Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Eye Of The Day

I've been wearing a lot of glitter lately. There's just something about glitter that makes me feel.... sparkly? And I've found my favorite of all time, hands-down holy grail status glitter liner: Too Faced Starry Eyed Glitter Liner. I have tried them all, and the Too Faced liner beats them all. The glitter is dense, it doesn't crack like MAC glitter liner, you don't have to spend an hour layering it like you do with Urban Decay's glitter liner and the glitter colors in the Too Faced line are just really freakin' cool. Some even have a little HOLO glitter thrown in. HOLO, people, HOLO!!!

Anyway, here's a couple looks I did using the Too Faced Starry Eyed liner.

I can't remember everything I used, but I know that I used MAC Magenta Madness, Urban Decay Peace and Too Faced liner in Ooh & Aah.

This one was pretty similar, I used MAC Acid Orange and Electric Coral, Urban Decay Peace and Too Faced liner in Super Freak over MAC Blacktrack.

Hot pink holographic glitter eyeliner. It doesn't get much better than that.


  1. Love that purple glitz!!!!

  2. I love that orange eye! What brush did you use for the eyeliner? :)

  3. Your eyes are totally mesmerizing. I would love to have as dark eyes as you. You look beautiful! And the glitterliners look awsome!

  4. Very cool! I can't wear eyeliner, it just doesnt look good on me! I have very big eyes... And when people hear that they say "then you should wear eyeliner!" but, it really just doesnt look nice...

    However, I love makeup- and love to see pics of it. And I agree- cant get much cooler than glitter eyeliner. WOW.

    And your applications skills are fab.

    Love your pics!

  5. gorgeous! I love the color combination and the glitter! Seriously hot!
    My mom has brown eyes, we are 3 sisters in my family and none of us got brown eyes. Maybe the Finish genes on my dads side are too strong lol

  6. Gorgeous! The eyeliner looks awesome, and as usual your application skills are fab!

    Happy Hallowe'en!

  7. Honestly, I don't care much about MU, but your eyes are gorgeous.

  8. PS: I mean, I don't care about MU in general, not about yours in particular :)

  9. i LOVE glitter to.. but never use it =(

  10. OH MY GOD I almost SCREAMED OUT LOUD in my cubicle just now when I saw that glitter purple one!!!!!!! I NEED. I saw them at Sephora awhile ago and considered buying them but thought, nah. Now I have changed my mind thanks Scrangie!

  11. :O I so envy your makeup skills.

  12. Too Faced has the best glitter lip gloss too. It's pretty smooth, not sticky, stays on a long time, and is suuuper sparkly. I think I need glitter eyeliner now though.

  13. Katee, awwwweeee thanks! :D

    Stubby, isn't it fab? It's so sparkly in real life!

    Vbie3714, thank you :D I use MAC 209 for Blacktrack and for the glitter, I just used the brush it comes with :D

    Erin, thank you! :D

    Sminkan, awwwe thank you! Funny, as I have always wanted blue eyes! ;-)

    Deborah, awwwe thank you! If you would like to wear eyeliner, have you tried just lining in between your lashes? That can give a nice eyeliner look without actually having to put it on your eyelids. Either way, I bet your eyes are gorgeous :D

    Sanna, hehe! Thank you! It's funny because I always complain that my brother got all the nice German genes- tall, blonde and blue-eyed. *sigh*

    Melli, thank you! :D Happy Halloween to you as well!

    Masa_inn, hehe I understood what you meant :D And thank you! That's very sweet :)

    Yummy411, awwe! I guess sometimes it can be inappropriate, but I just love it too much not to wear it! :D

    VampyVarnish, hee hee! They are REALLY nice, they're 100% better than Urban Decay's glitter for sure! You'll love it :D

    Steph, awwwe *blush*

    HoneyHoneyNY, yes, another glitter lover! I will have to try the glitter gloss from Too Faced- I can never get enough glitter :D

  14. The Too Faced Glitter Gloss I use is called Sparkler Glamour Gloss. The only thing is that because I'm dark-skinned it does give my lips a bit of frostiness, but I still love it. I'm still hooked on my MAC Glitter Glass too.

  15. Very very nice!!! You're very good to makeup . I like a lot this site a link it on mine!!!
    Bye bye

  16. HoneyHoneyNY, oh I have the blue one and I love it! :D

    Astasia, awe thank you! I'll go check out your site :D


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