Tuesday, October 14, 2008

OPI Brand New Skates

Okay, I finally got the one polish I was missing from OPI Holiday in Toyland- Brand New Skates.

This one was worth waiting for. It's beautiful! Have a look for yourself:

(Please click to enlarge.)

It's beautiful, isn't it? It's a deep silver or metallic charcoal grey base loaded with multi-sized gold and silver shimmer. In certain lights it even sparkles with a little red! It's a little bit sheer- this picture is three coats, I usually only do two but this needed a third. It applies so smoothly that a third coat won't give you any trouble. It also dries very fast. It's a fairly unique color, too- after looking through my stash I've noticed that there are no matches!

So, Brand New Skates = AWESOME


  1. Ohh me want.. goto write a letter to santa now. Been such a good girl aaall year ;)

  2. This is GORGEOUS! Thanks for the swatch.

  3. that's the best swatch I've seen of that color.


  4. Thanks for swatching this...it is an awesome colour and my favourite from the collection!

  5. Beautiful pic! Can't wait 'til I get mine.

  6. Katee, thank you! I love this polish!

    Angela, you deserve it! ;-)

    Atomica, you're welcome! I'm really diggin' it, I'm wearing it right now!

    Firepail, wow, thank you! I'm happy to hear that! :D

    Melli, isn't it sooooo hot?? I can't stop looking at it!

    Sara, thank you! You'll love it!

  7. From all toyland collection nail polishes i find this one kind of unattractive for me.
    The Toyland collection is amazing but this color dosent work for me

    either way-Scrangie you have the most perfect nails!
    Thanks for he post.

  8. This is like a holy grail swatch, just like Emerald Sparkle :) I waaaant it :) Going shopping in London this weekend so saving my pennies. If I can't find it in Selfridges department store, I will have a tantrum and then order it from ebay from my mobile phone :) Thanks for all your swatches Scrangie, you're the best!!

  9. This is way to beautiful. I love it! I also love the fact that there are others out there who loves nail polish like I do!!! BTW, you do have very nice nails. I'm jealous. :-)

  10. I never stop staring at my nails when I wear this! (it drives my boyfriend crazy when i'm supposed to be driving) I have two bottles- there were extras on sale at my Ulta- i don't know how this didn't sell out- but i'm glad b/c i get more bottles for a cheaper price!

  11. Nitzan, awwe I'm so sorry! But thank you :)

    Lina-Elvira, it's so hot, I hope you find it! Thank you :)

    Denny, why thank you :)

    Mimi, yay! I hope this color stays part of the permanent line this year!

  12. I have this color! It is my favorite OPI

  13. I'm so glad I bought the full bottle of this polish. I took one of my nails to a 4th coat, and it was really worth it. It ended up looking like graphite sparkling in the sun.

    What a beautiful color!

  14. Found this post while googling for a swatch to show a friend, and I know it's old... but... you MUST put a matte topcoat over this polish. It looks like gold-flecked pavement when mattified.


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