Saturday, June 7, 2008

China Glaze Sexy Sport...?

I see this promotional image of China Glaze's Sexy Sport collection floating around the internet, and I don't really know what's in this collection, but I can say one thing:


I mean, it wouldn't be a bad advertisement for, say, Victoria's Secret, but for nail polish? A sweaty, half-naked, silicone-enhanced, uh, football player(?) isn't really the kind of image that makes me want to buy nail polish.

Has China Glaze started marketing to men now? Nail lacquer colors to match their favorite sports team? All the girl in the image needs is a cold six pack of beer (and possibly a steak) and I could see men lining up to buy nail polish.

Personally, I think someone in China Glaze's marketing department watches entirely too much porn.

What do you think? Am I just looking at this the wrong way, or is it really that ridiculous (and over-the-top cheesy)?


  1. honestly, I can't focus on the girl because I'm too busy staring at the sweatbands made for the bottles!?!?!? WTF?!

    anyway, are these re-promotes or new colors?

  2. It is that ridiculous!!! And I agree, it looks porn. Advertizement gone wrong!

  3. Yepp youre right looks like a pornmag to me.
    Or a bad commercial from the -80s.
    Cant really see who they are trying to sell this to.. me? Dont think so.

  4. Laura, the sweatbands are AWESOME, LOL!! Hilarious!

    I could have sworn that I read somewhere that they were mostly repromotes, but I'm not 100% on that.

    Micha, I'm glad you agree, I thought I was crazy for thinking it was a little bizarre!

    Angela, exactly! I would really like to know what they were thinking when they came up with this one.

  5. I totally agree with you, can't get any sleazier. On the other hand, I got a good laugh when I first saw these pictures, ugh:D

  6. Badbomben, I got a good laugh too :) I guess you know what they say- "There's no such thing as bad publicity." At least it gets people talking!

  7. Tacky is probably the best way to describe this advertising! I'm not sure what they were thinking but the whole thing looks outdated and in bad taste.
    Hopefully the polishes outshine the bad marketing :)

  8. LOL Scrangie. I love your blog. And I totally agree, someone in the China Glaze marketing department must watch too much porn! LMAO. I am so glad someone else besides me said to themselves "Sexy Sport collection? what?? why?" lol

  9. HotPinkHeels, I like your positive outlook! :D

    Katherine, thank you :D I think China Glaze needs to fire the 16-year-old boy they have in charge of marketing, LOL

  10. I totally agree!
    Are they gonna sell nail polish or what?
    Maybe I should whrite a few sentences in english on my blog?
    And yeah btw, I have Kinky in Helsinki in my collection now:D

  11. Hey Sanna, congratulations, Kinky in Helsinki is a beautiful color! Even if it's hard to find it's definitely worth having :)

    I don't mind if there's no English on your blog... Whatever I don't understand, I run through a translator :) All these Swedish blogs are actually teaching me a little Swedish! Educational :D

  12. One thing is for sure...I honestly barely remember what colors are in the collection, thinking back to a few minutes ago when I looked at that. That crazy picture and the sweatbands really negate the nail polish.

    What the heck are the CG people thinking?!

  13. You're right! Looking at the picture again, I don't even remember what the polishes looked like. Wow. Good one, China Glaze.

  14. I do not know WHAT is going on with China Glaze. Since AII took them over half their colours are either repromotes or rehashing previous lines, and that promotional packaging is appalling. The display stands and images that the old owners used to do were beautiful but this is just fug.

  15. Hey Kitty! I notice that, but I never put two and two together, it all makes sense now!

  16. I know, I think it's sad that a big business buys a company out because they're obviously successful, and then sap all the life out of it. I remember the Fiji Fling stand that looked like a tikki hut, it was so purty. All the recent ones have been on a plain plastic roundel. I guess it's a money thing. The Surf collex was the same as this too - weirdo looking woman that wouldn't appeal to the average buyer at all!

  17. Ok. Let's pretend that a woman with those (bad plastic surgery) had to run? She'd be in a Corsetted sports bra! I mean, Did they lift this image from Oxgen magazine? Which is a weight lifters magazine for "women." No, I agree, It's Too Much Porn. And I did look at the colors after laughing at the scoop bra funbags and the weird sweatbands? And the colors are very boring. They must be re-releases!? Scrangie you make me laugh! So true, and so funny. Honestly, you almost make me wanna buy RBL. Your powers are strong Young Scrangie!


  18. Love8Brain, LOL! You're so right. I understand the concept that "sex sells" but, honestly, nail polish? The thought of playing a sport like football with those things totally unsupported... *shudder* I feel pain just thinking about it!

    And I think it has been confirmed by China Glaze that they are all re-releases except for one color.

    Thanks for the comment :)


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