Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Zoya Color Lock System plus FREE Gossip Collection Sampler!

My Zoya Color Lock system and Gossip Collection polishes just arrived!

Look at how gigantic that bottle of Remove+ is! And yes, those are full size polishes!

I can't wait to try out the Color Lock system, and I'll be sure to review it when I do. It comes with Remove+, Anchor base coat, Armor top coat and Hurry Up speed dry drops (I LOVE speed dry drops, and I'll bet these are similar to my favorite, Qtica Half Time)

So, how did I get the free polishes? Simply purchase the Zoya Color Lock System and enter promo code SUMMER at checkout to get the Gossip collection free. EDIT: Oops, looks like this expired yesterday =( Sorry!!

Thank you Zoya and Art of Beauty for this awesome promotion! I can never resist free nail polish :D


  1. Hey scrangie, sorry its not topic related but do you know how many uses you get from a mini opi? You know the ones from the halloween collections?


  2. I'm really looking forward to see those polishes swatched :) They look very pretty.

  3. Hey Tabe-Chan! I would say about 10 manicures. I used up a mini back in the day (it was You Make Me Vroom) and I think I had used it about 7-10 times. I guess it depends on how many coats you have to use. So, there's a decent amount of polish in those!

    Emelie, I'm working on it right now :D


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