Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Free Shipping with purchase of Treatment System at Rescue Beauty Lounge!

Ok, so how many of you have been wanting to try the Rescue Beauty Lounge three step treatment system? I know I have, but haven't been able to pull the trigger just yet.

I think now might be the right time for me to try it, cause now through Halloween, Rescue Beauty Lounge is giving us free shipping on the treatment system and any order that contains it!

I've never seen free shipping at Rescue Beauty Lounge, so I'm gonna jump on this one!

If you need some polishes to travel along with your treatments (you know, to keep them company so they don't get lonely!), check out some of the swatches I've done- just enter Rescue Beauty Lounge in the search bar above :D

I'm gonna go plot my order... Thanks Rescue Beauty Lounge!!

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  1. If you order Rescue Beauty Lounge polish through Amazon, you get free shipping on a $50 or more purchase. And now the new colors have been added! (It takes longer for new colors to debut on Amazon.)


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