Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Essie Neon Shorts Collection 2008 (Plus Layering with Pure Ice Heartbreaker!)

I'm really in love with these. They apply so smoothly, are pretty much opaque in one coat, and they're super bright. They are much more "neon" than I can capture in pictures, but I tried my best. On to the good stuff...

Bermuda Shorts. A rich, vibrant, creamy neon purple.

Mini Shorts. Bright, glowing orange.

Short Shorts. Hot neon pink.

Shorty Pants. Smooth bright yellow creme.

Aren't the beautiful? They can be even more beautiful. Heartbreaker is the wonder polish. It can make anything look better. It's a must have! It adds a gorgeous depth to any color I've tried it over.

Bermuda Shorts with Pure Ice Heartbreaker. It adds an amazing deep blue and green shimmer.

Mini Shorts with Pure Ice Heartbreaker. Again, adds amazing blue/green shimmer, but against the orange it seems to have a lot of gold.

Short Shorts with Pure Ice Heartbreaker. This looks iridescent in real life. The blue and green shimmer accents the hot pink perfectly.

Shorty Pants with Pure Ice Heartbreaker. Against yellow, it not only adds that beautiful sparkle, but it makes the polish look green from some angles!

I'm really impressed with Essie's Neon collection. The formulas are great, sure, but what has me the most shocked is that Essie released NEONS! I knew they could do it!


  1. I thought the Neon Shorts had shimmer? Are they creme? <3

  2. heeheh i'm a boy, but no gay, i found u in my RPGs' search.....

    they r very nice colours....!! heehhe

    good luck and take care, srry but my english is very poor.. :S

  3. Steph, these are definitely cremes! I also have some other Essie brights that were just released in mini form that have shimmer- the Color Power collection. :)

    Hey Obby! I definitely love RPGs :D Thanks for your comment!

  4. Oh, they all look great!
    I can say it again; GOD JOB ESSIE!
    And these pics makes me want heartbreaker even more:D

  5. Ooh. After seeing all the pictures for the new collection, I was so sure I wasn't going to buy any of these. And now, after seeing your pictures I realize that I actually _need_ both Bermuda Shorts and Shorty Pants.

    Lovely pictures as usual! :D

  6. Pretteeeee.. hopefully I get mine next week. I'm glad to hear they are glossy and if one coat would be enuff.. wow.

  7. Sanna, Heartbreaker is awesome :) If you need help finding it let me know- I want everyone to have this! lol

    Chaosophia, thank you! Bermuda Shorts is definitely my favorite, but I love them all!

    Mizzx, ooops! I guess I didn't mention that at all! I'm sorry! They do dry matte, these pictures were taken *immediately* after application, before they got a chance to dry. But, nothing a little topcoat can't fix :D

  8. Yay, I need help finding it for sure! I looks sooo awesome!

  9. Sanna, email me at scrangie (at) gmail (dot com)... I *might* be able to help!

  10. Hi Scrangie,

    I LOVE your site, found it whilst looking for 'proper' photos of the China Glaze Ink collection. I'm in England so I have to rely on eBay to feed my OPI/CG habit, and your swatches are already proving VERY helpful in checking out colours before I buy them - keep up the great work!

  11. Evie, wow, thanks so much!! That makes me happy- I love to help :D

  12. I'm really disappointed with Bermuda Shorts though, it looks so gorgeous in your photo but on me it looks a lot darker/more magenta. That's two coats with a top coat so maybe I'll try three coats and see what happens...

  13. Hey Evie! You could also try putting it over white- that tends to make certain colors brighter. But, sometimes you can't help how things look against your skintone. Maybe you would like Color Club Power Play better? It's very bright. :D


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