Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A few pinks for October

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and besides wearing a little pink ribbon to show your support, you can do a pink manicure as well!

I rarely, if ever, wear pinks, but what better time to wear them than now? Here are a few of the pinks in my collection.

Chanel Rose Tourbillon

Chanel Melrose

China Glaze 100 Proof Pink

China Glaze Mom's Chiffon

China Glaze Pink-Rox-E

China Glaze Pink Underground

China Glaze Rosita

China Glaze Sexy Lady

China Glaze Sprinkles

China Glaze Verano

Essie Short Shorts

Essie Surfer Dude

Lippmann Collection Shut Up And Drive

Lippmann Collection Makin' Whoopee

OPI Love Me Tender

Misa Camellia Destiny

Misa Candy Girl

Misa Hot People Like You

Nubar Pink Flame

Nubar Sugar

OPI Designer Series Chiffon

OPI Designer Series Sensation

OPI Elephantastic Pink

OPI Kinky In Helsinki

OPI I Pink You're Adorable

OPI Make Love...

OPI Mod About You

OPI That's Hot! Pink

OPI Passion For NY Fashion

OPI Pink Ulta-Matum

Zoya Erika

Zoya Whitney

Zoya Kiki

Zoya Lindsay

Zoya Sweet

Enough pinks for now?


  1. WOW! Pink OVERLOAD!!!!

    Nah, just kidding, I could never have enough PINK! Lol....

    Fantastic that your showing love for BCA....

    Great Pics as always.

  2. You make pink look good!! :D I'm sooo excited by "Shut Up And Drive", you have any thoughts on where I can get this in the UK/Europe??? Also, Nubar Pink Flame, awesome. :)

  3. Oooooohhhhh!! I love so many of these it's ridiculous! Scrangie you make everything look amazing ;-)

  4. ok im not so into pinks but: noooo don't do that to me.
    i have sorted Pink-Rox-E out of an order i placed some weeks ago and now i wish i have choosen to get it.

  5. Gorgeous selection of pinks for this month! I work in medical imaging and have attended 2 BCA events wearing Misa Fleeting Hybiscus. I'd love to see that color on you, you make them all look so good!

  6. Wow I was just going to type PINK OVERLOAD but noticed stubby said the exact same thing LOL.

    Oh well, PINK OVERLOAD!!!

  7. Uh. Now I need to go buy a lot more pink. I love pink and own quite a few, but you made me want like 10 more! eek.

  8. You're the best! I was just thinking the other day that I wanted to get at least one more pink nail polish since that's one colour I don't have much of, and of course today you've treated me to a bazillion beautiful swatches! Thanks!

  9. I like your creative use of the phrase "a few". I am not much of a pink girl. It's green that gets me in trouble. Purple and metallic too. Also, anything vampy. I have one bottle of pink from zoya. Shimmer, maybe?

    Of the ones you posted, I really like Chanel Rose Tourbillon, OPI Love Me Tender, OPI Designer Series Chiffon, and Nubar Sugar. The latter reminds me of a bit of fabric from any junior's department formal wear section around prom season. On tips though, it's perfect!

  10. Pinks Rock! (pun intended)

  11. Oh, awesome pics!
    I love how your nails look on the pic with China Glaze 100 Proof Pink.

  12. I have Essie Short Shorts on my toes right now, it's a breathtaking color hahaha! I just couldn't imagine this was real, it's so bright neon hot pink i LOVE it.
    But if I look at these pics I only want more....... argh!!

  13. Lovely swatches as always, Scrangie! Unfortunately, pink and I are not friends... it makes my very pale, yet golden toned, skin look funny. I do like warm pinks though, and there were a few that looked like they had gold in them (CG Pink Rox-E, OPI Love me Tender, Zoya Erika). You are lucky that just about every colour looks great on you!

