Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Essie Fall Collection 2008 - Six rich colors!

The colors for Essie Fall 2008 are:

Forever Young – Fiery tango red

Lacy Not Racy – Velvety vintage burgundy

Big Spender – Divinely lush red-violet

No Boundaries – Juicy passionate plum

Swept Off My Feet – Dusky rose seduction

Tomboy No More – Red currant truffle

Those sound fantastic! I can't wait to see them! There are two colors that aren't included in the Nordstrom Mini 4 pack and they sound amazing.

The release date for these is August 1st.

I'll have pictures as soon as I can!

Huge thanks to Essie for this information!


  1. Ooh - it'll be a happy birthday this year! Can't wait to see them, thanks for the info!

  2. Sania, is your birthday in August? Happy (early) Birthday!! Even if it's not in August, happy birthday anyway :D Hope you have a great one!

  3. No Boundaries had better be goooorgeous! I love purples and although there have been quite a few good ones recently (CND Rock Royalty and Orly Charged Up) I'm always looking for more.

  4. Grace, hopefully I'll have some pictures soon! I'm with you- I adore purple and I have high hopes for No Boundaries :D

  5. Scrangie, my birthday is actually August 1st (probably should have made that more clear!) - thank you!

  6. Sania, Happy (almost sorta) birthday!! :D

    * * *
    .-'`|* |* |*| `'-.
    | |
    \ _ .-. _ /
    ,-|'-' '-' '-' '-'|-,
    /` \._ _./ `\
    '._ `""""""""""` _.'

  7. Haha, that was supposed to be a birthday cake, but apparently I can't do it properly =/ Oops!

  8. Oooh, I think the nail polish industry's goal is to ruin us this fall haha:D

  9. Sanna, lol! At least there will be good stuff! Fall always has the best stuff :D

  10. Scrangie - you're too sweet! BTW, did I mention how much I adore your blog?

  11. Awww, thanks Sania! :D I'm glad you like it!

  12. I can't wait for these, I love purple. I'll be getting No Boundaries and Lacy not Racy

  13. Anon, I can't wait to see them all in person- PURPLE!! Purple always gets me excited.


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