Sunday, June 29, 2008

China Glaze Sexy Sport Collection Swatches

So, really, this isn't much of a "collection" as it is one new polish lumped in with a couple old ones displayed alongside a really terrible and bizarre advertisement. I'm not about to post that ridiculous Sexy Sport promo image with the sweaty silicone-laden football player again.

Anyway, the new color, "Sexy Lady" is a medium bright pink creme, not ugly by any means but definitely nothing special.

Sexy Lady.

And the old ones:

Sex on the Beach. Very pretty sheer peachy duochrome with fine shimmer. Reminds me of OPI Peach A Boo!

Sexy In The City. Bright blue with deep frost and shimmer. This one reminds me of MAC Plasma Blu, so if you're unable to find that one, this would be the next best thing.

Sexy. That's exactly right. This is a bright orangey-red "jelly" with that glass fleck shimmer that I love so much. It's bright, vibrant, shiny and sparkly.


  1. I like Sexy the most!
    But they all look great on you- but "the-so-called-sexy sport collection" is not super exciting over all lol

  2. Sanna, thanks :D I agree about the "collection" lol

  3. I really like Sexy! I have a question though: What is a "jelly" in China Glaze speak? I have yet to try their polishes (though I planned to introduce myself to the brand on my next head2toe purchase)

    Thanks for posting these swatches. Really appreciate it!

  4. Hey Grace :D "Jelly" is kind of like a semi-transparent finish. It's not totally see through but it gives the impression of Jell-o. Hard to explain, but I think dark jello might be the best description!

    China Glaze has some really excellent colors that other brands don't seem to have, I bet you'll really like them!

  5. I can't wait to try them. I'm just trying to narrow down colors now. I know that I want: Black Billa Bong, White Kwik Silver, and Unplugged. And I may possibly add Sexy to that list. Any favorites? (I'm pale and cool-toned...if that has any affect on your suggestions).

  6. Hey, Scrangie!
    I just wanted to post saying that I'm really enjoying reading through your blogs. I like you pictures and commentary. Good job and thanks!

  7. Hey, Scrangie!
    I just wanted to post saying that I'm really enjoying reading through your blogs. I like your pictures and commentary. Good job and thanks!

  8. Scrangie, my dear! Do you have a swatch of OPI make Love...?

  9. Sexy is a beautie, I also like the first pink one even though it isn't that exciting, it's still quite pretty:)

  10. Grace, my favorite China Glaze is Flying Dragon. I don't know if you're into glitter at all, but it's a super-bright purple with blue and red glitter. It's amazing!

    Hey, Snugglespowerline! I'm SO happy you like my blog! Thanks so much for the sweet comment! :D

    Sanna, I can definitely take a picure (now I just have to dig through my bin to find it, lol) :D

    Badbomben, Sexy is really cool. I love the shimmer in it- not really glittery but like little flecks! So cool. And I like Sexy Lady, I'm just wondering why they didn't do more colors? Very strange.

  11. ummm, I know I commented a few days ago...?

    well, here it is again

    I'm liking sex on the beach, if I have Peach-a-boo and coz-u-melted in the sun, do I need this one?

    thanks for the swatches!

  12. Hey Laura :D The case of the disappearing comments! *cue spooky music*

    Anyway, if you have Peach-A-Boo! You probably don't need this one. The color is right in between Peach A Boo and Cozu-melted, but the texture and shimmer are more similar to Peach A Boo. And, really, I think the OPI has a better texture, as this was a bit runny.



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