Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Silver Swatches, Part 2.

Here's a few more silvers. Some are glitters, if silver glitter counts as silver! There's still a few stragglers I haven't photographed, but I'll get to them eventually.

Cover Girl Boundless Color Disco Dazzle. These topcoats come in all different colors. This one is the silver and it has lots of holographic glitter. I actually really like this, despite not usually being a Cover Girl fan.

China Glaze Drenched In Diamonds. Very delicate light silver with microshimmer. This is three coats, it's pretty sheer.

Finger Paints Easel Come, Easel Go.

MAC $$$$ Yes. I love the satiny-smooth shiny metallic finish on this. Silver version of Metalist.

New York Summer Alpha Jewel Glitter. This is nice, inexpensive holographic glitter.

Sation Grey Opal. It looks silvery, but it's white with flashes of other colors- blue, green, purple... Very pretty and costs $1!

Nubar Holographic Glitter. Gorgeous and smooth as glass. This is very similar to Piggy Polish Sunshine on Snowflakes.

OPI Designer Series Shimmer. Holographic silver.

OPI Give Me The Moon. Grey with purple/blue flash. Looks silver, does it count?

OPI Gone Platinum In 60 Seconds. Looks slightly more shimmery and metallic in real life. It's a platinum silver that leans blue/grey.

OPI How To Jamaica Million. Metallic silver with purple duochrome.

OPI Mystic Moonshine. Metallic silver with smooth silver glitter.

OPI Paris Couture For Sure. It's described as a top coat, but the glitter is very dense. Dense, smooth and holographic. Perfect.

OPI Rinse Charming.

OPI SRO (Standing Room Only) Silver. More subtle than Designer Series Shimmer.

OPI Stars In My Eyes. Kind of a purple silver with shimmer.

OPI What's Dune. Looks silver indoors, when the sun hits it it's crazy shimmery. Love this one, but it's extremely sheer.

Orly Dazzle. Metallic silver with a touch of glitter!

New York Summer Party Time. Metallic silver with silvery glitter and purple duochrome.

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Showtime. Another holographic silver. I can never get enough holo!

That's all for now. Hope this helps!


  1. Perfect pics Scrangie! Thanks so much for finding something similar to that pretty Piggy Polish Sunshine on Snowflakes. I fell in love with that one because of your pic, now I'm gonna get that holo Nubar and Cover Girl Disco Dazzle! :D


  2. Thank you, TK! I'm glad I could help! That Nubar is *really* nice. Smooth as glass!

  3. Woah there is so many I love from part 2~! THankyou so much for doing this scrangie

  4. Tabe-chan, you are very welcome :D

  5. Yay more silvers. Man your nail polish collection would be a marvelous site. You're inspiring me to go spend my pay tomorrow on nail polish. Ha ha.

  6. Nat, lol! I'm slowly working on photographing my entire collection... When I'm finished (if that ever happens) I should totally post it all at once!

  7. Such beauties, can't pick a favourite!:)

  8. Wonderful pictures! I only have two silver polishes, Zoya Trixie and one from H&M. Now I want more! Well, come to think of it, I have a few glittery ones but it is the smooth, metallic ones I want right now!

  9. Sminkan, Zoya Trixie is one of the best and it's the silver I wear most often! I didn't know H&M made polishes! Now I'll have to go look :D

  10. Hey, wow those silvers are so pretty! Two questions if you don't mind :d I've been looking for a pale gray (non shiny/sparkly/glittery) nail polish and from the pictures it looks like OPI's done out in deco is it. Would you agree? Also, where did you buy your sation nail polish for only $1? that's a great deal! ;)
    thank you!

  11. Hi Anonymous!

    Done Out In Deco isn't grey at all, it's purple :) You probably would want Rescue Beauty Lounge Concrete Jungle, it's the perfect light grey creme.

    And I got my Sations from Transdesign :)

  12. Ohh I see! I definitely agree! Recue Beauty's Lounge's pale grey is the best grey but it is so expensive! :( I was looking for an alternative to there an OPI or some other brand that is even comparable? :\

    Thanks again!

  13. Anonymous, ooh, sorry! You can try Carolyn New York Hangin' On The Stoop or Handball Courts, they're both nice light greys. Reasonable price too :)

  14. Hi scrangie! I never painted my nails before reading your site but now I am ordering nail polishes from all over! :)

    I already have OPI rinse charming and can't decideif i should get zoya trixie. Are they similar? Thank you!

  15. Anonymous, yes, they are quite similar! Trixie is not as sparkly as Rinse Charming, but it is shinier :)

  16. Hello!! I went through swatches on your site and decided I wanted OPI DS Shimmer but alas! 8ty8beauty was out of it, and I got SRO instead...

    I'M LOVING IT!!!

    Thanks so much Scrangie :)yce

  17. Nat, oh wow lucky you! SRO is very rare, congratulations! :D And thank you :)

  18. I bought Orly Dazzle today, and I like it very much. Does OPI Rinse Charming look similar to it?

  19. My favourite silver has to be Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Celeb City.

  20. I love Rinse Charming but I'm almost out! It has been discontinued and I can't find it anywhere! What silver do you think is it's closest match? Thank You! This site is awesome.

  21. Heyhey!!

    Just wanna say thanks for posting up these reviews! they're really helpful! =)

  22. hello, I love you posting, super helpfull. I was wandering if you had any leads on a bottle of OPI DS shimmer. I love this color and I know it is discontinued. I have tried ebay. How close is the OPI SRO in color to the shimmer? I have a bottle of the coronation and I don't like the bigger sparkels in it.

  23. I love silver! They are really pretty shades among your swatches!


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