Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Zoya Winter 2008 Flourish Collection

The sun decided to come out today just long enough for me to get my swatches done. Yay!

Cyma. This is one of those in-between colors that I have a hard time describing. Is it pinkish red? Magenta? Light red or dark pink? Whichever it is, it's a reddish color with shimmer. Applies like butter. Very pretty, just not my type.

Kalista. Oh, Kalista. So beautiful. It's one of those lit-from-within vampy colors that I love so much, but this time it's brown! Rich, shimmery, lovely brown. Perfect for fall and winter!

Mieko. A rich pink loaded with golden shimmer. Not glitter, but very visible shimmer. When the light hits this, it just comes alive. It sparkles like crazy. It almost seems like a pink/gold duochrome because of the shimmer.

Richelle. Gorgeous metallic gold. In my opinion, this is the best gold that's been released by any company in a long time. It is reminiscent of Dior Golden Nugget. It's smooth but super-sparkly. This is not a subtle gold, this is FIERCE!

Shivon. Another amazing fall/winter shade. It's sort of a duochrome where the second color is visible all the time. It's burgundy and gold and it's fantastic. It even has this fascinating micro-sparkle texture when you look at it under bright sunlight. Very unique. It reminds me of an old discontinued Urban Decay polish that I can't recall the name of at the moment...

Zara. Wow!! An amazing lavender purple chock-full of intense golden shimmer. This is so cool!! I can't stop looking at it. Normally you would need to layer polishes to achieve this sort of look, but this one is born with it. I really like how purple and gold look together. This color makes me think "sugar plum fairy" when I look at it... Random, eh?

Overall, this is one gorgeous collection. I love the Zoya shimmer- it's not really chunky, but it's this sort of visible particle that looks like crushed shells or maybe that edible glitter made of gelatin... Hard to describe, but the polishes that have it are all mesmerizing. In this case, it's golden shimmer and it looks really fantastic in sunlight.

These all applied very well, very smooth and no application problems at all. I only used two coats of polish for these pictures, but Mieko and Zara would probably look better with three. None of these stained my fingers after removal, and none left shimmer behind. I have no complaints!

I have a feeling that Kalista is going to become a cult favorite. It's my second favorite of the collection (Richelle is my number one pick!) and it's a color I can see myself wearing all the time.


  1. Oh my god. I'm soo drooling over here! These are must haves! Probably the first Zoyas that have really told me that I have to get them. I need them all, well maybe not the first one. I'm in love! LOL

  2. Damn, I can't find them anywhere except on and they don't ship outside the US :(

  3. I fell in love with Richelle from the promo pics. it is a stunner!

    Tried Chanel Gold Fiction and it just didn't do it for me.

    Have not tried Zoya yet. This may be ny cue to do so now.

    I'm a little late in the bandwagon game; i just got my first Misa purchase, Poisoned Passion!!

  4. Hi Scrangie,

    Gorgeous swatches as usual. Your pics are always drool-worthy. I am definitely getting Richelle and Kalista.


  5. Kalista looks like OPI's My Private Jet

  6. emelie you can get them on ebay from seller sparkling*nails. i believe that is her user name.

  7. LOVE your pics!! thanks so much. how do you think zara compares to rodeo drive?

  8. Great swatches Scrangie! I'm so glad I added Mieko to my order last minute, it's absolutely gorgeous! And Richelle too... I thought I didn't need another gold but this gold is different than all the other golds I have already. It looks like in your swatches that there's silver glitter embedded throughout too?? Either way, it's beautiful and I'm glad I'm getting it. I also got Shivon and Kalista...skipped Cyma because it's too ordinary looking and Zara because I doubt the lavender would look good on my warm's still a very pretty colour though!

    And emelie I get my Zoyas from sparkling*nails on eBay! She ships international and charges very reasonable shipping outside of the US.

  9. Geez! I got Kalista and now I'll have to get the rest.

  10. Beautiful (second) Flourish post! I was so excited when I saw your first pictures because that meant I would get them soon... and the beauties were waiting for me when I got home! :)

    I love the swatches and, for the record, they/you inspire me to dive into my collection with renewed enthusiasm. Thanks!

