Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Diamond Cosmetics Summer 2009 Collection

Wow, I've gotten really behind :( I've been meaning to post this for a week! Better late than never, I suppose!

These polishes are all from Diamond Cosmetics, a brand I'm familiar with from some of their private label polishes (Like those really cool Nite Lights Glow In The Dark polishes that come out at Halloween) but I was unaware that they actually had their own line of polishes.

I'm really happy to know that not only do they have a ton of great colors, they're only $2. Yes, two dollars. That's the regular price. How cool is that?!

Here's their Summer 2009 Collection.

#325 Cotton Candy. A medium pink with invisible shimmer. You can see the shimmer in the bottle, but you can only see it on the nail if you're looking for it. You wouldn't really notice it otherwise. Not exactly the pink I think of when I hear 'cotton candy', but it is definitely candy-like.

#326 Don't Teal My Heart Away. A rich teal creme. This is a really hard color to photograph as my camera keeps turning it blue, but it is actually teal. Awesome color, but that's not even the best part of it. $0.25 from every sale of this polish is donated to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. What I like the most about this polish for a cause is that there's an actual number there. Twenty-five cents. No vague or misleading statements which lead you to believe things that may not be true like some other polishes which mention charities or causes.

#324 Fiery Coral. Hot red coral with shimmer. This is a really deep orangey-red coral and the shimmer in it seems to be a mix of red and pink particles. This gives the effect of a pink flash when you look at the polish in the sun.

#327 Hot Summer Pink. Deep neon pink with metallic flake shimmer. Neons are hard to capture, so I've taken pictures in two different types of lighting to try to capture the glow and brightness of this color. This is a darker shade of neon pink and it's absolutely gorgeous. It has this really cool metallic shimmer, like there's little metal flakes in it. It also has a slight blue flash. Excellent color. Perfect for summer.

#328 Oh, Tiff! A baby blue with hidden shimmer. From the name alone I want to call this a Tiffany Blue, but since I've never seen Tiffany Blue in real life, I'm not sure if that's accurate. So I'll call it a soft baby blue. Slightly faded looking. Same invisible silver shimmer as Cotton Candy. Super beautiful.

#323 Pink Passion. Dark pink creme. That pretty much sums up this color. I don't have a whole lot to say about it, sorry pink lovers! This is my least favorite of the collection, nothing about this color stands out to me and I find somewhat bland. It's not bright or neon like Hot Summer Pink, but it's not really faded looking, either. It's right in between. Not bright, not muted. It's definitely more on the warm side, so this will probably look a lot better on someone with a warm skintone than it does on me.

The formula on these is thick. Not uncontrollable, but not thin and runny either. Thick and smooth. They all applied pretty well, no major issues. They're on the opaque side, but I used three coats for all these pictures just because I was curious. They really only needed two. Diamond Cosmetics Polishes are all big three free, which means no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP.

Overall, I'm really digging this brand! My favorites from this collection are Hot Summer Pink, Don't Teal My Heart Away and Oh, Tiff!. I can see myself wearing them regularly. And for only $2 each, I can afford to experiment with them. Great Frankenpolish bases, for sure!

Like I mentioned, they have a ton of really great colors, so if you're not into pinks and blues don't worry. They have some truly excellent foils and metallics, duochromes, vampies and all kinds of good stuff. And did I mention that it's $2?? There's definitely something for everyone, and don't let the low price fool you, they're great quality.

Here's a little preview of some of the other great colors they have:

Chainmail Charm, from last fall's Renaissance Collection.

I will definitely be reviewing more Diamond Cosmetics polishes. I hope to have my swatches done soon, but the sun has other ideas. In the meantime, check out Siobahn's swatches of the Diamond Cosmetics Summer collection!

Diamond Cosmetics polishes can be purchased directly from their website and retail for $2. Don't forget that $0.25 from each sale of Don't Teal My Heart Away are donated to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.


  1. What are shipping fees like for Diamond?

    (Go here http://www.tiffany.com/About/Default.aspx?isMenu=1& for Tiffany blue: It's the brighter color in the People and Parties box at lower right. To my eye, CG For Audrey is slightly greener, dirtier, and maybe a tad less bright than the real thing.)

