Tuesday, June 17, 2008

China Glaze Fall and Winter 2008 (Promotional Images)

Rodeo Diva - Fall 2008
Hay Ride Pallet:
Wagon Trail – Dark Brown/Gold Shimmer
Side Saddle – Deep Plum/Gold Shimmer
Lasso My Heart – Rose/Gold Shimmer
Yee-Ha! – Peach/Gold Shimmer
Prize Winning Mare – Neutral Brown/Gold Shimmer
Golden Spurs – Light Brown/Gold Shimmer

Flannel Fixation Pallet:
Branding Iron – Deep Maroon Shimmer
Cowgirl Up – Burgundy Shimmer
Red Stallion – Tomato Red Shimmer
Midnight Ride – Dark Purple Shimmer
Gussied Up Green – Deep Forest Green Shimmer
Rodeo Fanatic – Blue/Green Shimmer

Operation: Colour - Fall 2008
Let the Revolution begin!!!

They want a black and white world. That has Violet Glaze seeing RED.

She walks at night, entering the black and white world from a hidden underground of colour.

The Removers doing thier sinister best to keep color down. Violet Glaze says, "Bring It On!" Armed with lacquer in every shade, Violet is leaving a trail of nails in bright, beautiful colors.

Black and white...? She thinks not.

Revolution - tomato red creme
Code Orange - pumpkin orange with a slight shimmer
Golden Opportunity - warm marigold shimmer
Pink Underground - bright light pink with a slight iridescence
Secret Peri-Wink-Le - periwinkle/blue creme
Agent Lavender - soft lavender creme

Bahama Blues - Winter 2008
Escape in Colour this winter with 6 new blues from Bahama Blues:

Calypso Blue - Deep Navy Creme
Bermuda Breakaway - Deep Navy Purple Creme
Blue Paradise - Med/Deep Blue Shimmer
Blue Island Iced Tea - Light Ice Blue Glitter
Caribbean Blue - Baby Blue Glitter
Bahamain Escape - Baby Blue Creme

Special thanks to China Glaze for images and descriptions!


  1. Just updated my blog with this lol
    You know the Rodeo Diva collection looks dangerously pretty!
    I want them all:O

  2. Sanna, I NEED THEM ALL!!! My wallet hurts already! Dark blue, dark green, grey.... I think they read my mind!!

  3. oooh...these are stunning!!! Do you have any timeframe yet for release date or colour descriptions? I want these way more then any of the other fall collex coming out! Thnks for the pix!!

  4. Erickas, no timeframe yet! I'm guessing August, as that's when a lot of the fall collections start coming out.

    This looks like it's going to be my favorite of all the fall collections I've seen so far! I'm so excited!!

  5. Oh my, am I going to place a big order from h2t this fall or what? 90% of them look tempting, and 50% seems to be a MUST. I can't wait till fall!

  6. Chaosophia, I can not wait to get these! I am so excited, they look amazing!!

  7. And, I almost forgot- I totally forgive ChG for that whole "Sexy Sport frightful thing" after seeing these pics :D My expectatios are up in the sky- which is kinda annoying because I don't know how the *beep* I'll afford them all:O

  8. I'm sure most of the Rodeo collex will be real winners but I'm afraid a couple might be frosty so I'm gonna wait until I see them on the nail...love the advertising on the Revolution Collection and the Bahama Blues! YAY! Looking forward to fall

  9. Sanna, LOL! Me too :)

    Katherine, I'll be sure to have swatches the day I get them! SO EXCITED!!!

  10. And how do they expect us to be able to pay our rent this fall?
    I want ALL of them!

    And yes this does make up for the horrible sexy sport collection.

    I still wonder what on earth they had in mind when they came up with that collection?

  11. Angela, on both counts- I HAVE NO IDEA!! lol Guess I'll be eating ramen noodles and wonder bread for a while! XD

  12. That's more like it. The Sexy Sport collection was a disgrace and a disappointment. For some reason, I'm more excited about the fall China Glazes than the fall OPIs. "France" is a great country and all, but it seems kind of meh as a theme for a fall nail polish collection. I was way more thrilled by Russia and India.

  13. Looove the Rodeo Diva collection! I cannot wait! :)

  14. These are awesome!!! Thanks for the pics and descriptions!! Your blog ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Shryh, I am way more excited about the China Glaze collections than the OPI ones. It's like China Glaze was reading my mind- GREEN and GLITTER!!

    Asia12mb, I'm with you! I can hardly wait!

    Siennax, thank you so much and you're very welcome! :D

  16. Wow-now that's more like it, China Glaze! I can't believe there is a whole collections of blues, a few years back i wouldn't have believed it! That navy creme is calling my name :)

  17. Scrangie, looks like I'm gonna gave to get all of them. Superb coverage on these upcoming beauties, two thumbs up for your blog!


  18. Hotpinkheels, I think they were really listening to us this time! We all love blue!

    TK, aww thank you! Although, I gotta thank China Glaze for the information! :D

  19. When you list the Rodeo Diva names, what order are they in? Like the names, are the from left to right or something? I want to be able to match the name with the color-I'm already working on a list of the ones I want. (broke already)

    more pictures here http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=63693301&albumId=2125054

  20. From what I can tell, if you look at the two six-packs (Hay Ride, Flannel Fixation) it looks like they match up with left to right.

  21. These collections look fab! China Glaze never fails to disappoint me (well except for their cheese sexy sport campaign - gone wrong). That green has me weak at the knees and the blue-green, oh boy!

  22. Steph, while Sexy Sport was pretty awful, I can't tell you how excited I am about the green!! GREEN!!! :D

  23. I wish the formula was better cause these colors are so gorgeous.


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