Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another random nail encounter.

I was in Target the other day looking for NYC Molten Metal, and when I went to checkout (no Molten Metal, sadly!) I couldn't help but notice the girl in front of me...

She had the worst acrylic nails I have ever seen in my life! I swear, they had to be at least a quarter inch thick. They were so thick they were elevated above her nail beds like little Legos or something attached to her fingertips. I mean, these were so thick, it was like four acrylic nails stacked one on top of the other. Like a tower of nail. Not only were they super thick and ugly, they were about a month grown out. GROSS!!!

The nail polish on top of these monstrosities seemed to be Sephora by OPI Metro Chic. I felt bad for the nail polish.

Normally, I'm all for things looking unnatural- brightly colored hair, neon green eyeshadow, false lashes, inch long glittery acrylic nails..... But this was just too much. I can't imagine paying the nail tech that did those.... I would cry if I went to get my nails done and ended up with that!

I think that's one of the reasons that acrylic nails have such a bad reputation....

Speaking of bad acrylics, I have a fun picture to share.

A couple weeks ago, the Nail Board was doing 'dare' manicures- colors or styles that you would never wear except on a dare. I'll wear pretty much anything, I couldn't think of a specific color, so I decided to do some really *bad* wacky acrylic nail art.

Those with weak stomachs, please avert your eyes:

Pretty terrifying, right? Oh yeah.

Truthfully, though, I would probably wear all of those except the pornstar pink-and-whites. In fact, I did end up wearing these out of the house! I went to Home Depot, then to get sushi and then to FedEx. I didn't get very many odd looks at Home Depot or the sushi place, but the FedEx guy sure seemed distracted by them.

They were tons of fun to do, but I just couldn't keep them on for more than a few hours. It was like having my hand amputated- I couldn't function with these nails! I couldn't press the buttons on the microwave, I couldn't button my pants, I couldn't scratch... I have serious envy of the people who can wear these types of nails and still do everything as normal.

But, even with all of these bad, bad nails in the world, there are still good nail enhancements to be found! The right tech can turn a monstrosity into a masterpiece!


  1. Wow. I could not have imagined so many different colors/designs/shapes on one hand... ever.

    On another note, I gotta PM you when I get home later. It's about that cool-lookin' Molten Metal...


  2. Interesting...each of those alone is pretty special, but together they are something else. It would be kind of fun for Hallowe'en, with an "80s club mess" theme. Or a porno-zombie theme.

    Nice work on the acrylics by the way! I am always impressed when people do their own.

  3. The pink and whites with the jewels are the scariest! Especially if worn with a nude lipstick and red-brown lipliner! I admit I have seen some porn in my day :)

  4. it's like you got to play with my niece's "Ultimate Nail Studio"--well, if it got crossed with one of those 80s Creepy Crawler machines =)

    I agree, the pink porn princess nails scare the bejeezus outta me.

  5. this is the first time i've ever posted a comment on your blog, but i must say this is the best nail-related post i've ever seen! i love the funky acrylics. you have some mad talent!


    -steph_mark from MUA

  6. OMG! Your thumb nail! I seriously want to paint eyes, a nose and a happy smile on it and make it look like a gnome face with a hat. :) If you had a whole hand of that, I would make some of the gnome nails leer at each other. ;)

  7. I'm laughing because the pornstar pink is the one I zeroed-in on first! I don't know what that says about me, but I love it!

  8. I'm with toma, I like the pornstar pink!

  9. These nails are pretty scary :) I love the colour combo yellow-greeny and pink tartan sort of pattern, very classy :P I once did stiletto acrylics for my friends fashion show, they were black with a stripe of Ruby Pumps down the middle and faded out towards the edges. I can't find the pictures but they were the vampiric version of pornstar acrylics :P

  10. i actually like the pink and white 1. haha~

  11. Well, I am mpressed! And I kind of liked all of your designs... Well, not the pink and white one so much, but the rest!

