Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lippmann Collection (Sale) Swatches

Have you been by the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale yet? They have Lippmanns 50% off! Not the entire line, but these select colors:

Fever (can you see the beautiful gold shimmer?)

How Far Is Heaven

My Old Flame


Satin Doll (Created with Mariah Carey)

I love Lippmann Collection's formula. It applies beautifully and dries really quickly. The bottles are pretty much perfection, in my opinion; a perfect balance between form and function. It's also really difficult to knock them over (bonus!).

Another interesting feature of Lippmann Collection polishes is that they contain biotin and green tea. I'm not sure how much it benefits your nails, but I'm all for trying out something that might help.

It's cute how they're all named after songs. Some of the songs I've never heard, and some are songs I like. I love how Deborah Lippmann is musician and a nail tech and has joined the two together in a unique way.

I do think that the line lacks variety. It's mostly sheers, whites, pinks and reds with a couple vampy colors thrown in. I'm assuming this is was the mainstream nail consumer generally looks for in a line: safe colors. Personally, I'd like to see a few more interesting colors added. I'm sure she could do a killer grass green, or jump on the yellow/orange bandwagon.

Anyway... Lippmann Collection, awesome. Sale... Even better!


  1. Nefertiti...

    Must..... resist..........



    p/s: Great pics as always, Scrangie!

  2. They look hot!
    Especially the reds and the gold:)

  3. TK, hehe it's beautiful! And thanks!

    Sanna, I think the gold is my favorite! :D

  4. I can't find the sale on their site!? : ( Noooo.

  5. Steph, uh oh! I just checked the site and I can't find it now either! I got mine from there not too long ago! I saw them in store when I was there this week... I hope they're not out of them :( This will be the second time I've posted about a sale after it was over.. Arghhhh!!


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