  11. Oh man! I ordered Zara, Shivon and Kalista, but now I kinda wish I got Meiko too! In your swatch it looks SO PRETTY!

    Man, though, I ordered these like 2 weeks ago! When will they be here!!!! *whine* I'm so antsy to get my hands on them!

  12. WOW WOW WOW!
    I loved them all!!!!
    Every post of yours make my bank account poorer! :) [just joking]
    Thanks For the great post!

  13. Emelie,
    Try the following European distributor to find Zoya and Qtica products.


  14. Oh My Gosh! They look gorgeous! I feel like I need some of them really bad:)
    Emelie; Sparkling*nails Julie on ebay has zoya and she is super sweet!

  15. because of your blog i am SO HOOKED on zoya! the application is a dream! i just love it so much! i used ot be a die hard OPI fan...and while i still like opi a lot...zoya is now my number 1!

  16. Well, I saw them here, I went quickly to Sparkling Nails by Jewel and I bought three of them immediately. Kalista, of course, is one of them. ;D

  17. Uh oh and *droooooool* quite amazing colors. I want them all. I just wonder how long I have to wait to get those from outside of US.

    Thank you for the swatches :)))

  18. i love when you give your feelings on the polish.... i.e. this isn't a subtle gold, but a fierce one! it makes me push the 'order now' button faster. you should get commission!

  19. Zara reminds me of a Revlon "Street Wear" color that I had years ago and loved to pieces. It was a lavender/gold duochrome. That alone is enough to make me jump on it. *drool*

  20. Emelie, they are really nice! It's unfortunate that they don't ship outside the US, but I have heard people are able to get them cheap on eBay :)

    Stubby, Richelle is amazing. I'm so happy that it only needs two coats, too! Most nice golds need three or more. And Misa is awesome too, I love them!! :D

    Katee, thank you! Richelle and Kalista might enter "must have" status - perfect gold and brown :)

    Fudge, ooh, do you have the brownish non-holo version everyone is talking about lately? My My Private Jet is kinda grey, I have one bottle that looks brownish but not like the "new" one... I'll have to keep looking!

    Dami, thanks for providing that info! I appreciate it :D

    Robyn, I think the base color is similar, maybe a little more blue-lavender than Rodeo Drive, but Rodeo Drive doesn't have the gold shimmer :)

    Karman, thanks!! Yes, it has teeny-tiny little sparkles all mixed in. It's not chunky or glittery, but it's really sparkly and gorgeous!

    Melanie, if you like gold, you should definitely try Richelle, it's so pretty :D

    Fauxfun, awwwwe! Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3

    Mariagem, I know how you feel! When I first saw the pictures of these I just couldn't wait to have them, and now that they're here, WOOHOO!!! :D

    Nitzan, awwwe thank you! You're too kind! :D

    Anonymous, thank you! That really helps! :D

    Sanna, I think Kalista would look really pretty on you :)

    Sara, isn't Zoya amazing?? It was a fluke that I happened to stumble across that brand and now I can't get enough! I really love Zoya's bottles and brushes as well. Soooo nice!

    Sminkan, yay! I hope you love them as much as I do :) I'm really loving your nail art lately, have I told you that? Love it!!!

    Polishaholic, awwwe thank you and you're welcome! I think this collection is available on eBay and everything already so you should have access to them right away :)

    Yummy411, awwe hehe thank you! Commission sounds nice, would help fund my nail polish addiction, haha! :D

    HoneyhoneyNY, ooooh Street Wears!!! Those were so amazing, it was such a shame that they discontinued them :(

  21. Awesome colors! I love especially Mieko and Zara.
    Shivon reminds me of Urban Decay X :)

  22. Sunca, a-ha! X! That's the one I was thinking of, thank you! :D

  23. Is Kalista similar to Side Saddle?

    I'm pretty sure Shivon is a twin of ChG Awakening.

    Any comments would be appreciated :)

    Thank you for the swatches!

  24. Masa_inn, hmm I will have to compare it with Side Saddle.

    But I don't think Shivon is an *exact* twin of Awakening. Shivon is more coppery/red and Awakening has sort of a pinkish purple base. Shivon's formula is a lot better though :D


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