  12. Hahah, so the acrylics were thick? *ironic smile*
    or did you say they were thick! I mean "really thick". Omg sometimes I'm so easily amused.;)
    It looks like you had so much fun to do your creapytastic acrylics. And I seriously don't understand how some people can function with sooo long nails, so I agree. I would feel disabled and need an assistent if I had nails long as ice lollies:)

  13. RE: Molten Metal

    Is this discontinued? I have searched about 10 stores, with no luck. SOOOOO, I finally decided to email NYC, I just got a response today to which it said:

    **Unfortunately, the product you are inquiring about has been
    discontinued and there is no available stock in our warehouse. Unfortunately,
    there are no comparable shades. Whenever a product or shade is
    discontinued, it is not done capriciously or without taking into account many
    important factors. Decisions to discontinue a product are made in
    response to consumer preferences and purchasing patterns throughout the
    country. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Thank you
    for being a loyal and caring consumer.**

    I was under the impression that this was a new release, am I wrong?

  14. Wow ick! You are so right that that's the reason acrylic nails have a bad reputation. From my own personal experience (LONG ago) and seeing other people's nails, I would say 95% of people with fake nails look tacky and bad. And I laughed out loud about the pink & white "porn star nails" that's hilarious and true!

  15. Fauxfun, I felt sort of naughty wearing them- rebellious! Four different fake nails! :D

    Anonymous, thank you! Porno-zombie, omfg I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

    Melli, LMAO!!! Exactly! But I'll have to go slap on some self tanner and turn myself Christina Aguilera Orange first :D

    Firepail, I loved Creepy Crawlers... I was obsessed! Ah, those were the days... I think I still have the 'critter' carrying case around somewhere!

    Stephanie, wow, I'm so happy you think so! I'm honored :D Thank you so much for your kind words!! <3

    TarotbyDiana, GNOME NAILS!!!! I HAVE to do this!!!! Thank you for the awesome idea!!

    Toma, you're probably not alone, it's a very popular style these days! :D

    Anonymous, I knew there would be a few fans! ;-) They scare me, but to each their own :D

    Lina-Elvira, those sound really, really awesome :D I *love* stiletto nails, especially on other people lol.

    Rat, hehehe :D I think there are a lot of people who like them as I see these on teen girls quite often!

    Sminkan, at first I thought they were a little too wacky, but then I actually started to like them, the black and orange one especially :D

    Sanna, LOL!! :D <3

    BrookieBaby, that's odd! I am pretty sure it's brand new- it was on a display with the new collection and everything! It might be Limited Edition, but I would hope it's not discontinued :( I have only seen it at Meijer on a display by the pharmacy... Hmm, I think they're mistaken. I'll see if I can find more info!

    VampyVarnish, hehehe :D I think more people who have good acrylics shouldn't be ashamed of them- they should show everyone that good acrylics do exist! :)

  16. ok, thanks for any information you can give me on this!

    I just replied to the email they sent me and asked them to double check their information.

  17. Lol, there is a woman I work with, who must be her cousin. She has the same type of nails, but hers are frenchies, with the tip as long as the nail bed itself if not longer. (and she lets hers grow out for about a month or so before filling them again, too.) Lol, She actually said that Rodeo Diva (one of my notd's) was ugly.

  18. How do u remove ur acrylics?

  19. BrookieBaby, I wrote an email, I'll see if they respond!

    Blackdove, eeeeeeewwww!!! Is she blind? :D

    Anonymous, I soak them in acetone :D

  20. Scrangie,

    Thanks for the email response. I appreciate your opinion, Butter London doesn't seem like it's worth it at all. I am happy to report that after 3 days of stopping in every Rite Aid and Target in my area, I finally scored a bottle of Molten Metal! It's gorgeous!

  21. SuneE621, you're very welcome! And I'm so happy you found Molten Metal- it's very pretty! :D

  22. You've put the ow back into WOW! ^_^
    Looks like something an insane supervillainess would wear. Harley Quinn?
    Wouldn't be able to get my stompy boots off with those either.
    And I'm with you on the pornstar pink. "Pink makes me puke"--all pastel pinks morph into pornstar pink on my nails!!

  23. Not sure why but I kinda love the thumbnail!

  24. oh. my. god. your NAILS (hell especially the pornstar ones) hehe. i agree with the gnome idea.
    i HATE it when people have ugggly nails.
    (well, im not the one to like bitch about nails fyi, but good lord!) thick acryllic?

  25. I know I'm a little late to the party, but I love these! Especially the porn star one. This would be so much fun to do and I think I shall. :) I've always hated the horrid fake nails that girls have these days. The nail bed part is usually too small and the tip way huge and too wide for the nail. Aggh the horror!


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