Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Swatches: New OPI Designer Series shades!

They're finally here!! The nine new OPI Designer Series polishes are here at last and it's instant love. I'm a sucker for holographic polishes, and while these are different from your average holo, they're still beautiful and mesmerizing.

On to the swatches! As always, I leave these huge to show you the detail, so please click the images to enlarge them.

Classic. A warm gold holographic polish. As you can see, it's more of a 'scattered' type holo, as opposed to other holographic finishes like the China Glaze Kaleidoscope and OMG collections or previous OPI Designer Series polishes.

Coronation. A bright silver prismatic holo. It's similar to polishes like China Glaze Sexagon and OPI Paris Couture For Sure, but as you can see it's that scattered type of shimmer.

Extravagance. This one was so pretty it needed two pictures. One outside, one inside under fluorescent light A rich purple with incredible shimmer. Stunning, and a must-have for purple lovers like me!

Illuminate. A fascinating holographic brown with green duochrome! Holo and duochrome? I'm not sure if I can handle the awesomeness!

Limited. A warm coppery-pink sort of shade with holographic shimmer. These aren't glitter, for all of you who are wondering. They're perfectly smooth, silky, sparkly shimmer polishes and they're not the least bit gritty or chunky.

Opulence. Very flattering mauve-pink with holographic shimmer to keep it from being plain. It's a pink I would wear!

Reflection. Wow!! I'm not sure how to describe this color.... Hot pink coral with gold duochrome and holo? It's extremely eye-catching and just one hell of an excellent shade. This one was even opaque in one coat, but I did two anyway.

Reserve. Another pretty holographic pink- very feminine and flattering but not the least bit boring!

Tapestry. For some reason I want to call this shade 'russet' and I have no idea why. It's sort of a pink-red, more on the red side than the pink side. Loaded with holographic shimmer. Reminds me a little bit of OPI Crim-sun but not as holo.

These are so gorgeous. Maybe I'm biased, because anything holographic is a winner in my book, but still... They're HOT! And on top of the amazing colors, the formula is top notch. Perfect application, no three-free goo texture, dried *super* fast and smooth and shiny to boot. I have no complaints here other than they're not holographic enough. Okay, maybe one or two complaints. The names are stupid and impossible to remember and they cost twice as much as a regular OPI polish, but it's a price I'm willing to pay. I love a polish that will make me want to stare at my hands all day.

In case you missed it, I swatched the rest of my Designer Series collection (not 100% complete, but close!) back in May. You can check out the posts here:

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And if that's not enough OPI holographic goodness for you, I also swatched the It's Summer For Shore collection here:

OPI It's Summer For Shore Collection

Enjoy, and embrace the holo.


  1. Thanks for the pics Scrangie! I already have Coronation and Extravagance from last summer, but i think i might need to get Reflection and Opulence now ;-)

  2. Gorgeous (ha! I think that's the name of another DS color)! Thanks for swatching these! I have such love for the DS series because of the application and end result. (but the names *are* stupid) Will definitely need to pick up some of these holo lovlies! Great pics, as usual, Scrangie! :)

  3. lovelovelove holographic polishes and the DS series are love. *sigh*

  4. Gorgeous scrangie! Where did you get these?

  5. Oh my gosh-- the DS has always been my favorite, and now I must expand my collection. Extravagance looks DIVINE!!!

  6. Extravagance is top of my list now!

  7. These are sooo gorgeous, thanks for these!! :D I already have Extravagance, but I will be getting other ones now, I especially love the look of Reflection!

  8. Oh my gosh! They're so amazing.
    I'm such a sucker for holos too and these makes me suck even more lol

  9. illuminate looks awesome!

    autumnal with an edge!

    thanks for posting these pix =)

  10. I love the pics!!! I picked up Extravagance 2 weeks ago and have been wearing it on my toes. Now I might need to switch to my fingers!!

  11. I think I may stand alone here, but holos are not for me.

  12. woha - why am i so deeply in love with such stuff?
    i haaaaaaaaate removing that *g*
    but i think i need to buy at least 4 of them.

  13. I love me some Designer nail polishes! I have found a new love in Holographic things, LOL.

  14. I am semi saved. I think I only want 2 or 3. Thank you for the pics love!

    Gong to contact you on MUA I have a question that is more blog template related.

  15. lovely pictures! I want Extravagance so I can add black.

  16. Your pix are all sorts of extra-amazing. I love most all of these colors. I agree, the formula for the DS polishes are particularly nice. They wear pretty well for me so I think they're worth the extra cheese.

    Thank you.

  17. I'm also a huge DS Series fan. Lovely swatches as always, Scrangie!

  18. why you do this to me scrangie?!

    Reserve on its way and Reflection, waiting for next order :)

  19. i LOVE the ds polishes...i totally need all of them!!

    ITA about teh names though, i wish they were more descriptive and easier to remember! i am wearing royal right now and i've got ruby and couture at my flat!

  20. Reflection = perfection ;D (How funny am seriously, it's stunning!)

    Now I'm forced to wipe off all the notd-drool from my screen. *window-wiping-motions*

  21. OMG! Coronation and Extravaganca are prolly one of the prettiest np's I've ever seen! Thank you for an amazing blog :)

  22. Holy crap. I have used up my old DS pink with holographic shimmer, and went on the OPI website to check out the new colors, and at first, the pictures made them look boring and ugly. Thanks, Scrangie, I'm going to buy Reserve/Oppulence on Monday. (Every Monday I go to the beauty suppliers)

  23. I noticed that you said that your collection isn't complete! but I cant find anywere the list of all the polishes in OPI Design Series Collection.
    Do You have this info?


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