Sunday, June 22, 2008

Zoya Color Lock System, Day 3 (Yasmeen)

Day three is where I had to end my test last time. Not because of the wear, but because of the bubbles.

Honestly, I think this is wearing quite well. It's day three and I have virtually no tipwear on my left hand and only slight tipwear and chipping on my right hand.

I'm supposed to refresh it today with another coat of Armor and an application of Hurry Up, but I forgot to to that before I took the pictures. Oops!

Left hand, indoors with low light. You can't even tell I've been wearing this for three days, looks great!

Right hand, indoors with low light. Slight tipwear, a little peeling on my middle finger and a tiny chip on my index. Still looks good, aside from the bubbles.

You can tell that the shine is starting to dull. After applying another coat of Armor, the shine is restored to normal.

So, day three and still looking fine. We'll see what tomorrow brings!


  1. You lived with a bubbled mani for three days? You courageous woman, you. :) Can't wait to see pics of your next mani... or SWATCHES!

  2. Shryh, lol :D It's been painful, but I am just so curious about this system. I have lots of stuff to swatch and I can't wait to do it!! :D

  3. LoL, scrangie is that a wii remote? :)
    loved the props on those pics hehe

  4. Cuchillo, yes indeed it is :) Hehehe thank you! ;-)


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