Sunday, June 8, 2008

OPI Holiday 2008: Holiday In Toyland (Promotional Image)

"Sheer" Your Toys
You're A Doll
Glamour Game
Brand New Skates
Baby It's "Coal" Outside
Play 'Til Midnight
Girls Just Want To Play
Red Hot Gift
Little Red Wagon
Rosy Mistletoe-sies
A Ruby For Rudolph
Don't Toy With Me


  1. Looks er...interesting. But why Toyland? Its such a random theme for nail polish.

  2. Tabe-Chan, I think it's a little strange, too, compared to previous holiday collections. To tell you the truth, I was *really* hoping for some glitter. *sigh*

  3. Play 'til Midnight and Brand New Skates look very interesting to me. But I seem to tink all charcoal greys and all dark blues are interesting. ;-)

  4. Sminkan, me too :D I also hope that some of those are glittery, but from the picture it doesn't seem like it...

  5. I can see some interesting ones here too! This theme is the real opposite to the sexy sport from ChG lol:D

  6. Sanna, LOL! You're right about that! :D

  7. I found desriptions of the colours and there seem to be just some shimmers, not all out glitters. I really was hoping for some festive glitter too!

    “Sheer” Your Toys! - But keep this pale grey for yourself!
    You’re a Doll! - You’re tutu sweet in this delicate hint of pink!
    Glamour Game - Play it in style in this champagne gold.
    Brand New Skates - A dark silver that’s cutting edge.
    Baby, It’s “Coal” Outside! - Warm up with this rich charcoal shimmer.
    Play ‘Til Midnight - In this elegant midnight blue.
    Girls Just Want to Play - A playful pretty coral-red.
    Red Hot Gift - A merry, must-have bright red.
    Little Red Wagon - A classic holiday red.
    Rosy Mistletoe-sies - A cozy magenta shimmer.
    A Ruby for Rudolph - A glimmering jewel red to light up the night.
    Don’t Toy with Me! - A burgundy sparkle that’s seriously gorgeous

  8. Wow, thanks Alison! Some of those sound really great despite the lack of glitter :D

  9. is it like chrismas toys? whatever, i can't wait to see more of them :)

  10. Anonymous, yeah, I think so! Christmas toys :) I will have swatches of these the minute I get my hands on them! :D

  11. i just bought don't toy with me and brand new skates and they are both quite glittery, especially don't tell with me

  12. Lina, wonderful! Now I'm even more excited! Thank you!

  13. Scrangie, do you know when Holiday in Toyland is released? I stalked the mall yesterday and they don't have it yet. I'm dying with anticipation!

  14. Anonymous, I've heard the official release date is October 1st, so you should be seeing them very soon. I can't wait to get my hands on 'em, that's for sure :D

  15. Awesome!! Thanks Scrangie! :)


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