  2. Anonymous, ten items or less is a flat rate of $4.90, over ten items I believe they email you for exact shipping.

    Thanks for the tip on Tiffany blue! Guess Oh, Tiff! doesn't really qualify then :)

  3. Don't Teal my Heart Away looks like a dupe for Illamasqua Muse. Very close indeed and ideal for those who don't want to pay the Illamasqua prices.

    I cannot believe you have never seen Tiffany Blue. Mr Scrangie needs to sort his act out! ;)

  4. ahhh Chainmail Charm is gorgeous!! is that one still available? if so what number is it since they list by number?

    I think I need to order some of these :)

  5. Helen, hahaha :) I think it's cause I'm not much of a jewelry person, my favorite stuff comes from Target! :D

    Anotheremptysky, whoops! It's 310 :) Really hard to tell the colors on their website... Hopefully there will be enough sun to get some good swatches done! :)

  6. My husband is going to kill me, but I must. order. polishes!

    I'm wearing ChG Custom Kicks right now, and - at least on my computer - it looks really close to Don't Teal my Heart Away. Can you do a comparison, because that would save me money on one of my favorite colors if it is a dupe.

    Keep up the amazing shots!

  7. Wow those are some really cute colors for $2. I love that pink with sparkles, it's so Barbie.

  8. Do they have a silver holo? Does anyone know?

  9. Nice colors, glad you have them on. There web sites color choices suck! I couldn't really tell what the heck they were. Glad to see the glitter is nice. It sort of reminds me of Revvolution.

  10. If it's not too much to ask, do you think we can see a side by side comparison of Color Club's Revvvolution and Diamond Cosmetic's Chaimmail Charm? They pretty much look like dupes of each other in separate photos, but I'd love to see them next to each other on fingers. :) And also? Thanks for pointing out Diamond Cosmetics! I can't say no to a $2 polish, and their shipping is less than head2toebeauty. I just wish it was easier to see the color options.

  11. OMG, that sparkly pink is to die for!! I LOVE IT~! I'm obsessed with pink polishes if you hadn't noticed. hehe

  12. I love Don't Teal My Heart Away, Hot Summer Pink, Oh, Tiff! and Chainmail Charm <3 Unfortunatelly, their web site really sucks. Anybody knows, if they ship internationally?

  13. Chainmail Charm is close to OPI My Private Jet... ?

  14. The Holo reminds me of

    OPI My Private Jet.

    The old formula, don't know about the new one.

  15. Ooh, yeah. How about a comparison shot between Color Club's Revvvolution, Diamond Cosmetic's Chaimmail Charm, and both incarnations (if you have them) of OPI's My Private Jet? That would be awesome. :D

  16. Hi Scrangie,
    this is completely unrelated to this post but i would like to ask when buying polishes are we allowed to open the bottle to check the brush before we decide to purchase it? you know in case we get a crappy brush after we buy it back..

  17. Pretty polishes! What a great price, too!

    BTW, hope you had a Happy Birthday!

  18. Thanks for the tip- I would have never known about this company! Totally added to my new passion for blues.

  19. How do they wear in comparison to Chinda Glaze, Color Club, etc?

  20. They seem to have good customer service... I can't view the colors online and I emailed them. Less than ten hours later I got a reply asking for my mailing address so they could send me hand painted swatches!!!

  21. I just wrote them and for Europe, the shipping is 58 dollars!
    fifty-eight dollars! because nail polish is considered a dangerous good because it's easily flammable and so they can only use fedex and it cost 58 dollars ... for one bottle ...

    I could cry right now ... especially the teal one looked so pretty! and I love all the holographic ones :(

  22. Oh wowza the colours look great, but I can forget the 8 bottles already in my cart if it costs that much to ship to Europe!!!
    How come other etailers can do it for much less???

  23. How does Tiff compare to bikini bottom RBL? Besides the price ;)

  24. hello there if you can help me, you know how they could get all the colors of the Diamond cosmetics line? I live in Spain, thank you very much

  25. never seen tiffanies blue!!!!*faintsonkeyboard* bbilbgLBR'/Llnfewngo'biwoelr/gob;ejWBGP;BV;


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