  14. Damn you Scrangie!!!! I too am not a pink person but I swear I want like 15 of these now!

  15. OMG!!!! i LOVE pinks and ur post juz made me wanna get more pinks!!! LOVE nearly all the pinks i think i will hv to burn a hole in my pocket alr.. =P

  16. OMG! That was some serious pink pic spam! As a person who rarely find pinks that suit me, wanted all of them! My favorite is OPI Kinky in Helsinki :)

  17. While I love neon pinks on my toes, I just can't seem to do any type of pink on my tips. But, wow- Misa and Zoya have some really great pinks.

  18. I just got kiki in the mail today. i ordered it because i saw your beautiful pic of it on nailgal. i've just put it on - OMG what a beautiful color, loaded with shimmer! i'm absolutely in love! thank you so much for your always amazing pics!

  19. I always get so inspired in here, your pics are so amazingly beautiful!

    I just got my Kinky in helsinki too, loving the color and the name as well!;D

    kind regards from The Kinky Badbomb from the Helsinki region

  20. Request! Care do an entry on dupes for Chanel Melrose? :)

  21. Stubby, thank you :D

    Lina-Elvira, awwwe thanks! Not sure exactly, though I thought that HQHair might have them. Hmm... Any Europeans out there who know??

    Psychoswim, awwwe thank you! And I even feel like pink looks bad on me! :D

    Ray.of.night, I'm not into pinks either, but Pink-Rox-E is pretty :)

    SiennaX, thank you! Fleeting Hibiscus... I'll put that one on my list :)

    Karina, hehe thanks!

    Katee, bwahahaha! :D

    Kelly, I'm picky about my pinks- most of them make my hands look burnt for some reason!

    Atomica, awwwe thank you thank you thank you! :D

    Tarotbydiana, you're RIGHT ON about Nubar Sugar! LMAO that had me rolling on the floor! :D

    Fudge, yay! :)

    Sanna, awe thank you! I am very uncomfortable in pinks so it's nice to hear that they don't look as bad as I thought :D

    Mikki, I LOVE Essie Short Shorts! In fact, I love the whole collection... Yay! :D

    Melli, thank you! I feel like pinks make my hands look burnt or dirty so I never wear them! Is that what it does to you too? Like I have pale hands and brown fingertips. Weird!

    VampyVarnish, hehehe sorry :D *evil grin*

    Fridagal, there are so many awesome pinks out there, I do like looking at them even if I'm not comfortable wearing them :)

    Ane Kristine, I think Kinky in Helsinki might be my favorite too (love the name!) and then Zoya Kiki. :D

    Anonymous, I'm the same way!

    Black Diamond, isn't Kiki amazing? It's sparkly, bright and has a bit of blue in it, it's so beautiful! I'm glad you like it cause it's definitely a favorite of mine :D

    Badbomben, awwwe :D Lots of love to you, you crazy gorgeous woman :D

    Shisi, sure thing! :D

  22. Yeah, they look either brownish-gray or just washed out depending on the shade of pink. Anything with gold is good, and coral is awesome on me...one of my summer staples.

    I have very pale olive skin (if Casper had a bit of cream thrown into the ghostly pale white), reddish brown hair and dark brown eyes, so warm colours look good...some blues are okay, reds if they tend toward brown or orange, but pink and any pastel colours look hideous. Oh, and silver is okay but not great. It's okay though, I have embraced the yellow/gold in my skin and work with it. It comes from the weird ethnic mix - Greek, Polish, and French :)

  23. Melli, Exactly! I feel like my skintone is weird too, because it always looks so RED!! *sigh* lol

  24. ahhh these colors are beautifullll
    i just happened to stumble on your blog while looking for pictures of certain nail colors (since i would like to order online) and i am SO happy to have found your blog. it is so useful and the pictures are amazing! great quality and they really show the polish color.
    thank you for having such a useful blog!!!

  25. Aaaahhh Hot People Like You is BEAUTIFUL!!! So is Sweet! I think I need them both. Haha. Your pictures are all so pretty I don't think I can resist any of these polishes but those two are my favorite :)

  26. You may not like pinks to wear - lots of us love them. But I really have a huge appreciation for this post and allllll these pinks! I am now going on 3rd time BC survivor! Just finished chemo and last of rad - and they say, 3rd time is the charm right!


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