice shimmery orange but it's "copper"..

    Envy does look very pretty though...but what does "gleaming" mean??

  7. Oh Oh! ME! I'll take both please, but esp Dare. Envy, Ibiza & Pinta look great. So many greens coming out this year. YAY!

  8. ENVY!!!! **faints**
    I am so glad the polish companies are finally making more greens :-)

  9. Thanks for this post Scrangie. I love the dark green. I'm lately getting into greens so this is just on time :)

  10. ah, I gotta have the "dare"-collection!!! but why did they name the two prettiest polishes, the purple and the d one, pinta and ibiza? I would have loved to own a polish called "vanessa", especially if it was purple or blue *sigh*
    I belong to those people who sometimes buy a polish just for its name, no matter what the color looks like. There are a few colors that make me shiver - and not in a good way - but I'm a huge fan of pretty names.

    Man, this year's gonna cost me. First the del sol polishes ( I Own five now :)), then a list of 10 opis and chinaglazes I badly wanted, then the matte polishes from zoya for which I can't wait, now the dare-collection ... and opi and chinaglaze still have to come up with their fall collections ... my poor bank account ...

  11. argh, "and the d one" should have been "and the dark blue one", then I realized it's not that dark, so I wanted to write only "the blue one" and I erased the wrong letters and I didn't really pay attention and there you go. sorry ^^

  12. I can easily see myself getting all the Dare polishes.

  13. I really am going to have to get them all... I say that like it's bad! Haha.

  14. I was always too wussy in middle school to pick Dare, but this collection makes me feel so tough for liking those colors more. Time to go put sugar in the principal's gas tank!

  15. Gorgeous!! ty Scrangie!

    Sarah - Envy np reported to be slight shimmer in Dare collex.

  16. Gorgeous colours! I bet I have similar ones, not dupes, but close (bought a lot of greens and purples this year). I may have to hold off on these, but knowing me, once I see your swatches, all self control will go out of the window!

  17. Ooh I like the looks of Envy and Ibiza especially.

  18. I am praying that Envy is a Zulu dupe O_O!

  19. I believe I'll be more of a Dare girl. I do like polishes from both sets. What a dilema


  20. Sarah, it's a very, very slight shimmer, barely detectable :)

    Carol, that's awesome, happy birthday!!

    Enamelcoated, yay! I love it when they do those clues :) I hear that it's a 'secret shimmer' :)

    Alison, I agree! I've been craving a nice dark green and now it's finally happening!

    Feline-Alizarine, you might change your mind when you see swatches, I know I usually do :)

    Charlene, me too!

    *Jenn*, I'll have to see it in person, it looks orangey to me too! Envy is a creme with very faint shimmer, I'm assuming it will be like a 'secret shimmer' like Jessica King Tut's Gem :)

    CarolineSwing, I'm so happy about that!

    Amanda, couldn't agree more!! :D

    Shadowy Lady, hooray!! :)

    Yavanna, I'm like that too :) Do they have a Vanessa already? I can't remember! Maybe they will make one you like :)

    Anna, I'm a dare fan!

    Lacquer Laine, I am looking forward to them all as well :)

    Panderbear, LMAO!!! I was kind of a tough-girl tomboy in grade school so I would have probably picked Dare :)

    Delirious, that's what I heard as well :)

    Melli, I bet I have dupes too, but I love seeing all those little jewel-like Zoya bottles all lined up together, hahaha! I'm such a sucker for packaging!

    Clockwork, I do too, those stand out to me the most :)

    Lauryl, I'm afraid it doesn't look like that's the case :( But maybe they will do one!

    Lucy, I'm a dare girl too!

  21. Gotta have Envy!

  22. hi,
    jus wanna share with u
    was very inspired n i started my own blog too

    and after i saw ur review on Zoya's colour lock system
    i jus had to go n get a bottle of Roxy
    n tat's my 1st Zoya tat i'm gg to own =)

  23. I like what I see, especially Pinta, Envy, and Ibiza.


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