Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Zoya Color Lock System Day 5 (Yasmeen)

Well, day five and I've had my first official chip. Sure, it's tiny and no one but me would notice it, but it's there nonetheless.

Left hand. Index finger has small chip. Can you see it? Now it's starting to show more wear than I'm comfortable with, but wow! After five days can you believe how little wear there is?

Right hand. More wear than the left hand, but not really any major chipping. Tiny chip on the side of my index finger that you can barely see.

As for the bubbling, Zoya suggested that maybe my bottle of Armor had thickened since reapplying it caused more bubbles. I'll probably try this out again with a new bottle of Armor and let you all know how it goes.

I'm thinking that maybe this will be the last day of my test. One, because I'm just dying to change colors and swatch all the amazing new polishes I haven't yet swatched (including NFU OH!!!) and two, because OMG I'VE WORN THE SAME COLOR FOR FIVE CONSECUTIVE DAYS!!!! The last time I did that was with Essie Viva La Vespa back in what, December?

If the sun comes out today I may remove this and do swatches, but if it stays cloudy I'll leave this on for one more day to see what happens.


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  2. I give you props just for wearing a polish that long. I got crazy after 2 days. I can hear my untrieds calling me.

  3. Steph, LMAO ;-) You know what I say, breakfast of champions. Hahahaha :D

    Tink, it has been a battle of willpower the entire time. I'm just dreaming of new polishes waiting to be worn...

  4. Scrangie, I'm with Tink! You are one gutsy girl for wearing the same (bubbly!) color for 5 days, I could never do that.

    Did you say NFU-Oh........? Ooh.. can't wait for your upcoming swatches!


  5. Yay finally haha!
    I love Nfu:)
    I have my nails polished with revlon primal purple and pure ice busted- gorgeousness:) It's soon up on my blog. wohoo

  6. Finally! You should take the chipping as an opportunity to switch colors asap! And I definately give you props for wearing the same bubbly manicure for five whole days...

    Sure, Zoya's system seem to work, but for what use? All people who I know care about chipping wouldn't like to wear the same colour for that many days anyways. I think it's a waste. Especially with all the bubbling.

  7. I know, I'm so impressed by this system! I'm a day behind you...day 4, zero chips (unbelievable for me), basically invisible tipwear. My nails still look perfect unless you get my hands all up in your face :D.

    FWIW, I used Anchor/2 coats color/Armor/SV (instead of the drying drops) and had no problems with bubbling at all. I also made a point of letting the coats dry a bit in-between (except the last coat before SV) because I knew you'd had problems.

    I'm going to have to take back all the bad things I said about Zoya and buy more! I don't have time to change my mani on weeknights, so this is awesome for me :).


  8. It's ironic how the bubbly ones would wear like steel. I had a brand new, untried yet big 3 free polish go all bubbly on me the other night & I tried desperately to cover it up with a glittery/foily polish. I honestly think some of the big 3 polishes need a little thinner added to help out the viscosity. I don't know how you could stand it that long. Oh, & love the mini bottle of Jagermeister--what a way to celebrate a new color change!

    hontapocasgreen on mua

  9. LOL at Jagermeister on 1st pic. I love it :)

    I'm glad you like Q. balm!

  10. TK, oh it's been a challenge! And yep, NFU OH!!! I can't tell you how much I've wanted them and now I have some!

    Sanna, yaaaay!!! I can't wait to see how it looks on you :D

    Chaosophia, that's what I'm thinking too. Sure, it works, but it doesn't look very good.

    Samhainophobia, great idea! I should use Seche Vite on top. I bet that would get rid of some of the bubbling too! I can't live without my Seche!

    Hontapocasgreen, I've noticed that too! Some of the new China Glazes are really giving me a hard time. It's like they're too thin and too thick at the same time. And, oh yes, I'll be celebrating for sure! :D

    Masa, that stuff is AMAZING! Thank you for recommending it, it's my new favorite!
    The Jagermeister helps me deal with the pain of not being able to change my mani.... LOL j/k :D

  11. Yep, this stuff can numb any pain! :)

    You are enabler, you! I'm in total financial sh!t, and yet yesterday I found myself ordering 3 RBL. It's your fault! /Pink B Cause, Killa Red and Film Noir/

  12. Masa, uh oh! lol XD Well, think of it as an investment in beautiful nails. That's how I justify it, lol. ;-)

  13. Dear Zoya Yasmeen, please chip now because I really want to see some new swatches! ;)

  14. Emelie, lol :-) If the sun decides to come out today, I'll definitely have swatches :D


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