Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crappy Swatches: Zoya Flourish Collection

Thank you all for your kind words, I'm feeling better already! You guys are the best. :)

So, Zoya Flourish! Wow! I don't even know what to say. These are super cool.

The sun had already set long before these beauties showed up on my doorstep, but I just couldn't wait, I HAD to play with them!

I know these swatches are terrible. Really, I think they're some of the worst I've ever done (my Nfu Oh ones are pretty embarrassingly bad too....), however, I plan to get good swatches as soon as there's adequate light. I just couldn't wait to try these all on, and thought snapping a quick photo of them wouldn't hurt.

I'll save my review for when I get better pictures of these. They're so nice, they deserve better pictures and a proper review. On to the blurry, dark, wobbly, wacky swatches!

EDIT: These are all two coats of polish. I always forget to add that!




Richelle (omghawt!!!!!!)




  1. oh those are gorgeous! i don't have any zoyas yet, but now i might have to order some.

  2. Thanks for the swatches! I just received Kalista in the mail, and I think it's GORGEOUS.

    Hope you're feeling 100% asap!

  3. Those are beautiful!! How many coats is Zara? Hills hinted that it was pretty sheerish :/ I think i'll order Richelle, Zara, Kalista and Miekko from ebay tomorrow :)

  4. Thanks I am waiting for mine, I got SHivon, Kalista and Cyma. Zara almost looks like Clarins230 as an "opaque"

  5. scrangie, your crappy swatches put my good swatches to shame. haha. i got these today too, and strangely i'm underwhelmed w/ the collection. it looked so much better in pictures. Mieko is my favorite out of the bunch though.

  6. Beautiful! I wonder how Kalista compares to ChG Side Saddle. Are these two similar at all?

  7. OMG the colours look sooo awesoooome... I can't wait for these!! :D I've not been this excited about nail polish since China glaze announced Emerald Sparkle :) but I agree with dami, your "crappy" swatches are like my "good" ones.. :P

  8. must....have...Kalista...! Is it me or do most Zoya n/p need more than 2 coats to look good? I think it's just me.

  9. I'm so glad you are feeling better! I got these yesterday also and they are beautiful!!! Your pics are better than you claim they are........girl you know you rock even when under the weather!

  10. Oh my, I freakin' love them all on you!

  11. I agree, they are all gorgeous on you, and I do love Richelle and Kalista! And I agree with Elvira about multiple coats...I usually need 3 coats for my Zoyas, although I have also found this with some OPIs (Curry Up Don't Be Late, and Brand New Skates, for example).

    And, crappy swatches??? Don't be so hard on yourself Scrangie!

  12. Steph_Mark, these are really cool, they might make good first Zoyas :) They do have a ton of great colors though, it's hard not to get addicted! :D

    Kimmydarling, you're welcome! I love Kalista, it's just what I've been hoping for! And thank you :)

    Psychoswim, two coats! It's a little thin, but not totally sheer. I think it would benefit from a third coat, but I was in a hurry hehee :D

    Diann_co, the weird thing is that my Kalista is in a different bottle, the neck is longer than the rest of the bottles! But they're all so pretty. :)

    Dami, awwwe :) I was kinda surprised when I saw these in person, from the pics I was expecting gold glittery stuff but these are more... gold duochrome? I think they're cool :D

    Anonymous, oooh that's a good question! I'll have to go find my China Glaze Side Saddle and compare :)

    Katee, me too! Kalista is so *perfect*!

    Lina-Elvira, awwwwe :D Here I am all embarrassed about my blurry pictures and you are all being so nice! Thank you!! :D And you will love these, they're so cool!!

    Elvira, I think it depends on the color. Some definitely need three coats, like Irene and Shimmer and Suvi, but I can get away with two on a lot of colors. I wonder why that is! Odd :D

    SiennaX, aweee thank you! You are so sweet :D <3

    Sanna, thank you!! <3 <3 <3

    Melli, I almost seems like the formula varies from bottle to bottle- some colors need 3 or even four coats (like Juicy, which needs FIVE!) but some are good with two... very strange! And thank you :) <3

  13. Your swatches are always wonderful, no worries.

    I ordered Kalista, though it reminds me of Colbie...but w more brown....is this correct?

    I was hoping it would be very brown IRL.

  14. Pretty colors but I don't need them like I thought I might.

  15. Shivon reminds me of a more metallic Pluto Plum- a polish I have been wanting forever.

    But the finish of Pluto Plum looks smoother....


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